Love’s Twist!
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Chibiusa, Peruru, Kousagi, Helios.
These are the four staple characters from whom
this gallery belongs.
A quiet embrace, a sweet day, the right ingredients
for a romantic interlude…

Peruru stares at Kousagi

Nuclear Peg Love

Princess Lady Serenity and Prince Consort Helios


Well ah…


An uneasy choice…

Princess Lady Serenity conversing with Pegasus

The princess in his eye

Kissing a Pegasus in Elysion

Kissing a Pegasus in flight

Asking a Pegasus a sweet question

The Little Queen Adorned

The classic beginning….

Helios and Super Sailor Chibi Moon on cloud nine

A cute hug through the bubble.

Helios using a new angelic power to heal Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Hearts and Stars forever ~ Chibiusa, Diana and Pegasus!

Casually happy ~ Helios and Chibiusa going to school.

A rainbow Pegasus ready to take off with a Moon Seated gal.

Peruru dreams of a possibility

Kousagi finds the enchanted forest...

Pegasus visits a red-eyed Kousagi...

Yes, they're legal in this pic, it's just that the image editor crapped out
before I could make it look different, so don't have a cow.
And by the way, he's just rescuing her, okay? >_<

Surreal love of Pegasus and Chibiusa

Discovering their new love...

Kousagi gets swept away on her white Pegasus

Forbidden cuddle?

Helios and Chibiusa's wedding pic

She says yes! Joy of Helios.

A really cool pic of Peruru and Kousagi!!

I will always protect you~ Kousagi's gaze with Helios

Amongst the flames of Hell, her kiss with a forbidden lover.

As she kisses him, Peruru sees trouble a foot...

Away in the Stallion Reeve, lies a sweet day

Running away from the 30th century, Chibiusa wanders into Elysion.

The reflection from inside...

"I may be Black Lady again, but I am still your maiden, Pegasus."

Peruru takes a journey to the dark side with Black Lady...

Pegasus looks beyond the evil to embrace Black Lady.

An angel and her boyfriend, alive in the Golden Mirror.

A cute promotional cheek kiss

Chibiusa sharing her new favorite book with Pegasus

Pegasus and Chibiusa kiss???

His power runs through her~ Chibimoon's new transformation!

You are my temple~ his aura inside his maiden

Kissing under the pink moon...

Helios, Peruru, they both make her shine inside out!

His magic love dances within her

When he plays the flute, he plays within her....

Her love, her power~ The greatest work of Helios

A drink to you, for your love from within made me grow my own wings!

As Peruru falls into her old past, they gaze upon each other with pity.

Now will you quit it with the Diana fics?

Deep in the forest's lure~ She kisses him, remembering their first meeting

Adult Chibiusa rides with Pegasus in real life 30th Century Crystal Tokyo

Angel Princess Chibiusa flies with Pegasus around Tokyo Tower

The little princess dreams of her prince...

Black Lady falls into Elysion...

A topsy turvey explosion of power

A close-up of Peruru and Chibiusa kissing

Anime and manga combine. Helios and Chibiusa alone in the forest.

The yin and yang moon of Chibiusa and Helios’s love.

On wings made of pixels ~
Peruru and Chibi Moon in front of a real sunset.

On a casual date ~ Helios and Lady Serenity.

Passed out in need of salvation,
She unwittingly lies at the door of Elysion.

The ultimate power ~
Helios and Chibi Moon tap into their hidden powers.

Sitting in water on a real beach,
Princess lady Serenity gazes at Pegasus from afar.

Chibiusa’s shock. “Like OMG! You’re so kissing me?”

Looking like a bad boy ~ Helios and Chibiusa

The young queen and her husband ~
Neo Queen Lady Serenity and Prince Consort Pegasus

Helios is disappointed by her foolish choice ~
Super Sailor Nemesis Moon starts to feel regret…

Riding in the middle of the night, the wind messing up her hair ~
Kousagi and Pegasus

Slightly Goth, a tiny bit Emo, totally evil but very loving ~
Bad Chibiusa and Good Pegasus

Pronounced Pegasus and wife ~ The bride in daisies

His and hers veils

Over a telephone pole

Returning home from Elysion 1 2


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