What if Luna and Artemis Split?

The future is never set in stone, and if the SailormoonS movie was any indicator, Luna has on
several occasions contemplated life without Artemis. Artemis himself has found himself
daydreaming about his companion Minako on more than one occasion.
Though Dianaís future IS safe, many fans still hold on to that dream storyline, where two cats
go their separate ways for good. This Gallery is for that.

Heís a cat. A cat with NO pockets. He canít even do that thing Luna does.
Now Lookit this then go watch the anime.

Use your imagination you Minako/Artemis freaks.

What is it was Riniís baby?

A sweet kiss?

Artemisís child plays with Pegasus behind Chibiusaís back.

Minako and Artemis ~ The morning after?!?!

Expectant couple, waiting in her apartment.

The honeymoon during Mina's conception~ Minako's husband??

Mina and her older sister in action!

Forbidden daughter ~ the child of Kakeru and Luna

Diana is only a memory of the womb~ Artemis leaves as Luna and Kakeru start a new family.

Princess Serenity remembers her mother and father.

Diana asks Chibiusa a question

Artemis's confusion!~ Luna Artemis and Diana meet a Parallel kitten.

Luna's internet regret.

Wistful gaze~ The child of Yaten and Luna

Artemis in costume, tells someone close not to tell Luna

Diana learns a dark secret (Don't take this one seriously, folks.)

Artemis and his princess bride...

Diana still exists!~ History's changed! Here is a Polaroid with Diana and her birth mother...

Kousagi figures out something...

Gym companionship? Artemis in the lap of his lover.

Intimacy with his bride

Okay, if you are NOT one of those CREEPY people with a website devoted to cats
in a BAD way, don't EVEN click on this, just pretend I never put this up, and
for those of you out there with WEIRD ideas about
humans raising cats as their children... this oughtta shut you up for a day.