Senshi of the Dead

Death comes to Sailor Senshi quite often in both the anime and in the manga.

This gallery is NOT for the squeamish, sensitive or Moonie under the age
of 14. You HAVE been warned.

Extra special gruesome pictures will have an additional warning… click if you dare…

Heart Crystal in the doorway…

Naru’s revenge

Zombie love

The crystal over the bed…

Sailor Chibi Moon is disgusted at her death.

An evil child crying as her crystal is taken too early…

Tuxedo Mask holding Chibiusa’s corpse as her soul tries to return.

Hotaru’s Halloween nightmare ~ She waits for her friend’s soul to attack her for her past life’s sins.

A screaming death ~ The dream mirror shatters her heart in bondage.

Even in death, Chibiusa’s soul has sworn to protect Kousagi.

Tiny Hotaru sobs. I know what I did back then…

The darkness hits Chibiusa WAY too early, forcing out her Heart Crystal.

Mistress 9’s soul extracting the life air forever out of Hotaru.

Pink haired Sailor Moon, shocked by the blow…

“Stop crying for me, Mother.” The angel of Sailormoon StarS whips around Usagi.

Diana is scared ~ Vampire brat?

Actually, I think she likes death.

Doom of a kingdom! Chibiusa and Kousagi's heart crystals removed.

Smiling on her way now, the angel Kousagi.

Mutiny of the courts! The Sister's Dream Mirrors exposed!

Her Heart Crystal long gone, Chibi Moon’s spirit laments. “I want to live again, take me back cold body.”

“Mother was right after all, the darkness did kill me.” The Zombie Lady half chuckles.

A Gruesome and terrible sight ~ The evil Pegasus and the zombie Chibi Moon.

Okay, here is your official warning, in case you missed the above gold warning marked “FOR MATURE FANS ONLY”.
I received several requests from fans wanting to see images about what would happen if Eudial’s Buster Gun was real and had really hit Neptune and Uranus.
The following three pics are rated
[R] and are NOT meant for kids.
I’m serious guys. MATURE fans only. Here they are: 1 2 3. Now please don’t flame me,
I DON’T wanna hear your griping because you WERE warned. If you like the pics, great. If not, I understand. Thank you.

Their souls forever fused ~ Expectant Sailor Mars with Rei jr

Oddly okay with her eternity ~ Expectant Sailor Venus with Mina

Her hair fraying ~ The zombie Chibiusa falls as her father goes to catch her.

A zombie battle ending deadly ~ Old Nehellenia squeezing victory from Chibi Moon’s throat ß MATURE fans only.

Defeated Super Sailor Chibi Moon finds her sister’s ghost, body and Dream Mirror

Uranus and Neptune trade Heart Crystals ~ The zombie commitment ceremony

Zombie Sailor Moon looks on as her living child presses…

The zombie Chibi Moon tries to retrieve her Dream Mirror, tainting it and poisoning Pegasus in the process.

Princess Serenity has had enough of this dead crap. She revives Super Sailor Chibi Moon’s corpse.