Dreams of the obsession?
Children of the Moon Sisters!
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Along the way, Chibiusa met many a boy whom turned her eye.
Moonies often wonder what would happen if Kousagi had met the same
gentlemen her sister did. Many a Moonie daydreams about the next
generation of Sailor Senshi. This gallery is for them!

Little Mizuki Transformed

Kousagi and Pegasus’s child has a new energy

Ellys and Mizuki ~ Twin Cousins

Lady Mizuki looking suave

HEY!! Is that MY costume?

Asleep with her daddy…

Adult Mizuki and Ellys ~ Wanna play?

Maiden’s Ballroom

Ellys with her twin younger siblings: Elios and Chibios

Ellys’s school art project

Ellys and Diana

Ellys in flight

Chibiusa holding little Ellys

Ellys and Usagi JAN KEN PON

The Parallels and Ellys ~ Summer fun!

The Parallels and little Ellys see trouble

Maiden in a soft sweater.

Is Chibiusa to become a grandma?

Her father’s shine ~ Grown child of Peruru

Peruru’s Star Senshi daughter

Peruru’s child looking like her aunt ~ Shocked Star Senshi

Chibiusa reading to a sleeping Ellys at her mother’s house.

Peruru’s manga child, a queen as her Great Grandmother was

Peruru’s daughter ~ First day of School

Peruru’s daughter ~ A Super Senshi!

Super Sailor Chibi moon and Super Sailor Elysion Moon ~ Double Moon Gorgeous Meditation!

Ellys and her father

Pancake time for Ellys!

Child of Helios and Child of Peruru ~ Autumn hats.

Peruru’s tiny manga daughter sprouts her wings.

Child of Helios and Child of Peruru ~ CAKE TIME!!

Peruru’s manga child, humming herself to sleep.

Spiritual Sailor Elysion Moon

Sailor Silence Moon and Sailor Elysion Moon ~ Eternal children

Pegasus rescues Chibi Moon, returning her dream mirror for the sake of the new Senshi…

The Amazoness Quartet and baby Sailor Elysion Moon

Neo Black Lady hugging her mother.

Sailor Silence Moon holds her grandmother’s staff, expecting her future.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon senses an unwitting onlooker…

Otome’s eyes speak of her ancestry

Mother and Child ~ Double Twinkle Yell!

This child of Elysian’s coy evil gaze…

Peruru’s daughter looking sweet in her new dress.

Diamondo and Wiseman control a third generation princess…

Ellys big and Ellys Small!

Maiden Tsukino spots a butterfly.

Chibiusa and Ellys ~ Both age 8?

Peruru’s daughter on her first day of school!

Mother and child age 10 ~ A cool new power!

Wearing a smock at art school ~ Peruru and Kousagi’s daughter.

Usagi and Maiden ~ reborn in the Cauldron.

Chibiusa with Peruru's daughter

Shock and awe? The son of Peruru and Kousagi.

His coy smile. The son of Kousagi and Helios!

His mother's obvious glare~ Helios and Chibiusa's son.

Youthful and angry~ Peruru and Chibiusa's son.

Ready to fight! Pegasus with an expectant Sailor Chibimoon and their weary daughter.

Gaze of her mother~ The child of Pegasus and Chibiusa

Regal stance of Helios~ The child of Helios and Kousagi

A pink Pegasus confused~ Chibiusa and Helios's son.

Sailor Elysion makes the perky arrival~ Chibiusa and Helios's daughter.

Please Mommy? The cute teen child of Peruru and Kousagi.

On her way to the bathroom~ Diamondo and Chibiusa's daughter.

Looking wistful~ Diamondo and Chibiusa's son.

Her Grandmother's powers, her father's boldness~ Artemis and Chibiusa's future child?

Her own guardian, she is her own mistress with her mother's smile~ Artemis has a child with Kousagi?

Okay, I have been getting requests for this one since 2005. I HOPE that this will please you all.
 IF Hotaru was EVER a dude, and got it on with Chibiusa, this would be their kid.
Since Hotaru is a GIRL, I hope this will end that.

A smile of Mischief, the Princess of Elysion.

The Crown Prince of Elysion, Helios and Chibiusa’s son.

In the darkness, the Golden daughter's light shines.

Living her mother's past, the Golden Crystal is forever dark. Neo Black Lady reigns supreme.

Who is this soul locked up inside Chibiusa’s dream mirror? Helios’s daughter, Sailor Elysion Moon!

The baby from the future ~ Chibiusa and Helios bathe their future daughter.

Pink and blue hair ~ Helios and Chibiusa’s magical child.

Determined child of Elysion

Transforming during a family flight ~ The half Pegasus Princess

The first day of school for an awkward princess.

Spitting image of his father ~ Helios and junior.

Shock at a BAD time ~ Chibiusa and Helios meet their future child in Nehellenia’s palace.

Mamoru’s eyes, Chibiusa’s smile ~ Helios goes shopping with his daughter.

Running around happy and free ~ Helios’s bouncy daughter.

The Parallel Senshi and a moon child of Elysion

Unafraid of the dark ~ Soft Sailor Elysion Moon

Like two scared children, Helios and Chibi Moon see a speckled new princess.

With her mother’s Mischief in mind….

Creeping out the Inner Senshi ~ Elysian’s ghost??

Still retaining his youth, Peruru holds his daughter.

Possessed by her own moon power, this child of Helios smirks.

Taken by an unknown evil, Helios’s daughter takes a zombie horse as her own.

Embossing of an evil princess…

“I’m all grown up, so now I can help!” A cheerful princess of Elysion tends to a steed.

Green and blue, a curtsey for you! Helios and Chibiusa’s daughter.

A good little princess dips her toes in the image of her beginning.

A weird twist! As Ellys visits Chibiusa in the past, so too does Ellys’s child with Hotaru’s son?

Angelic fairy wings and moon power to spare ~ Kousagi and Peruru’s daughter awakens…

Smiling with pride ~ The pink cat, Peruru and Kousagi meet their future daughter.

Peruru’s daughter smiles “Ohayo Gozaimasu!!”

The eyes are red, a horn protrudes and yet her hair is black with highlights of love ~ Maiden Serenity?

Mako seems to have her mother’s boy trouble ~ The Parallels and Helios’s child look on.

Fascinated by photos of the past ~ Ellys sits with her Great grandma Ikuko.

Daughter of Helios and Chibiusa meets the son of Hotaru…

Still fighting after all these centuries ~ Sailor Moon and Sailor Elysion Moon

Pegasus acts as a night light for his daughter.

Chibiusa and Ellys at dinnertime (Kawaii!)

Super Sailor Elysion Moon ~ Expecting in the 31st century.

As Maiden cuddles her own future child, she thinks of her family tree.

Maiden’s child ~ Otome

Her power being harvested ~ Super Sailor Elysion Moon is trapped!

Can Mistress Nine live as a normal human? Chibiusa and Ellys embrace the Mistress with a healing power.

Blue hues ~ Pegasus tells his child a bedtime story.

Extra special pissed child from Elysion

Usagi tells us what she thinks of time travel…

Her eyes are the Golden Crystal…

Ellys with a plush bunny

And Luna-P frightens another generation…

Sobbing as she loses control of her body ~ Black Elysion

A happy Goth child

Maiden, age 13

Otome in a nuclear dress

Ellys, Maiden and Otome. Three generations of Chibi children.

Sailor Elysion Moon ~ In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!!

Helios and Chibiusa’s daughter ~ Ellys age 13

Chibi Ellys

Chibi child of Kousagi and Peruru

Ellys peeved

Ellys with her Mama’s toy.

They’re proud of her…

Princess Elysion Serenity and her grandmother

Super Sailor Elysion Moon in orange

Helios’s carbon copy daughter 1 2

Eternal Sailor Elysion Moon?


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