Embracing the Dark Side ~ Our Heroes Turn Rogue

The pressure becomes too much. The eternal struggle between good and evil is now fought from within the body.
The devil merges with your soul, despite your cries and he forever taints your heart. You scream, but soon the
darkness begins to taste sweet. You dine on evil, wondering if love can ever save.
This is the gallery for when good little Senshi and Civilian turn evil…

The good, the bad and the neutral. Princess Serenity, Chibi Chibi and Black Lady
on the Moon.

Evil young Inners

Sailor Saturn's dark side leaves only Sailor Moon, screaming.

Twin Lady

Helios and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, their allegiance is known

Feeling a tad guilty ~ Chibiusa and the destruction of Crystal Tokyo

Black Lady’s eyes on tiny tot Rini… with a gun.

Helios breaking his way home through her.

Leading her reluctant team of elders ~ The angry and evil Chibi Moon.

Happy with contacts ~ Parallel Black Lady

Wiseman sculpts and crafts his little queen…

Feeling pretty damned proud of herself for joining ~ Is this Kousagi?

An evil toddler is also Emo, realizing her former protectors will soon strike her.

Evil Neo King and Queen

Little Hotaru cries, able to see her last struggle. Haruka-papa? Why?

Such an evil brat!

Transforming into Sailor Nemesis Moon~ A shocked Chibiusa?

Adult Kousagi first learns of Black Lady

Young Kousagi relinquishes her duties, and joins Wiseman and Black Lady

Wiseman's claim

The icy flame of Black Lady

Sailor Chibi Wicked Moon appears! ~
A fusion between the Moon and Planet Nemesis.

A short-haired evil Kousagi

At the bottom of evil's glass, Black Lady allures

Adult Sailor Chibi Moon can still feel her past clutching on, as if to drag her away

Chibiusa, is she walking into her dark destiny?

After having his way, Helios shows his true colors~
Chibiusa locked away in her Dream Mirror by Black Moon Helios?

Mistress 9 still remains in Hotaru after all these years?
Parallel Evil girl makes her plans for Chibiusa.

In order to fully respect herself, she chooses to love
her evil past as well~ The kiss of acceptance

Rei jr redeems Tiger-eye? Her mother's enemy is now her lover.

Dark Lady Kousagi

The princess gives over her pink crystal to the dark side. She is to be one with the evil.

Torn between her mind and her heart, Black Chibiusa faints.

Whisked away by the darkness~ Prince Diamondo's new lover Helios?

Evil is a bad color on us all.

The pure one's turn! Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon's new darkness.

Cleansed from the above pic, Chibi Chibi Moon's true destiny.

Her creepy gaze ~ the Fallen Angel Chibiusa

The glasses are gone as Parallel Chibiusa embraces the dark side with womanly form.

Angel? Devil? Chibiusa's inner plans of conflict.

Peruru's tears of regret~ It hurts to be evil.

Struck mid-transformation~ Sailor Chibi Moon goes back.

Like a lump in her throat~ Her former purity prays to be released.

As they slumber, Earth's new fighters become evil.

Black Moon Usagi?

Fiore's inner kiss

All alone in the daylight, Fiore kindles a fond romance.

The darkness catches Chibiusa as she's running for help

Diamondo and Peruru get intimate

His third eye warps the innocent fairy wings evil~ A new power is born.

Hawkeye holds Cere Cere in a quiet moment

In trying to destroy Rubeus's Dark Crystal, she is actually solidifying her evil future.

And so she laments, realizing her innocence is trapped forever in the Dark Crystal.

The spiritual acceptance~ The Queen Of Nemesis

Tiger-eye and Palla Palla, alone in the forest

Jun Jun and HER trio...

Mistress 9 and Black Lady. THERE! ARE WE SATISFIED???

Now let that be the END of THAT, okay? NO MORE SENDING ME
HERE! While I'm here, here's Hotaru and Chibiusa making out, HAPPY???
 Oh and by the way, I made them BOTH legal age. SATISFIED?

Professor Tomoe resurrects Chibiusa for his own needs

The good and the bad of Chibiusa

“My Innocence must DIE!!” Black Lady is about to deliver a fatal blow to her inner child.

Lurking in the woods. Good and evil are linked by blood.

Sharing a common blood~ Codename Sailor Earth’s thoughts on the setup of the 2008 Olympics.

Floating in the sea of her darkness...

A little Emo, but you know why~ Black Lady’s new look.

“What are you doing to me, Luna-P??” The dark toy calls back the evil.

A return to the dark side leaves the Death Senshi Saturn bloodied.
 “My friend will kill me? Chibiusa stop!!”

Usagi’s best friend tainted, evil Molly?

An unlikely alliance, Black Lady and the 4 Sisters?

A creepy and unreal new evil, Her Majesty??

She was already evil, but now she serves a new master. Black Moon Beryl.

Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird....

Trying your sympathy~ Black Lady attempts to be kawaii.

She’s happy in the darkness. Black Lady smiles.

The darkness reigns, Chibiusa continues an evil transformation.

An American trading card gone evil?

Black Lady thinks of her mother, and laments.

All grown up, the confused Kousagi feels choice less.

After her shower of evil, Parallel Chibiusa waives.

Kousagi's cat relishes in the darkness, waiting to jump on her prey.

In the middle of her attack, Sailor Parallel Moon enjoys a rush of darkness in her soul.

Looking a bit shocked ~ The soul of dark Kousagi in a purple haze.

Deadly seductive ~ Parallel Chibiusa discovers the Black Moon.

Happy and content with her newfound evil, Kousagi brings
forth a deadly storm upon those who picked on her.

Mako spots something different about Kousagi…

Ready to strike ~ Super Sailor Nemesis

Coming to Elysion with evil intent ~ Princess Lady Serenity the child.

A forever tainted heart ~ Black heart Chibiusa, drunk on power.

Chaos has made a home in her body ~ Satanic Chibiusa

Blocky but in charge ~ Kousagi’s evil soul??

“Coming here was a mistake!!” Sailor Moon and her grandchild about to be hit
as Black Lady harnesses a dark power out of Pegasus’s immortal soul.

“Why should I be evil alone?” Black Lady takes her mother and daughter with her.

Leaving Elysion of the past ~ Black Lady and child.

Almost like a video game ~ Digital havoc Kousagi

Two different halves of one soul, but both agree. It’s time to return to the future.

Cosmic Chaos ~ The negative reign of Sailor Chaos Moon

Cherry haired Chibi Chibi Nemesis

Comfortable in her evil, death in her staff ~ Tawdry Sailor Cosmos

The Neo Queen cries ~ The princess was born evil.