Anime and Manga, The White Moon Kingdom
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This is the main Gallery. Here you can view anime and manga inspired images
of all members of the White Moon Kingdom, as well as their enemies.
Enjoy sketches, composition art and more, all done by Codename Sailor Earth.

13year old Kousagi

Queen Serenity loves manga

Hard moonlight Queen Serenity

Sailor Beryl

Sailor Conductor

Chibiusa and Kousagi ~ Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

Saturn's stars

Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon says a silent prayer for Japan

Super Sailor Mars on the planet Mars

Very 90's like Princess Lady Serenity and Kousagi

Surprised and puffy Kousagi

Tellu quietly grows her Tellum

Two couples and the kids that became BFFS

The pink catís new bell

Kousagiís bright temper

Ice Cream Baby Kousagi

Usagi wonít say it, but she misses her already.

Usagi is suspicious ~ animation.

Another Team With Logo

Kousagi takes a nap.

Adult Sailor Chibi Moon descends in pink

Chibiusa and Kousagi look too much like Usagi againÖ

Lethe brushing Mnemosyneís hair before school

Hotaru by a carousel

Neo Lady Serenity, 2011

Eternal Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon and little Kousagi

Parallel Chibiusa napping

Chibiusa and baby Kousagi watching the fun during a picnic

The myriad forms of Sailor Mercury

Luna-P giving energy

Kousagi ~ Lady with beads

Palla Palla ~ Bathing suit designer?

What is Usagi could design a schoolgirl wedding costume? 1 2

Theyíre comingÖ

Mina and Kousagi ~ Picnic time

The family at restÖ

Eternal Chibi Moonís attack

Cinnamon Red Hearts ~ Chibiusa and Kousagi And then Chibiusa with her past.

Kousagiís eye

Black Ladyís eye

Kousagi thinking of her kind of moon

Pegasus as a child

Moon Crisis Pink!

Mina calls out a teenage Kousagi

What if Super Sailor Chibi Moon was Motokiís daughter?

Sailor Parallel Moon Trading Card

Bubbles and Flowers ~ 2000-2004 inspired Sisters

Adult Kousagi fresh from a shower

The sisters in StarS action!

Chibi Chibi and Luna watch TV

Setsuna likes cherry bubble gum!

Subtitled adult Chibi Moon, motherís locket

Spring Teen Parallels

Slightly re-colored Chibi Moon?

Red Sea, Red Eyes Chibi Chibi

Neo Queen Kousagi and her court, Sailormoon logo

Kousagiís serious close up

Kousagi watching the Inners at work

The pink cat smiles

Laserdisc cover for Sailormoon S ~ Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Adult Sailor Parallel Moon, Forlorn

Chibiusa giving Kousagi a piggyback ride in their Kimonos.

Teen Ami jr, Rei jr, Kousagi and the cat looking serious.

All 4 cats staring.

Haruka and Michiru ~ A tender kiss

Mako Kino ~ All grown up

Usagi and Chibi Chibi decorating a Chibi tree 1 2

The princess sees Pegasus entertaining the Amazoness Quartet and the Parallels at a slumber party.

Usagi wants a word with you about Kousagi.

Nuclear Sailor Senshi

Bookmark style Teen Parallels

Kousagi trying to catch a snowflake

The Parallel Senshi talk to you about their existence.

Sailor Cosmos taking a coffee break.

Pretty Maid Kousagi

Weekend at Grandma Ikukoís for Chibiusa.

Little Kousagi reaching.

Parallel Chibiusa sharing a recipe with Usagi that Makoto gave her.

High School mature Chibiusa

The class of 2012 1 2 3 4 5

The Moon Sisters dramatic gaze

The NEW Sera-Myu 1 2 3

Sailor Moon and Sailor Parallel Moon deciding what to do.

Donít fuck with Sailor Parallel Moon, itís bad for your health.

And for that matter, donít fuck with her mother either.

Neo Queen Chibiusa blowing away demons

Sailor Parallel Moon vs. a zombie!

Youíll never beat Ami Jr at this sport.

Hotaru and Chibiusa in deep slumber.

Kousagi and Chibiusa racing to action

Chibiusa on her cell phone

Chibiusa and Kousagiís grails!

Ami Jr feeling too much like her mother.

Among the shards of the pink crystal ~ Adult Sailor Chibi Moon in deep thought.

Lined up: The Amazoness Quartet, Saturn, Chibi Moon and Parallel Moon

A sketch of a tiny Neo Queen Lady Serenity

Blushing Gunwoman Kousagi?

Absolutely forbidden! ~ Pegasus and Chibi Chibi?

A cute close up of Teen Kousagi

Rini, the creepy blonde teen.

Inside her chambers made of lace and bubbles ~ Princess Lady Serenity

Diana munching rice.

The original princess lets her hair down.

Kousagi playfully does her hair like Chibi Moon.

Correct coloring, baby soft, Usagi and Chibiusa snooze.

Amid pearls ~ The Princess Kousagi atop a pedestal.

The Earth just behind a Moon, Princess Kousagi takes an otherworldly dip.

Wading away from blood ~ The gorgeous Princess Lady Serenity

Elegantly charming sketches ~ Princess Lady Serenity and Princess Kousagi pose for you.

Sketchy Queen Teen

Serious Teen Chibiusa in contemplation

Usagi and Luna walk Kousagi to school!

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Their princess descends! Arrival of a Parallel destiny.

Anime Kousagi in "normal" Senshi mode

Lurking in the woods, she protects us.

Chibiusa's eternal transformation

Kousagi laments Realization of her fears of senshidom

The princess chuckles silently at her friends' ironic existence

Diana and Kousagi's cat, anime style

Moon Sisters Crisis Make Up!

Silver Millenniumís promised leaders for our time

A "sketch" of Kousagi, had she had more artbook time

"SuperS" transformation between sisters

Super Parallel Moon

The SuperS Senshi, Helios and the Moon Sisters

Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi...

Kousagi and her duties

The thing Kousagi fights for most...

The Moon Sisters model anime style sleepwear
Description: Description:
In the image of her sister ~ a royal destiny awaits thee!

The Parallel Senshi in "Eternal" mode

Sailormoon S~ Welcome to the jungle!

Kousagi's power...and her fear. The last heir.

Sailor Minimoon's decision

Adult Parallels in Senshi form, manga style

Sister Princess, manga mini image

Five teenage schoolgirls, anime style

Kousagi and her cat

Super Parallel Moon leaps into action

The young family at dinner time

Description: Description:
Face of destiny

SuperS, Sailors Moon, Minimoon and Parallel Moon give a battle cry

Kousagi's face in the stars...

All of the Little Bunny~ A loving Parallel child.

An image of perfection! ~ A family with Chibiís...

Pop art Bunnies 1

Pop art Bunnies 2

The "real" future Sailor Moon

Sea Prayer of the baby Parallel Moon

Time traveling

Image of the true SuperS leader

Graceful Princess Kousagi

The Moonlight Night watches over the Crown Princess after her fight.

A wistful princess

Before and After, the princess teen
Description: Description:
Obey the Bunny Sailor!!

The shadows of their mothers behind them...

Just for you Hotaru fans..........!

Male children of Usagi and Mamoru? Portrait of smiles!

An alternately parallel universe! ~ A head full of Kousagiís??

One day, the world will be ruled by those with pink hair.

Her mother's hair and her sister's eyes~ Kousagi winks at you!

Asleep upon their destiny~ Their predecessors in the background

Super Sailor Chibimoon's locket reflects where her heart lies...

The Diana Fairy smiles through a windstorm ^u^

Chibiusa, Kousagi and a live action Usagi????

The very first Sailor for the moon~ A Queen's happy past.

Trapped within her own heart~ New duties of a Chibi Senshi?

Description: Description:
A new beginning~ Sailor Animamates of Peace!!

Usagi and Chibiusa Trim the tree with new mothers and babies alike! ^u^

Intimate betrayal??~ Diana and Helios share a kiss?

Kousagi: I'll time travel too, just like my sister!

A hopeful angel Kousagi in her father's cape.

An unexpected TWIST! ~ The child of Mamoru and Seiya???

Mischievous smiles and majesty all around~ Peruru and Pegasus live in the Golden Mirror.

Shyness of the first day resides in the mirror.

Rei Jr walks through her mother's sutras.

Brains and charm~ Naru (Molly) and Umino (Melvin) have a daughter!

This boy is TROUBLE! ~ The son of Naru and Umino.

New protectors of the White Moon Kingdom cheer!

Is Ami already expecting her future? ~ Her Dream Mirror possesses her.

Princess Serenity and the dance of her future.

Aww! Don't ya just wanna give her a cookie now?

Dances in dream wings~ Peruru, Diana Fairy and their two daughters.

She's greedy... but when she looks like this, she's too cute!

More Hawaiian looking beauties

Chibiusa doing what ALL fans of Sailormoon should do sometime today!

The REAL Sailormoon StarS Chibimoon

Teen Chibi Chibi ready for anything in this promotional ad

Glamorous colored manga Princess Kousagi, bookmark form.

Just like her idol mother, Mina poses for a video shoot, 90's style!

Tuxedo Mask kisses Eternal Sailor Moon, amidst stars and daisies

A neat trading card of Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Galaxia's upset! Eternal Sailor Moon's defiant stance.

Kousagi's cat smiles wearing an aqua colored robe

Cute purple shadowed green Kousagi pic

Princess Lady Serenity uses the crystal

Don't hit Kousagi! Chibiusa and Pegasus ride above a crop of new Senshi

A smiling new Crossroads Student~ Mnemosyne!

Adult Chibiusa's power blows away the flames of Hell itself

4'10 and transforming, the adult Chibimoon

Hotaru watching her daughter play with galaxy power!

Rei Jr looking cute in her red kimono

Hotaru and Haruka???

Hotaru and Peruru???

Sailor Chibi Moon tells you the story of Tanabata!

Description: Description:
Anime And Manga collide~ Chibi Chibi's split destiny

Her kingdom inside of her, all hail the child queen!

While walking to school, Kousagi daydreams about Chibiusa's past. "Sister is amazing!"

Princess Kousagi smiles for you!

I am my kingdom~ Crystal Tokyo inside it's queen.

"I'll take you away from this evil past!"~ Chibiusa takes Kousagi back to their own time.

Out on the town~ The daughter of Mamoru and Haruka???

Ves Ves enjoys being a schoolgirl (Really Cute!)

The teacher's pet plaything~ Chibiusa and her new partner?

Queen Serenity's thanks within Ikuko Tsukino

Princess Kousagi's cocky yet cool battle! "I'll use Mama's power to blow you away!"

The beautiful Princess Taiki in brown

A double betrayal~ Helios in the arms of Setsuna

A super cute Kousagi hops in her junior high uniform!

On a stroll through Chichibu, High Schooler Chibiusa poses for you!

Having his way with her only empowers her further! Minako's New Tiger-Venus transformation.

Aw cyuuute! A baby Kousagi plays "Sailor Moon" on her trike.

30th Century Chibiusa may have seen her sister coming...

Pink haired looking grown Chibi Chibi holding Kakyuu's incense.

Princess Chibiusa just being a goofy kid.

Peruru and Helios's dreamy kiss?

Ikuko as a little girl.

A Mau dog?

Palla Palla on her first day of school!

Chibiusa and little Kousagi getting ready for a full day of play!

Fallen together~ Mother and child fall into a deep ice crystal sleep.

Neo Queen Serenity comforts little Kousagi, after Chibiusa makes another trip to the past.

Big sister is coming home today! ~ Kousagi brings a lunch.

A precious future mommy~ Kawaii Usagi having some ice cream.

It's just for fun... right?

A general cleansed? How Zoicite would have looked had DiC healed him, but kept him as a girl.

Elegantly charming~ Princess Kousagi takes your hand.

Cute in red! Chibi Chibi age 8.

The stunning child wise beyond her years~ Chibiusa's new look for school.

Outers and the Moon Family wish you a Merry Christmas!

Cute as could possibly be and with a resemblance to her Earth mother~ Chibi Chibi's new look!

With a pucker, Chibiusa antsy on her first day of school.

A prideful Pink Sugar Heart Attack

Fearful but ready ~ the pure angel warrior Chibiusa

Baby Kousagi first meets Santa Claus during a photo shoot!

Their powers grow as they do in their sleep.

If you can read in Japanese, this is too cute! ^u^ The Parallel Senshi in sleeping shock?

While the Inner and Parallel Senshi sleep, Chibi Chibi spots a friendly visitor!

A beautiful crimson sugar attack

Okay, if your under 18, GO AWAY! (Parents, where ARE you??)
As for any of you who are left, this pic of Chibi Chibi all grown up was based on episode 200.

A Galaxy of Parallel Spirits~ They wear the stars as silk

Embracing the galaxy as her own soul~ Chibiusa's solar transformation

Sailor Chibi Moon's solar transformation part 2

This one is for you pig-headed idiots who pick on young or unwed mothers. SHAME ON YOU!

Born into blood~ Her old wounds shape her soul.

Fresh from the Cauldron~ Chibiusa's new soul is born

Wounded, Bloody, but never quitting~ Our queen to be, Sailor Chibi Moon

Don't piss off Chibi Chibi, or she will make her eyes go to their natural color!

Sitting by the fireplace, awaiting you, Kousagi's cat season's greets you!

Peruru spreads his new royal wings

Princess Serenity's battle with Queen Metallia-Beryl is taken to Harajuku
Description: Description:

Poupelin and Peruru in happier times.

Chibiusa's first transformation goes awry!

Rubeus hovers with his ship over a terrified family in Ginza

Helios and his pet... too close

One with the Pegasus... always

The two souls merge in a motion of gratitude~ Mamoru's kiss

Mamoru and Helios~ a match made in the Golden Kingdom?

Kousagi stands during P.E. with the child of Naru and Nephrite

The son of Naru and Nephrite smiles weird

Kousagi sees a painting of the future queen

Princess Lady Serenity uses the Luna Pen

Kousagi uses the Luna Pen

Wearing the gown of her grandmother, the queen of Elysion looks concerned

One day, the elderly Seiya will smile this way.

Chibiusa reads a great book to baby Kousagi

Rei Jr's transformation

The good and the bad, Luna's mind meld helps Chibiusa remember all.

Like his second older sister Kousagi, he actually hates pink but like the next queen,
his eldest sister Chibiusa, he wears it with honor~ Kotaishi Kochikyu Tsukino (Crown Prince Little-Earth Tsukino.)

The heart chakra of Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Okay, for you Usagi-Seiya fans out there, here's what Rini would have looked like if Seiya was a DUDE and had been with Usagi.

Chibiusa and Luna-P running through real Shibuya~ Freedom in socks!

A new album for the SuperS season and movie!

1993 Sailor Moon with stylish pink hair!

Kousagi can hear the taunting. Bullying can hurt for a long time, so DON'T do it!

"I don't think mother wanted me after all." The daughter that will never be now...

A paradox kiss for power's sake

Deep in the Amazon, Michiru walks in her element.

Naru and her forbidden love hear bumps in the night!

Her mother in the past, her daughter in the future, both marvel at her strength.

Amidst exploding stars, her Super Sailor heart shines through to protect you.

Through the galaxy of time itself, Chibiusa floats away.

Description: Description:
Let's run and play here! Chibiusa shows Kousagi 30th Century Elysion

King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity with Chibiusa and Kousagi's coloring!

A transformation gone awry? Kousagi and Chibi Chibi.

Kousagi's entrance messes up her sister's fight! Big sis and little sis swap hairstyles??

Super Sailor Moon against a red metal background

10 Sailor Senshi trip out over a pond

A fusion of anime and manga~ Sailor Cosmos at last!

From episode 90~ Sailor Chibi Moon saves her mom from the final daemon

A colorized version of Kousagi and her cat in the void.

Determined Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Flag of evil

Powerful Eternal Chibi Moon

4 to regular High School, 1 to T*A's, Chibiusa and the Amazoness Quartet!

Kousagi running cute!

Princess Chibi Chibi dancing

In the dark, Princess Lady Serenity is weirded out...

Aww! Chibiusa gets an ice cream hug from Kousagi.

Sailor Cosmos raises her staff!

Mina and Minako playing silly karaoke! ^_^

Ami with a giggly kindergartener Ami Jr

Makoto and her respectful daughter

Rei on a swing while Rei Jr runs around!

Such a sweet little toddler! Chibiusa in the rain.

4 Tsukino's trimming the tree: Usagi, Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi and Kousagi!

Sailor Cosmos takes aim!

Super Sailor Parallel Moon takes aim with a new friend~ A pink twin for Luna-P??

Elision's queen welcomes you! Chibiusa invites Kousagi and Setsuna to join her in new Elysion.

Ikuko holds a picture of Kousagi, Mako and Rei in a play...

Looking delicate, Princess Seiya greets you.

A legend in her own right~ the mark of Queen Kousagi

The light and dark of combat cross over her trembling body~ Sailor Chibi Moonís first strike

Our fathers have no voices~ The Parallel Senshi and the 4 Generals

Men have biological clocks too! The moonlight watches over the father to be...

Watching from atop a skyscraper~ a nervous father watches the new breed.

Having some royal fun! A blonde Queen Serenity.

The Queen Serenity Cosmos knew...

Dying her hair lavender, the cute Queen Serenity

Crystal Tokyo under the sea, the 30th Century Atlantis princesses Kousagi and Chibiusa

Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Parallel Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, a winning team!

An Angered Princess Kousagi

Tiny, chubby and kawaii! Baby Kousagi.

Helios kissing his new lover. Yaten??

Sailor Galaxia attempts cute.

Kousagi meets Chibiusaís friends, Naruru and Ruruna!

This picture may bring you good luck, so share this with a friend or put it up on Gaia!

Comforted by memories, Mr. Mizuno paints a picture of Ami Mizuno sr.

4 new sisters, a plethora of Chibi Senshi!

ďWe share these wings of hope.Ē Yaten and Peruruís new love.

A family made up of Chibi Senshi?

A coy expression lies on the face of Crown Princess Chibiusa.

Shooting stars for princess Kousagi.

A silent and evil cuddle, Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Chaos.

Whisked away to the Dark Kingdom, Naru and Nephrite find peace.

The Moon Sisters hold the DiC era Sailormoon logo.

A blurred beauty ~ Super Sailor Chibi Chibi?

Kousagi and Chibi Chibi arrive from the future, on the day that Chibiusa and Usagi switched ages!

A trading card of a teen Chibi Chibi wearing makeup and eating a burger.

Ami and Ami Jr play with a dreidle.

Cute as could be! Kousagi on her first day of school.

An image from a golden mirror, Princess Kousagi tinted with gold.

Wounded and SCARY, the angry Helios uses his hidden power.

Playing with a new boyfriend and girlfriend, Fish-eye enjoys his new crowd.

Holding her bouquet, baby Kousagi laughs sweetly!

Looking wistful, Yaten shows off her beautiful new hairstyle.

Courageous and brave ~ Chibiusa looks ahead.

In the forest of Chichibu ~ The Amazoness Quartet play in the hot sun.

Chibiusaís hair goes grey, a sign of her princess form to come!

Following the new breed of Sailor Senshi, Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon are called to action!

All grown up ~ Chibiusa shops in Yokohama!

Enjoying a vacation in the real world ~ Ami, Minako, Usagi, Makoto and Rei

Smiling at you while waiving ~ Parallel Bunny Moon ^_^

Looking wistful, the child Chibiusa and her dolls.

Chibi Chibi plays an angelic game on the moon.

Playful friendly rivals ~ Rei and Usagi

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon ~ their stances are paralleled.

Peeking from the woods ~ A young Queen Serenity.

With their curly hair down ~ Chibiusa shields Kousagi from the rain.

Sporting cute charms, the adorable Lady Kousagi.

Chibiusa and the Amazoness Quartet on a happy day.

Mamoruís bastard daughters with other Senshi??

Becoming more and more like her big sister ~ Sailor Parallel Moon harnesses her sisterís gems.

In the right mood on a snowy afternoon ~ The priest of Elysion.

Chibiusa steps in her motherís legacy

Look yonder from the balcony to see the happy couple.

The cuddly kindergartener Kousagi!

All grown up and ready for a pajama party ~ Kousagi-chan!

Having a discussion ~ Toddler Palla Palla and Chibiusa

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Chibi Rini and Chibi Darien?

Using her moon power, Chibiusa fights through Hellís fire

Almost 15 ~ Kousagi enjoys a soda!

While getting her hair ready for school, 30th Century Chibiusa cries in the past.

Cute and ready for action ~ Airbrushed Sailor Parallel moon

Lightly airbrushed ~ Kousagiís cat

The Moonís angelic future in prayer. Chibi Chibi, Chibiusa and Kousagi.

Not really wanting to go to school (EVER again), long haired Chibiusa.

The littlest princess snuggled in blue roses ~ Kousagi-Akachan

A typical day in junior high ~ The manga Parallel Team with the DiC era logo

14 year old Kousagi having a blah day.

Chibiusa and Kousagi looking classy in red and black.

Animated gif of Sailor Cosmos attacking!

Teen Chibiusa reminding Mamoru TOO much of Usagi

Animated gif of Chibiusa and Kousagi going Eternal together!

Using the ultimate power ~ SUPER Sailor Chibi Moon glares.

Masked Mischievous Bandit ~ Kousagiís cat?

Soft and cuddly ~ Kousagi sports a new do for school!

Bouncy and happy ~ Junior High Chibiusa

The pink cat at play

Black Light Kousagi Cute

Pink and Sunny ~ Chibi Chibi and Kousagi

Super Sailor Mini Moon, Super Sailor Parallel Moon, Peruru and Helios. A grey portrait.

Animated gif of Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon transforming!

Surrounded by pillows made of dimensions ~ Kousagiís cat

A touch of elegance in the Cauldron ~ Sailor Cosmos mimics Plutoís stance

Airbrushed red gems ~ Mother and child in grade 8?

Dressed like her sister, hair almost like her mother ~ Kousagi at playtime.

The BIGGEST picture on the entire Moon Sisters site!! Sailormoon Universe from the Silver Millennium to Parallelís 30th!

Pleased with her new life. Aluminum Siren skips to school.

Pink maids having a snack ~ Chibiusa and Kousagi amid cherries!

Animated gif ~ Chibiusa destroys a youma

An extra stylish Chibiusa fade

Thinking in the summer ~ Kousagi in braids

Lead Crow and Tin Nyanko go to school.

Tokyoís moon goddess ~ Eternal Sailor Moon

30th Century Helios welcomes newcomers to the church of Elysion by the moon.

Baby Kousagi wakes up from a nightmare. (Aww couldnít you hug her?)

Asleep in the Cauldron ~ teenage Kousagi revived.

Floating in stars and staring at you confused ~ teenage Chibiusa looks like her mother!

Under a black light, cute Usagi!

Unfinished anime sketch of Kousagi, her hair in the wind.

Alternate universes collide?
Our Chibiusa and Hotaru gaze at their alternate counterparts over a dimensional sea.

Sketch of Eternal Sailor Parallel Moon

Hardcore Super Chibi Moon defies Nehellenia

Sketchy Hotaru in Chibiusaís uniform

A tiny, pretty sketch of Kousagiís face

Lethe and Mnemosyne ~ River of Memories

Looking a bit tired but pretty in pink ~ Small Lady with long hair

The moon is the sovereign 1 2

Looking forward to looking back ~ Neo Queen Serenity and Sailor Moon

Holding Luna-P, Baby Kousagi hears a bedtime story from King Endymion

Odd lighting in magic snow ~ Long haired Small Lady

Little Kousagiís close-up with Luna-P

Usagi only watches Chibiusa leave for home. She canít say goodbye.

Neo Queen Chibiusa and a flower staircase

Neo Queen Serenity and her kingdom

Cute teen Sailor Parallel Moon close up

Solar Cosmos

Cute Kousagi signs victory!

Kousagi dances in a candy dream!

Palla Palla all grown up at a day spa!


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