Jokes Parte De Tenth

Lurking at Queen Metallia’s lair, Queen Beryl leads the Dark Kingdom in a
life or death battle against members of The White Moon Kingdom. A war began
thousands of years ago, destined to end in bloodshed…

But in the meantime…

Queen Beryl addressing Metallia

Nephrite's secret alone time

Zoicite's prank brings in a surprise character from a few seasons ahead!

Kunzite's happiness 1

Kunzite's happiness 2

Queen Beryl sees the ultimate future

Nephlyte was SO gonna say this, you know it...

Well, DUH Jadeite...

Queen Beryl's conundrum watching her globe...

How Zoicite wants to forget a bad day...I bet you Inuyasha fans do the same.

Zoicite takes decorating TOO far!

Nephrite consults the stars over Molly. Does he ever listen?

Nephrite and Zoicite squabble

Zoicite's bratty antics make it hard for Nephrite to do business with Queen Beryl.

Nephrite brakes down and tells Zoicite and Queen Beryl the truth!

Queen Beryl’s sad cosmetic secret.

As Queen Serenity hits her, Queen Beryl screams…

Toei and Beryl share an oops moment…