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I am Codename Sailor Earth.
I will be your hostess. So nice of you to come! ^_^

This is my unofficial site devoted to the royal heirs to the Crystal Tokyo throne, Chibiusa (Rini) and her baby sister, Kousagi. Here, you will find information, as well as anime/manga composition art done by yours truly.

I offer FAQ on not only the heirs, but also all aspects of the Sailormoon series, based solely on information from either the manga written by Naoko Takeuchi herself, or from the 1990's anime or 2014 anime. To appease your pallet further, Moon Sisters also provides you with delightful humor, in-depth answers to the most popular Sailormoon questions, and so much more.

Feel free to explore the site, and have fun!
And don't forget to partake of the many downloads Moon Sisters offers.

And Remember, unless noted otherwise, this site is meant for Sailormoon fans ages 14 and over! The reason being that Sailormoon was intended for an ADULT audience when it was created.
How and why it was marketed to children in America is a mystery, as much of the content in the series is strictly adult in nature.

Thank you. ^_^

Codename Sailor Earth
The ONLY creator and sole owner of
Moon Sisters The Unofficial Site To The
Heirs To The Throne.

Moon Sisters has been providing insight and entertainment for the new or returning Sailormoon fan, since
February 18, 2005.

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Table of contents:

The Royal Princesses:
30th Century Chibiusa
Parallel Chibiusa
Adult Chibiusa
Chibiusa and Chibi Chibi

Of Court and Commoner:
The Secret Files Of Codename Sailor V
The Neo Moon Family
Courts To The Heirs
Chibiusa's Lovers
Guardians of the Neo Family
Who is Chibi Chibi?
Hell Babies~ Bane to the Moon Princesses
The Case of the Perpetual Victim
Romances of a Moon Bunny?
What's wrong with Seiya being with Usagi?
Everything WRONG with Mamoru dumping Usagi in Sailor Moon R

Crystal Tokyo Learning Centre:
The Parallel Sailormoon Manga in English!!
Moon Sisters Crystal Moon Library
Mystery Moon FAQ
Disturbing facts about the Moon Sisters...
Moon Sisters From Around The World
Sailormoon Age Tracker
Toon Makers/Toonmakers Saban Moon
Usagi has Pink Hair?
Parallel Hints?
The long wait for Sailor Moon Crystal
The Battle Record of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal
Why was episode 200 rated TV-MA?

Relics of the Crown Arcade:
The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon
Sailormoon DASH
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Jougai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen
Duo Imagination's Codename Sailor V App

Calico Reeve:
The Gallery of what might have been
Pink Splenda Spleen Attack!
Bijutsukan Kokoro ~ The Moon Sisters Fan Art Gallery
Bijutsukan Kaiyo ~ Doll Devine Art
Fanfiction Affection

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Sailormoon Jukebox
Moon Sisters Profile Henshin
Moon Sisters Theatre
Sugar Crystal Carillion Arcade Plaza!

Dreamglow of the Moon Site:
New to Sailormoon?
Why? Questions about Moon Sisters
Who is Codename Sailor Earth?
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Twinkling Gems of the Moon Sisters Site
The Wall of Perpetual SHAME

Topaz Videos - Home to all of the Lost Sailormoon videos by Codename Sailor Earth!
Chairshotz - Official Website of Cartoonist Koriander Ake

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of the content used for Moon Sisters was painstakingly made by me, (Codename Sailor Earth) and NO other person(s) were involved with the production of ANY picture, comment or likeness, UNLESS I have noted otherwise.

Credits for borrowed content are found within the same article as said content, and links to such websites are featured on the links page in their appropriate categories.

And of course, Sailormoon, Sailor V and all related characters are copyright © 1991-2016 Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha/PNP Productions, and Toei Animation. 2014-2016 VizMedia.
In other words, I DO NOT own rights to ANY of the characters, so please don't sue me! O_O;;
All rights reserved to their owners.

Codename Sailor Earth is only my pen name
, I do NOT believe the characters used are real people, since this is a FICTITIOUS SERIES and as such, NONE of the characters necessarily reflect real people, unless Naoko Takeuchi says otherwise. I.E. the people used here are MAKE-BELIEVE.
(And NO I'm not a freak, I DON'T go out in public dressed this way, it's just for fun.)
This is NOT the official Sailormoon website, this is a site made by an adoring fan.

Unless noted elsewhere, ALL of the information used came either from the anime or manga. ALL 200 episodes, 3 movies, and specials of the 1992-1997 anime, plus ALL of Sailor Moon Crystal and ALL issues and short stories of the manga and anime meta-series, Sailormoon.

Moon Sisters is a site devoted to characters from the meta-series "Sailormoon" as well as it's predecessor "Codename Sailor V" and it is meant to entertain and educate the new, returning or established Sailormoon fan, and is not in the business of belittling or undermining the reader.

The listed Height of many Sailormoon characters change, due to the fact that said characters themselves are in a state of growth throughout the series, hence where I've given alternate heights.
(I.E. Chibiusa Tsukino)

And all of the math I used for this site is post Sailor Stars saga (1997), because if I started when the series began, which would be 1991 when Sailor V was 13 going on 14 and 1992 for Sailormoon when the Inner Senshi were 14, then that would make Usagi near her 20's when she began high school, which would make her little brother Shingo very, very sad, and would explain why it took all the Sailor Senshi including Tuxedo Mask so freaking long to figure out that Sailor MOON is the MOON Princess.

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.