Video Games that never were
To this day, Sailormoon fans worldwide are still clamoring for a new Sailormoon video game.
This gallery is for gaming eras gone by.

Sailor Moon shoots Queen Beryl Super Mario Style!

PARENTS!! Please click here, so you can see for yourself why video games are
as important to your child as their homework!! Based on Japanese episode 88.

"Screen cap" of a Capcom title?

Princess Lady Serenity travels through time to save Final Fantasy 3 (4 or 6) for the SNES

Super Parallel Moon, Super Chibimoon and Tuxedo Mask on a "Puyo Pop" rip-off

SailormoonR the movie, the game

The next Sailor Moon stars in her own GBA title

Raunchy PlayStation One title

Sailormoon RPG title for the GBA

...And a "screen cap" from it

A GBA title for the 'Little Princess" at home!

A Game 'N' Watch title, a decade BEFORE Sailormoon existed!! ^u^

If Mario or Luigi fathered children with Chibiusa or Kousagi... >_______<

A Sailor Chibi Moon game for the GBA (Rated E)

A Sailormoon StarS title for the GBA

A cute Sailor Mini Moon GameBoy Color with a Sailormoon cart lit up!

A promotional Game and Watch~ 7 years before Sailormoon even starts!!

A sassy PlayStation One title in red...