Emo and Goth Love

Conformists suck.
Somewhere along the way, specific people
fall between the cracks of society,
and emerge aware. Awake and alive
with a higher understanding, and yet
these same creatures of survival
are ostracized by the media.
They don their fabrics of rebellion,
ready for a never ending war against
conformity norms.
This is the gallery for them….

Clown like grin

Chibiusa, Pegasus and their children….

Elysion in blood ~ A secret date

Emo Pegasus

Emo Middle School

Emo Chibiusa and non-Emo Usagi?

Pegasus, Chibiusa and their Emo Triplets?

Gothic shadow of love

At odds ~ Goth Usagi and Emo Chibiusa

Reeve Child

Expectant Emo

The little mother

Having a bad day


Suddenly a woman

Princess Lady Serenity ~ An emotional close-up

She’s a good girl who loves being bad.

It’s a scintillating day in Hell….

The Emo Soul

Twilight Darien

The Princess and her Husband?

Beloved Blood Love

Country Emo?? Chibiusa’s disgusted!

Mamoru playing ref in a fight between Chibiusa and Usagi

Emo Chibiusa and Emo Diana

Emo Chibiusa with her non-Emo friends Momoko and Kyusuke.

Emo Chibiusa print with Ellys

Cute and Goth ~ Kousagi grown up right.

Luna discovers that Emo can be beautiful.

Looking totally adorable ~ Goth Chibiusa 13

Sailor Goth Moon smiles cutely at you.

Super Sailor Chibi Fishnet Moon? (No-no.)

A gothic kid beauty sits down for coffee with Luna-P

Emo and Goth~ Chibimoon, Saturn and The Amazoness Quartet

Bathed in the light, the Chibi of non-conformity

She gets it from her mother~ Chibi Emo Inners

Dark, mysterious and handsome ~ the New Helios

Slight re coloring and a mischievous smile~ Kousagi, red and black.

OMG Mamoru looks like Jimmy Jacobs! I did not mean for that... O_o

Gothic, riveting and majestic~ Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Too cute and happy for words! Emo Chibi Parallel Senshi

The dark love of bestiality, Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus

Emo but happy~ a well adjusted Goth named Peruru.

I’m a little surprised this didn’t happen in the anime~ Emo Starlight Senshi~ Yaten, Taiki and Seiya

Emo Queen Serenity

The sexiest couple on the block~ Naru and Nephrite.

Acceptance. Neo Queen Serenity and a grateful child.

An unusual message from an Emo brat?

Sapphire’s whine

Bathed in a blood light ~ Princess Chibiusa and Pegasus

Peruru bathes Super Chibi Moon in blood magic

Chibiusa’s dark room.

Chipper in Hotaru’s uniform ~ Goth Chibiusa

Bret Hart colors but she’s still Goth ~ Content princess

Don’t fuck with Emo Hotaru.