Sailormoon Re-imagined
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Classic Sailormoon images, re-colored and updated by Codename Sailor Earth

Ultimate Sugar Heart Attack


Nova Oak Evolution


Sailor Moonís Spiral Moon Nova


Pale but with ONE set of eyebrows




Moon Spiral Liberty


Crouching Sailor Moon


Angry Sailor Neptune


Princess Serenity and 6 more princesses


Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon in prayer


Showdown ~ Black Moon Sisters vs. The Inner Senshi


Kawaii Super Sailor Chibi Moon


Setsuna, Luna-P and a suspicious Chibiusa


SailormoonS cast in orange


Donít fuck with Sailor Chibi Moon.


Sailor Moon Mascot?


Ikuko and Chibi Chibi ~ Magical!


Magic gems StarS Inners


Tuxedo Mask and the Inners ~ Ready for next season!


Spotlight on the Amazoness Quartet!


Super Sailor Chibi Moon through time


Sailor Moon ~ Re-colored from episode 2


Sailor Pluto in thought


Hopeful Chibiusa Tsukino


Angry Super Saturn Happy Background


Teen Sailor Mercury, Child Sailor Moon


Black Lady pouring away a bottle of booze


Black Lady sporting a tan


Magical School Girl Usagi ~ Brown Eyes


Sailor Pluto ~ Corrected Coloring!


Eternal Sailor Moon ~ Reporting for duty!


Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon ~ Oshokiyo!!


The Amazoness Quartet ~ 1990ís makeup


Super Sailor Chibi Moon ~ Innocence and the Reeve


The Inner Senshi Teleport to the Past
(This belongs in the main Gallery, but I thought it would look nicer here. ^_^)


Pink Sugar Heart Attack ~ Hint of starry pink.


Chibiusa, Artemis, Diana and Luna


Super Sailors Chibi Moon and Saturn ~ Blissful Friendship


Tiny Early StarS group pic


Queen Serenity ~ A gentle tear


Chibiusa begging


Gentle Black Lady


Healthy Sailor Star Maker, as she should have been!


Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn ~ Back 2 Back


Wispy Peruru


Four Eyebrows Princess Lady Serenity


Freezing Sailor Moon at D Point


Chibiusaís First Day

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