Sprites, Bobbleheads and Chibi Senshi!
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Since Chibi Senshi are so cute, Iíve decided to split this gallery up. Fresh sprites in the center, and older sprites
have their classic links up!

Luna, Artemis, Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon, Inner, Outer and Starlight Sailor Guardians:

Chibiusa sprites:

Parallel Sailormoon Sprites:

Chibi Chibi and Sailor Cosmos sprites:

Clear background Kindergarten Kousagi

Chibi Parallel Toddlers

Chibi Sailor Moon with pink hair. PEACE S

Chibi Jupiter Oak Evolution

Kousagi Jogging

A handy pictorial of the planets in our solar system

Baby Kousagi in her lavender bunny jumper

A sea of sprites

Parallel Moon Power MAKE UP!!

Lil' gifs of Kousagi

A collection of sprites for Kousagi and one of Chibiusa

Angel Kousagi, anime style

Cosmos, Sailor Moon and the three Chibis!~ A council of Moon Power.

Parallel Chibiusa, new art style

Sailor Juno poses cutely~ anime style!!

A commercial break spot featuring the Parallel Senshi!

A Teen Chibiusa and a Chibi Parallel Senshi cast!

Sailor Parallel Mercury~ Colors like Pallas

Sailor Parallel Mars~ Purple destiny

Sailor Parallel Jupiter~ Salmon and Green!

Sailor Parallel Venus~ Dark Blue and Orange too!

Even during a bleak nuclear future, the pink haired, pink moon princess smiles for you!

Chibi Adult Chibiusa playing with big Pegasus

Baby Ami JR

Bunny heads a plenty~ Kousagi, Ami, Mako, Mina and Rei

Bunny heads a plenty part two~ The Parallel Senshi mingle with the Inner Senshi!

All 5 Parallel Senshi and Kousagiís cat, manga style! (Kawaii!)

Chibi Cosmos takes a bubble bath!

Chibi Kunzite/Malachite

Looking sophisticated, Baby Mina

Super Deformed Teen Kousagi

So tiny and cute you can fit 50 on a site and not even notice! Codename Sailor Earthís digital drawing of Kousagiís cat.

Tiniest Chibi Chibi Moon as a Super Senshi!

Playing in the lilies ~ The Sailormoon S team!

On her way to school ~ Chibiusa age 14

Descending from the sun ~ Peruru!

A tale of two Amiís

A tale of two Makoís

The three faces of Galaxia

Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite and Kunzite ~ New Chibi Style

The Sailor Amazoness Quartet perched in a tree (Kawaii!)

Bubbles a plenty ~ Sailor Pallas

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion and Sailor Kakyuu Caramelldansen!

Chibi Lethe and Mnemosyne

Teen Kousagiís new room

Chibiusa and Kousagi bow in kimonos