Wii Love Sailormoon

One of the most beautiful consoles Iíve ever
played is the Nintendo Wii. With itís ability
to exercise the player, and to download
classic games from consoles past, not to
mention itís gorgeous graphics, I couldnít
stop myself from making a ton of images
devoted to the little white console that
couldÖ and DOES!

There is actually a petition for a WiiU
game on Facebook.
Join it!

Codename Sailor V 1 2 3 4 5 6

A Nintendo Wii title

An attachment for the "Wiimote"

Wii remote 1

Wii remote 2

Wii remote 3

Wii remote 4

Wii remote 5

Wii remote 6

Wii remote 7

Wii remote 8

Wii remote 9

Wii remote 10

Wii remote 11

Wii remote 12

Wii remote 13

Wii remote 14

Wii remote 15

Wii remote 16

Wii remote 17

Wii Sailor Moon SuperS~ Tears Of Life

A Wii Sailor Moon S game!!

Wii Sailormoon StarS game 1 ~ Chronicles of the Starseed

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Wii Sailormoon StarS game 2 ~ Another Destiny

A Wii title based on seasons one and two!

Namco Wii Title 1~ A fun looking title based on season one!

Namco Wii Title 2~ The Inners and Sir Moonlight Knight pose for a Sailormoon R game over a city

Namco Wii Title 3~ Eternal Sailor Moon in battle with Starlights and Chibi Chibi in back.

Namco Wii Title 4~ Japanese Import Based on SuperS Movie (Peruru included!!)

A new holiday Wii title!

Usagi sees an ad for a Wii title

A Wii title featuring the Princess

Okay, this is NOT a Sailormoon pic, but itís one that shares a theme with a pic in the Heroes turn Rouge section. This is one to e-mail to your friends, so go ahead and use this one, itís about the 2008 Olympics.