Jokes Parte De Eleventh
Inside of every Sailor Senshi, in the back of every villain’s brain and
deep inside you own psyche, exists that little voice of reason…

This gallery is devoted to his hotter, evil twin.

You should listen to what he says, kids. >_O

Mamoru sits with his good voice…. And his bad voice.

Tuxedo Conscience tries to nudge The Moonlight Knight in the right direction.

Tuxedo Conscience helps Koan in a sticky situation.

Tuxedo Conscience points out a wardrobe error to Chibiusa.

Tuxedo Conscience Discourages Peruru’s plans.

Tuxedo Conscience appears to help Usagi cope with Seiya’s flirting.

A helpful Tuxedo Conscience aids Kousagi about her friends.