The Expectant Sailor Senshi ~ Guardian Mothers to be

The most beautiful time in a woman’s life is when she’s expecting her children. This gallery is devoted to mothers everywhere…

The News She Is Expecting!
Chibiusa bears the news to her parents

Ikuko has some news for Usagi…

But… Zoicite… you're a boy…

Luna and Artemis are in shock!

This is so NOT what Sailor Moon expected to hear on the Moon…

Artemis, you naughty beast.

An explanation is in order.

Oh Tiger-eye…


Well, Hawk's Eye DOES like older women after all…

The REAL reason why the Amazoness Quartet kidnapped Pegasus…

Nephrite learns something via his crystal..

Sailor Moon's worst nightmare

Princess Serenity refuses to accept it.

What does the + sign mean?

Pregnancy Photographs
Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon ~ The fight carries on until Kousagi arrives!

Poor bloated Mamoru!

The Inners join an expecting Sailor Uranus

Sailor Jupiter still the toughest while pregnant.

Usagi finds out she’s ready for motherhood.

Diamondo makes Wiseman witness his ultimate evil… (Ladies just leave guys like this.)

Eternal Sailor Moon awaits the future...

Elision's future~ Welcome home soon to be new family!

Well...motherhood suits them all?

Artemis and Luna's nightmare come true!!!

A joyous transformation! She still awaits her little princess.

An older sister to be...

The father of the Parallel Senshi?

Black Lady's confusion

I dedicate this one to all of the Haruka/Michiru fans of the world.

And you thought Luna-P was a girl?

Tears of bliss~ Sailor Cosmos's dream.

Usagi and Chibi Chibi wait excitedly for Chibiusa's arrival

Wiseman and Black Lady await Death's child.

A skating Princess of Jupiter awaits Mako's birth

Hair swooshing in the wind, Sailor Pluto keeps up future's fight

Chibiusa smiles. Even though she's gone 900 years in the past again, the wait to come home and see her new baby sibling (Kousagi) is a happy one.

Queen Serenity's prediction of her child to be.

Okay, next time you ladies are PMS’ing; take a gander at this and you'll feel better. ^.^

With big eyebrows and big dreams, Neo Queen Serenity and Chibiusa await Kousagi.

The future in her hands? Galaxia holds the Starseed of her unborn daughter.

Black Lady turns good, but not her child…

Queen Beryl throws a party! Celebration of what shouldn’t be…

Chaos finds the dark side of inhabiting a woman’s body~ the expectant Chaos and the soul of his daughter.

Phobos and Deimos, mothers to be.

Looking a bit mad, pregnant Super Sailor Uranus.

All grown up and couldn’t be happier ~
Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus await their child.

Using the Dark Crystal to speed up gestation ~ Diamondo’s forbidden dream.

Mamoru’s revenge