Jokes Part De Seventh
Clueless, out of touch, Usagiís family often has a dim opinion about the Champion of Justice.
They never figure out her secret identity as Sailor Moon, nor did the three of them ever
figure out her real relationship to Chibiusa. Kenji is out of the loop, Ikuko is bossy, and Shingo
is a straight up brat. Yet in still they are always on Usagiís mind.
Perhaps one day those three will ease up, once klutzy little Usagi becomes
Neo Queen- Imma-Make-Yo-Bitch-Ass-Pay-What-You-Be-Owniní-Me Serenity.

Ikuko and Kenji's response to another Chibi...

Ikuko laments over her daughter's future...

Chibi Chibi's mistaken identity?

Shingo's argument with Mika

Chibi Chibi arrives... but Chibiusa comes back too!

The mind control wears off on Kenji Tsukino

Shingo panics at a diner.

Shingo should know better than to read over Usagi's shoulder.

Leave it to Shingo to find treasure in a difficult moment.

Ikuko is in disbelief when Usagi tells her the truth about her life on the sly.

Sailor Moon takes her Earth family to meet her real mother.

Ikuko's disgust~ Her eldest child in a magazine pullout!

Kenji whispers to Usagi about a Chibi problem...

Shingo is a boy. Usagi's friends are girls. It's only natural...

Sitting with green hair, Shingo figures something out

Kenji asks what I'm shocked none of you out there have about Shingo!

Shingo figures out how his nieces come into being...

Ikuko asks Usagi about the kids she brings in. (Chibiusa's friends.)

Hawkeye makes a discovery.