Jokes Parte De Eighth
When she’s not fighting intergalactic psychopaths, dealing with
her boyfriend’s frequent amnesia spells, doing her homework,
arguing with her parents and kid brother, bickering with
Rei, flirting with Reika’s boyfriend behind her back,
goofing off at the arcade as Luna bitches at her,
munching at Crown Parlor with Artemis and Minako,
raising her daughter or shopping with her friends,
Usagi Tsukino is a typical, klutzy girl, living in the very
modern 1990’s. Just like anyone else, this teen mom
superwoman likes to watch TV. Sometimes, Chibiusa joins her.

Usagi and Chibiusa react to episode 61.

Usagi and Chibiusa see an ad for the video game to Sailor Moon's latest movie.

Does this picture freak with you?

Usagi and Chibiusa first see "Sailor Moon" from DiC.

Usagi and Chibiusa first see "Sailor Moon" part two

Usagi's shock watching Cartoon Network DAYTIME.

Usagi watching film footage of her um... mothering Luna? (Toei drew this, NOT me!)

Chibiusa lamenting over the dorky name her evil form was given.

A classic problem of the comic or video game child~ Is each life taped?

Chibiusa's clear disgust. Think about it from her P.O.V.

Awkweird taping (DiC was okay with this?)

Again, TOEI drew this, NOT me, all I did was add The TV setting.

Yeah, I was weirded out by this too.

Usagi and Chibiusa have an adult heart to heart talk about Fiore.

Usagi hears Molly's dub voice.

Yes, they really DID say something THAT ridiculously STUPID in the DiC cut.

Chibiusa questions Toei's coloring.

Now you Nintendo fans have something you share with Usagi!

An animation boo-boo found when slow-mo-ing Sailor Chibi Moon's transformation. (It's real!)

Yule Log

Usagi tells Chibiusa what her favorite anime is...

Usagi and Chibiusa make a desperate plea. (Rumiko Takahashi, are you listening??)

Chibiusa thinks of an Nintendo question...

Chibiusa sees Tenchi Muyo's Sasami as Pretty Sammy

Usagi and Chibiusa see that Cartoon Network edited their favorite anime too.

And then Chibiusa turns the volume up on Dragonball GT 30 min. later.

Usagi as a mother is disturbed... and you should be too!!

Usagi and Chibiusa watch the episode where Alan is first introduced to lunch.
Those of you whom have either seen this on Cartoon Network or otherwise own the DVD
will understand Usagi and Chibiusa's reaction during the battle scene.

Chibiusa watches her bootleg copy of uncensored Digimon

This really made the Cartoon Network cut, it's true!

Was Usagi taken advantage of??

Usagi having problems with an old SNES game.. (It took me a week to beat it. XP)