Fanfics for ages 18+


NOTE: The following stories, images and videos may have graphic language, violence and suggestive themes. If you are under the age of 18 GO AWAY. There's already a page for you and THIS AIN'T IT! PARENTS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS, THIS PAGE AIN'T YO' BABYSITTER!!


Chibiusa: Breaking the Habit by Codename Sailor Earth ~ Chibiusa makes a rash decision about her own fate, after 900 years of social abuse.

Usagi and Ms. Haruna: My Way by Codename Sailor Earth ~ Video fanfic about Usagi getting revenge against her bitchy teacher.


Usagi and Chibi Chibi: In The End by Codename Sailor Earth ~ Video Fanfic based on Sailormoon episode 200.


Sailor Galaxia: Randy Scouse Git by Codename Sailor Earth ~ A video fanfic on what would happen if StarS ended Galaxia's way…


Outer Senshi: Always by Codename Sailor Earth ~ This video fanfic is based on the events in Sailormoon StarS involving the Outer Senshi.


Chibiusa and Hotaru: Inside the Fire by Codename Sailor Earth ~ Video fanfic based on the events of episodes 123 and 125, but with a dark twist.


Usagi and Mamoru: Break Me Shake Me by Codename Sailor Earth ~ Video fanfic based on the first season of Sailormoon.


Black Lady: Voices by Codename Sailor Earth ~ In the 30th Century, Chibiusa tries to help her mother (Neo Queen Serenity who is once more Sailor Moon) destroy the last Black Crystals, but she ends up absorbing the energy by mistake, and is once more Black Lady. But what happens after that takes her on a journey through her troubled mind and into a premonition of hope.


Hotaru Tomoe: The Night ~ Little Hotaru is awakened by a zombie specter-girl that has been haunting her since she was a baby, but a fateful encounter with Sailor Saturn unlocks a dark and destructive past, explaining the specter's lust for vengeance.