Evils eternal claim:
Love from the dark side


Thousands of Moonies dream about it.
The innocent princess finds her way back to the dark side, greeting a long
forbidden prince. Lured away forever, her soul blackened with an evil love, she
relinquishes her honor, giving it to a dark soul, bent on ruling her old world.
And so this gallery is for those fanfic writers, whom still embrace
the dark side of lust…

A note on the name of the Black Moon's Crown prince.
In the DiC cut of Sailormoon R, his name was "Prince Diamond"
while the Tokyopop manga had it as Demand, Demande and Diamondo.
ADV had it as Demande, and since 2003,
this has been the more common translation from Viz Media and Kodansha.
Fans still fight over which name they like best, so here, all names are reflected.

Innocence only a memory in her eyes now, Diamond's seductive dark kiss to Black Lady

A tipsy Chibiusa, beside a perverted Prince Diamond

Cheating on Peruru? Chibimoon is lulled by Poupelin's flute

Fisheye's new life~ His honeymoon night with Chibiusa?

Fisheye's tawdry new pet~ Rini

Hawkeye reluctantly stands with pet Rini

Tiger-eye’s new whipping pet, Rini

Diamond reclaims his queen~ her old prince in her eyes

Helios? Diamond? Her dual choice in the dark~ is my past the right path for me after all?

The Devil Diamond has had his way.

She may be a Sailor Senshi now, but Diamond drinks to the thought of her passionate struggle.

The Princess is his!~ Their power combined as his power dances in her.

With one glance, his power turns the pure Super Sailor Chibi Moon into a dark soldier once more.

In the shadows of the Black Moon, she kneels possessed.

Fiore has finally let go of Mamoru... only to be basked in new love.

An alternate universe only~ Chibiusa used by a different evil force from SailormoonR...

His third eye twists her as his normal eyes see her as she was when he got her.

Running to her animal ~ Tiger Eye and Chibiusa’s first kiss.

Drunk Diamondo holds a snoozing princess.

Diamondo possessing adult Chibiusa