She’s short for her age.
The universe that never was.
In the anime, Chibi Chibi was written off as Galaxia’s Starseed.
But in the manga, Chibi Chibi is Sailor Cosmos, the alternate future universe form of Sailor Moon!
This gallery is devoted to the future that wasn’t.

Keep in mind, chronologically, Chibi Chibi is over 18, but is wearing a disguise to
make her appear younger.

Jeez! What do they teach preschoolers nowadays???

In the arms of the Kamen one.

Eternal Glory of the red-head

Wedding Day Bliss! ~ Image of the Lily bride.

Dreams of a Chibi Bride

The Chibi Bride and her flowing red hair.

Kousagi's drawing of a Chibi mother

Learning to love both versions of the same woman

Mamoru's hidden joy?

Punk Chibiusa

If Sailor Cosmos had her own daughters exist

She stands with her eldest child, prepared for a battle in the abyss.

Good morning kiss!

Sunset getaway

A tearful father sees his daughter all grown up

Secret Agent Chibi Family

Kousagi and Chibi Chibi try to communicate... ^u^

A future Chibi Mother, her babies in her eyes.

Her future in her eyes~ the crescent mark of future Neo Queen Chibi Chibi

Playful Chibi Chibi runs with a new "Chibi" dolly

Even though she's awaiting her timeline's Chibiusa, she fights to save Usagi

TAKEN FROM THE ACTUAL MANGA, just with some minor touch ups~
Chibi Moon's un-edited Japanese comments about Chibi Chibi, to Sailor Ceres.

Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon shields Sailor Chibimoon from a deadly baddie

Making an unexpected choice out of loneliness, Seiya and (grown-up) Chibi Chibi

Chibi makes a face at Chibi Chibi