Jokes Parte De Ninth

Between 1995 and 1997, Bandai America produced Sailormoon dolls. Unlike their Japanese sisters, these dolls had NO noses, and the first dolls for Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Princess Serena had errors on their costumes. Irwin took over production of the nose-lessdolls in early 1997, finishing the line shortly after SailormoonR, though they wound up producing new dolls for the SailormoonS cast as well.

In 2000, Irwin released the baby doll like line of Sailormoon dolls in
conjunction with the North American release of SailormoonS. They even released a few SuperS toys!

Despite criticism from both the Sailormoon fanbase and Naoko Takeuchi, these older dolls are still
sought after by Codename Sailor Earth. These dolls have inspired the following images…

Bandai America's Nephlyte and Zoicite concept

Anime version of the Sailor Jupiter doll

See what some of us had to deal with when it came to Sailor Mercury, kiddies?

Actually, the real Sailor Rini doll was a little scarier....

What would have happened if the anime really looked like this?

Okay, seriously here, if there WAS a Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon doll,
and she looked like this, would you have bought her?
Okay, that answer was more than likely "YES."

An Ami print.

A teen Chibiusa doll, up close

Bandai American manga~ Here comes Kousagi!

The Bandai love between a girl and her friend Pegasus.

Black Lady becoming good, nekkid doll style.

Helios with the Sailor Moon Logo