Sibling Rivalry
Though the two sisters have yet to appear side by side,

outside of one page in the back of Sailormoon Short Stories Vol. 2,
if Kousagi is as much like their mother as she lets on, then itís

possible that friction might one day exist between

Chibiusa and Kousagi. Below are images devoted to this possibility.

Kousagi is the one laughing.

Kousagi addresses the bath situation.

Damn, they may just bust the door down.

ANOTHER Age switch??

Adult queen of Nemesis, child queen of Crystal Tokyo. The younger fears her elder.

Kousagi bought the manga Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Vol. 5 and wants to talk at Chibiusa about what she readÖ

Shopping at a toy store...

Putting the future in her own hands...

Bad Blood.

Kousagi's bad hair day...

Adult Chibimoon tries to heal her now evil sister

Chibiusa's new training dummy

30th Century Chibimoon, Parallel Chibiusa and Kousagi meet for the first time!

Even as Black Lady, she can't forget about Kousagi

Kousagi reads a shocking truth... in the manga!!

Kousagi's head feels pinker...

Kousagi's new transformation heals Black Lady

Baby Kousagi hogs Luna-P

Kousagi laments her troubles to Rei Jr.

Super Sailor Chibi Moonís prayer to the Moon freaks out Kousagi