The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon
A totally bogus journey to a radically tubular time!

Once upon a time, when Chibiusa was only "Rini" and Kousagi hadn't even been born yet, an alternate dimension played home to a very much alive Queen Beryl.
The year was 1997. Sailor Moon was just about to air on Cartoon Network, after two years on various syndicated networks across North America. In celebration of her new success, licensing for use of the series' famous stars was given over briefly to a company known as 3VR. The result was a guilty pleasure known as "The 3D Adventures of Sailor Moon".
Aimed at an audience aged 6 years and older, the game features many tie-ins to the Americanized version. The game was on a white CD-ROM with Sailor Moon imitating her famous "And that means you!" pose, as a Wonderful World of DiC logo covers her elbow.
The game is compatible with Windows 95/98 and requires a Pentium 90 or above processor, double-speed CD-ROM drive and no less than 16 MB of RAM. I play it on my Windows XP machine with no complaints.
Let's borrow Rini's Time Key, and travel back to this period in time. I'll not only give you a review of the game, I'll also show you snapshots, videos, and I'll tell you how to beat the game in under 10 minutes!
Okay Kousagi-chan! Let's GO!
In case you have never seen this game before, here are some shots to look out for, in case you want to try looking for it online:
Promotional Ad
The actual CD-ROM case
The CD-ROM itself
Sailor Moon back story/instructions
Troubleshooting page
Back Cover on the CD-ROM case
Mouse Guide
When you first put the CD-Rom in, it will remind you to set your colors through your desktop settings to "16 bit". Take the disc out and then put it back in, after you reset your colors.
The only people who have avoided that lil' box, are those whom still have Windows 95, or otherwise hate color. Anyway once that's done, you will the be greeted by a little box:
Click yes.
The game begins with the 3VR logo, and a rainbow, introducing Sailor Moon to you.
This is followed by a music video, hosted by Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon.
Music Video Screenshot
The video features the five Inner Senshi in 3D graphics, dancing to the Sailor Moon theme song.
The Sailor Senshi's lights flying from one planet
Sailors Moon, Mars and Venus' lights
Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury's lights
The Sailor Senshi's lights landing on the Play Area's planet
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury
Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus... sniffing themselves?
Sailor Moon from behind
Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars do the hustle!
Sailor Venus twirling
Sailor Mercury twirling
Sailor Mars twirling
Sailor Jupiter twirling
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury dance while Sailor Venus grabs Sailor Jupiter's hand!
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury pose while dancing
Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury reach for.... um... something???? O_O
Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars do an impossible twirl
Tuxedo Mask lurking behind the bushes, watching the Senshi???
Tuxedo Mask sniffing a Rose
During the video, we are greeted by a ghostly image of Queen Beryl, a shadowy Tuxedo Mask, and a fat Luna dancing with Artemis, who is wearing makeup.
If you know the tune then why not sing along! Yeah!
Just for you, I ripped out two different Dream Mirrors. The pink Dream Mirror has the DiC/Cloverway lyrics North American fans remember. The Golden Dream Mirror has the original Japanese lyrics. I'll just return these to Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon when you're done, okay? No worries!
The DiC version was written by Andy Heyward, former head of DiC.
The original was written by Naoko Takeuchi, creator of Sailormoon.
In Japanese episode 46, a set of extended lyrics was added, as Princess Serenity is thinking of Ami, Rei, Mako and Mina, just before their spirits come to help her. Here are the extra lyrics:
After the video, a voiceover says
"Oh No. Queen Beryl has captured the Sailor Scouts transformational items!"
You are then transported to the play area:
Clicking on the blue moon book transports you to the pre-story. This is where you are told all about your mission.....
In a not too far away dimension, evil Queen Beryl Lavishes over her newly stolen possessions, for now she has the transformational pens and the moon wand belonging to Sailor Moon and her squad of teenage fighters, known as the Sailor Scouts. The once protectors of the universe are now unable to ward off the evil powers of the Negaverse, what is the world to do? Evil Queen Beryl had secretly hidden these transformational items in different dimensional Sailor rooms, and it is your duty as a Sailor Scout in training to help the Sailors thwart off Queen Beryl's evil plans to drain the Earth of it's precious life-forces. Fight for all that is right and triumph over all evils, and that means you!
Good Luck!

At any time throughout the game, if you need help, the right-bottom of the screen features Luna, Artemis or Luna-P. Clicking on them produces a voiceover guide, informing you of your instructions.
Also, for those of you who might not remember the dubbed version, here's a short list of characters:
Serena=Usagi Tsukino
Darien Shields=Mamoru Chiba
Rini=Chibiusa Tsukino
Amy Anderson=Ami Mizuno
Raye Hino=Rei Hino
Lita=Makoto Kino
Mina=Minako Aino
By the way, absolutely NONE of the voiceovers from the dubbed anime are used in this game. NONE. In their place are motivational 13-year olds trying to imitate Sailor Mercury, Rini and Queen Beryl. On occasion, a "cool dude" voice takes over for Darien.

To beat the game, you have to play through the areas, to get the wands back. Here's how to beat the game in under 20 minutes. First, double-click on the puzzle room.
Puzzle Room
You'll note that with each trip to one of the rooms, a loading screen featuring a twirling Sailor Moon will greet you. On either side of the screen will be a Sailormoon character.
Here is the Puzzle Room's Loading Screen.
Each time you play the game, the puzzles will vary. There are several puzzles in three different sizes.
The Puzzles.
To find Sailor Mercury's pen, just solve three of the easy ones.
Solving the puzzles is pretty easy, just click and drag the boxes. It can be a little challenging at times, since Sailor Moon is always right behind you.
Easy Mode Solving
Medium Mode Solving
Hard Mode Solving
Some of the puzzles feature pictures that were either Japanese promotion only, or from moments in the anime that were cut out! My favorite is a picture of a Blue Eyed Rini!
Here are pics from ALL of the puzzles that you could get. Remember, each time you put the CD-ROM in your disk drive, you could get one of two different sets of puzzles at random. You will get 6 puzzles for each difficulty, and the variety changes each time.

Easy Puzzles
A puzzle before you solve it
The Inners with an orange background
Darien looking suave
Sailor Mars with green bubbles
Amy looking pretty,**
Mina hurt with sunlight
Sailor Mercury using her visor
Sailor Jupiter looking cute***
Sailor Venus winking***
Amy, Raye and Serena**
Luna and Artemis
Sailor Mars close-up***
Raye with rose petals

Medium Puzzles
A puzzle in pieces
Tuxedo Mask screaming
Sailor Venus doing Crescent Beam
Sailor Jupiter sparkling
Sailor Jupiter looking angry
Sailor Mercury yellow sparkles
Tuxedo Mask looking bubbly
Sailor Mercury posing***
Sailor Mars posing***
Lita spinning**
Sailor Moon's "That means YOU"
Sailor Moon in lavender.

Hard Puzzles
A REALLY hard challenge
Sailor Moon about to strike
Sailor Jupiter posing***
Sailor Mercury with an energy ball
Sailor Moon and the Moon Wand
Sailor Mars's angry green energy
Sailor Venus looking mad***
The Senshi through time!*
Mercury Bubbles Blast in yellow
Sailor Moon blue background
Half of the Inners****
Sailor Jupiter posing again
Serena being cute

* The Sailor Senshi through time pic was in the introduction of Black/Wicked Lady. An episode that did NOT air in North America until a year after this game's debut!!
** Taken from one of the the original season one openers!
*** Taken from one of the original season two openers!
**** Taken from the Sailormoon R return from commercial spot!

Once you are through with that, we move on to the Galactic Moon Library.
Galactic Moon Library
Loading Screen
Upon entry, you'll be in a cheesy 1990's like lab. Behind you is the exit, to one side is a spinning star that leads you to Lita's fact sheet. The other side has a spinning heart.
Serena's Side
Darien's Side
But the main screen features all five Inner Senshi, Rini and Darien flashing quickly. I managed to capture Rini's screen. BE WARNED the following might not be suitable for all audiences.
Rini's Screen
I also got shots for each of the others too.
Sailor Moon, Darien, Amy, Raye, Lita
What? No Mina??? Moving on...
A double click of the mouse will lead you to Sailor Moon's fact sheet. Below are screen shots for each of the DiC fact sheets. Be aware that these sheets are NOT accurate, and that the FULL facts for each Senshi are found in various Moon Sisters pages.
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Tuxedo Mask
They really put an emphasis on reading, didn't they? But then again, this was the era of the
semi-educational "Sailor Says" segments. Ah DiC. Nobody misses you.
To go along with this, I typed out verbatim what the voiceover tells you about each Senshi.
No, really. This is REALLY what's said.
Tuxedo Mask, Rini, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus
To get Sailor Jupiter's pen back, go through Tuxedo Mask's profile, and then hit the arrow button facing left two times, then click the arrow facing right two times.
Before you leave, you might want to check out each profile's galleries!
Check out some awesome shots I got!
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, aww how sweet!
A nice close-up of Tuxedo Mask
An AWESOME shot of Sailor Moon posing, after her Moon Crystal Power transformation
A cool "I'm Sailor Moon" pose
Darien... future daddy alright! ^_^
There are several shots hidden with the Inner Senshi's profiles that were edited out of the DiC series!
Here's one cut from the first half of season one:
Here are a few that were taken out of the first original beginnings from Sailormoon and Sailormoon R:
Sailor Moon with Luna
Sailor Mercury with a green background
Sailor Mercury twirling
Sailor Mars close-up
Raye with rose petals
Sailor Mars posing
Sailor Jupiter Close-up
Sailor Jupiter almost floating
Lita bowing during a spin
Sailor Venus winking
Sailor Venus ready for a fight
Rini's section features only two pics from Sailormoon R, and a TON of shots from the Sailormoon R movie~ about 3 years BEFORE it was dubbed! However, her gallery is also shared by Luna and Artemis. LAME! Why not give each one their OWN spot, instead of this?
Anyway, here are the shots in Rini's gallery:
Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3
Movie 4
Movie 5
Cheap redrawn Artemis
Cheap redrawn Luna
Here are even more shots, check out the "Sparkle Cam" on these beauties:

Sailor Moon
Serena blushing
Serena crying over missing Darien
Sailor Moon looking sad during a fight.
Sailor Moon Magenta and Aqua sparkles
Sailor Moon looking wistful
Sailor Moon looking sad
Serena sticking a confused tongue out.
Princess Serena
Blurry Serena

Sailor Mercury
Amy holding Luna a smeuch too tight?
Sailor Mercury twinkle in her eyes
Amy in a hospital, twinkling....(Uh-oh?)
Sailor Mercury using her visor
Sailor Mercury posing
Mercury Bubbles Blast
Sailor Mercury means business!
Sailor Mercury angry
Sailor Mercury sigh of relief
Amy looking cute
Amy about to study

Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars's fingers
Sailor Mars posing post transformation
Sailor Mars looking sparkly
Raye skiing
Raye with buck teeth
Raye looking cute
Raye hamming it up
Raye with her pen
Raye looking depressed
Raye teed off
Sailor Mars twirling

Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter posing post transformation
Jupiter preparing for an attack
Jupiter starting an attack
Lita arguing but pretty
Sailor Jupiter looking mad
Lita with Dark Brown hair
Sailor Jupiter calling the thunder
Sailor Jupiter twirling
Sailor Jupiter in green while top Jupiter has white eyes!
Lita looking shy while skating
Lita looking nervous

Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus looking terrified
Mina and Lita pondering
Sailor Venus smiling
Mina bowing
Mina waving
Close-up of Mina
Mina smiling but tired
Venus Crescent Beam Smash
Crescent Beam
Mina hurt and sad
Sailor Venus late transformation
Sailor V

Tuxedo Mask and Rini
Darien with sparkle hair
Darien looking moody
Tuxedo Mask with his cane
Tuxedo Mask says peace!
Tuxedo Mask blue twinkles
Darien ready for a date
Tuxedo Mask screaming
Rini with Luna-P
Rini looking surprised
Rini looking nervous
Tuxedo Mask with roses
Tuxedo Mask tossing roses
Tuxedo Mask with snowflakes

You probably already noticed that some of the pics are cheaply redrawn versions of already well known episodes and events. Look for this as we move along through the rest of the game.
Some of these same re-drawn images even appear later on the covers of some of the DVDs!
But then there are some where the drawing style is highly flawed.
Next, it's time for some super Sailor "Make UP!!" fun, as we mosey on to the Moon Fashion Salon
Moon Fashion Salon
Loading Screen
Each time you click on one of the symbols at the bottom of your screen, a different Senshi will strut down a catwalk for you. ^___^ I'm sure you'll just LOVE those realistic 1997 graphics!
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon from the side
Sailor Mercury from the side
Sailor Mars from the side
Sailor Jupiter from the side
Sailor Venus from the side
Tuxedo Mask turns to one side...
and now the other.
Sailor Moon from behind
Sailor Mercury from behind
Sailor Mars from behind
Sailor Jupiter from behind
Sailor Venus from behind
Tuxedo Mask from behind
No Rini??? That's not fair!!! Oh well, it could have been Queen Beryl on her off day. YUCK!! And did you catch how super skinny they are? That's not healthy, EAT SOMETHING! Anyway, to get Sailor Venus's pen back, double click on the Venus icon, then click on Sailor Venus. Once there, click the three bottom film strips, the third one you click on will chime, letting you know that you found her pen! Before you leave, let's explore some of the fashions you can use with the six Senshi. Some of these fashions are dorky "Mom and Dad" wear, and SOME of them are directed at the ADULTS who still play this game!
Here are some goodies I caught for ya:
Serena wearing a 1902 style dress, with country bumpkin duds aside her.
Darien going on safari... or fishing, you pick. GEEZ this screams "Daddy"...
Before we move on, lemme point out that this next one WILL offend all we women out there!!
Sailor Mercury.... fast food clerk and 2 shakes from the ol' barefoot and pregnant routine.
That's right girlies! We want you to be stupid, slang speakin' bubble-gum chompin' idjits who troll the malls and then spend their free time at home doin' what the men folk say. YAY!! Not.
Okay, back to the rest of the shots!
Sailor Mars... little China girl? Wait... she's JAPANESE!!
Darien, Kung Fu star?
Rollerblading Sailor Mercury?
Street Darien
Tuxedo Jupiter?
UH-OH what will Serena say about this???

The next few shots were put in for GROWN-UPS. This sounds silly, considering it's for ages 6+, but once you see these shots, you'll understand my unusual disclaimer.
Serena in um... clown's showgirl attire?
Sailor Mercury after one wild night at the office!
Raye being... really frilly... *.*
Mina looking... well... you decide!
Mina's morning after
Well, we all KNEW she's the kinky one...
Of course there are also the transformed costumes too! Well, for the most part anyway...
Here are each of the shots:
Sailor Mars looking huffy with clumsy red shoes
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury? HEY!! That's not EVEN close to her costume, YOU COP OUTS!!!
Sailor Venus with pink shoes?
Tuxedo skinny boy Mask.... NO CAPES!!
Yeah, they gave up trying at 3VR didn't they. Moving on... 9_9

Your next assignment is to visit the Moon Castle TV Show Palace, which bears a baby like resemblance to the Silver Millennium’s palace. Go figure, eh?
TRIVIA TIME!! When the movie plays just before it says "Now Loading" look at the TV.
(Sorry, no pic yet) The TV screen says "SAILOR MOON Jupiter and Venus Arrive", this is from an ACTUAL DiC tape that came out in 1997! They released about five or six tapes, each with two out of place episodes, and this is the opening for one of them! (Yeah, I have a copy, so?)
Moon Castle TV Show Palace
Loading Screen
In this room, you are able to watch short Sailormoon themed vignettes, set to dramatic and/or Olympic Games style music. The clips feature different moments from various episodes. The first clip you see is a musical adaptation of the cut-to-shreds DiC season one and two opener.
There's a video for Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter, one for Serena's klutziness, one for Tuxedo Mask, one about Serena and Darien's love, and one about the Sailor Team.
Oh yeah, did anyone else besides me catch that in both the DiC Sailormoon opening and in the first opening to original Sailormoon R, Usagi/Serena is running around past a shot of Vincent Van Goh's Starry Starry Night painting?
To get Sailor Mars's pen back, simply hit the left arrow once on the TV, then hit the right arrow next to it. That's it really. But before you go, here are some more facts about this room!
There are 8 screens that will frame your video choice at random.
The first video only plays when you first enter the room. To see it again after you made another selection, exit the room, and then come back. Here are the 8 screens:
Serena and Darien
Blue Eyed Rini and Amy holding a Happy Birthday cake
Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter ready for combat
Sailor Jupiter with a pink center charm posing with Sailor Venus
Raye and Mina on a picnic
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Mars relaxing while Sailor Venus stands
Sailor Venus and Sailor Mercury sitting
Some of the clips will feature out of place moments, like during Serena and Darien's piece, there's a shot of Luna giving Serena a "present".
And here's one DiC actually CUT from an episode!
Serena falls on the cats.
And here's a near decent shot of Tuxedo Mask:
Before you get ready for the final area, I want you to click on the yellow star on the center of the play area. You'll need a musical warm-up, because you will ACTUALLY get to see combat in the last area! But first, click that star, won't you?

The star leads you to the Sing Along room! On each side are Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask holding microphones where their weapons should have been. The next two screenshots feature clips from the first music video you saw, hosted by Rini's parents.
Queen Beryl
Fat Luna and Feminine Artemis

OKAY! Now you are ready for an ACTUAL BATTLE! When you return to the play area, click on the Crystal Tokyo castle to enter the battle room.
Battle Room
Loading Screen
This battle only appears easy... IF you have a Pentium 2 processor. For those of us with processors that are Pentium 3 and above, this is a challenge! Each time you enter, your playfield and enemy targets will be different. At any time, you could either land in a blood soaked crater, or be transported to a blue and lavender field on the Moon. Your opponents will either be crystals or blobbies based on one of season one's villains. The two will mix each time.
Crystals over a blood soaked crater
Blobbies on the Moon
As the non-Darien voiceover tells you, you need to aim at the center of the targets, and right-click to shoot. This is hard to do, since they move around so @#$% fast! You need to hit ALL of them as quickly as possible, so your ending score will be over One Million Points! (Dr. Evil would be proud)
I've only lost two times out of the 89 trillion that I've played, so you'll probably be just fine.
If you beat them all, you will then face off with THE QUEEN BERYL... box.
Beryl in a box!
Yep. Your BIG boss is trapped in a dinky tiny little box, along with Malachite and a few baddies of the day. Just three clicks and Sailor Moon gets her wand back.

Hey! If you're playing as a "Sailor Scout in training" aaaand you just battled with a Moon Wand, even though Sailor Moon's wand was missing... then does that mean you've been playing as Rini this whole time? Maybe. Maybe not. Use your imagination!

When you exit the battle room, you will be congratulated for beating the game. Click on the yellow star again, and THIS time you will see a congrats message, followed by an animation of Sailor Moon doing a light attack, followed by your usual "Now Loading" message.
After a short time, your prize is..... you can now revisit all of the five rooms and play as much as you like, until you get bored and click the quit button.

You will now be in a totally 3D environment, and each time you enter a play room, and then exit back to the new area, the weather changes! It could be fall over mountains, morning and peaceful, sunny, or starlit, just to name a few:
The Movie Palace at daytime
The Movie Palace at night
The Moon Kingdom and Crystal Tokyo against the mountains
The battle area and Puzzle room in the mountains
Fall comes to the Fashion and Movie areas
The Puzzle Room with a cartoony mountain area
The Puzzle Room in olden times
The Puzzle Room and Crystal Tokyo in Rome
2 Moon Kingdoms and Crystal Tokyo!?!?!
Old world fashion and movie palaces
Old world again, looks like Germany
Check how cool Sailor Moon looks with Rome's sun behind her!
A cartoon Mount Fuji?
Really cartoony clouds
And check this out! On the floor of this new area, are signs for Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Moon and ... Neptune???
See? It's the Sign of Neptune, was she a planned character for the game?

As promised, here are ALL of the videos in the game, PLUS videos that 3VR included on the disc, but didn’t use in the full game!
All of the following videos are in AVI format:


3VR Logo start video
UNRELEASED Alternate Senshi Video
CGI Sailor Moon music video
UNRELEASED test version of Jupiter’s Library animation
Lita/ Sailor Jupiter music video
Raye/Sailor Mars music video
Darien/Tuxedo Mask music video
Amy/Sailor Mercury music video
Music video about Serena and Darien in love
CGI Sailor Moon using her wand from the congrats screen
CGI television with the Jupiter and Venus arrive title card from an early DiC/Buena Vista tape.
Silent video of CGI Sailor Moon twirling used for the puzzle room
UNRELEASED CGI of Sailor Moon dancing on a music box
Music video about the Sailor Scouts
Music Video about Serena being a klutz
Music video about the Sailormoon series
Your Mission as a Sailor Scout in training!
CGI of Sailor Moon 1
CGI of Sailor Moon 2
Sailor Jupiter’s Library card
Mina/Sailor Venus music video


What? No Negaverse video? No Rini? Oh well….

In case you missed it earlier, here's what you need to remember for beating the game:
For as schlocky as it sounds, it's actually a really fun game! Yes, even with the large amount of facts that they got WRONG, you really can't help but like it, at least as a guilty pleasure. The game hasn't been produced in over a decade, and the company went belly-up not long after its biggest hit debuted
(Yes that's Sailor Moon) but on occasion, you might find a copy on This game is a treasure to own, and a real reminder of an era far far away....

Be sure to look for the link to the game on the Moon Sisters Shopping Guide! Amazon customers can enjoy a slight discount if you click on the link I put up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to have Kousagi return the time key.