Jokes Parte De First
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You’ve thought about it while watching Sailormoon. You josh and you kid, but you don’t expect to actually see what you’re thinking on the screen.
And then… you wind up here.

You SO wanted to do this to Mamoru!

Did you bring yours?

Nope, you won't.

Saturn's timing sucks.

Chibiusa's nicknaming has to stop.

Look what Luna is!

Anytime there's a new Magical Girl show, this is YOU.

This is fine, right?

Sailor Uranus should be used to this by now.

ACTUAL conversation with people.

Super Sailor BFFS discover a hidden secret about the anime.

OMG like puberty!

Chibi Moon can't handle the stupid.

It rules to be Luna.

Luna is a BITCH!!

Answer the question, Chibi Moon.

Pope Helios?

You know, I was wondering this too.

Usagi, you need to move.

Wait… how does THIS work?

Sailor Uranus GAVE you warning.

Who needs pupils?

Sailor Moon is a little jealous of Mercury's new goggles.

Kousagi is the one laughing.

Chibiusa just wanted to say…

This is why your argument is invalid.

What is one thing Kousagi has in common with Queen Beryl?

Uranus and Neptune think Usagi's puppy love is just adorable.

You know, Princess Serenity didn't do THAT badly.

But she's so cute!

… Wow. Koan actually tells it like it is.

Watch the original 1992 anime.

Hipster Moonies SUCK!!

Chibiusa has to explain eBay to Kousagi again.

Don't you wish you could say this?

Glade doesn't cut it.

You KNOW Hotaru wanted to say this.

For the handful of you who are actually dumb enough to think that
Gay marriage would have a negative effect on families, consider how
Sailor Moon handled it in the 1990's.

Super Sailor Moon dares you

Let It Go 1 2

Poor Chibiusa-chan

♫ Started from DiC's bottom ♪

What Eternal Sailor Moon WANTS to say is…

LOOK where you are running.

Makoto tells Usagi like it is.

Usagi no Temper

Makoto and Mamoru argue about the new Facebook.

Seiya… really..

Sailor Uranus is not allowed to do laundry anymore.

Stop Yo’ Cryin

Usagi won’t go to therapy.

Chibiusa needs to watch where her finger goes.

Eternal Sailor Moon: Big House I says!

Black Lady loves to look.

Ok. She’s 903 years old, but still. SHOULD Pegasus be teaching her this??

I didn’t know Usagi read that magazine…

(Adults only.) Well Pegasus DID warn her…

Minako figures out Mamoru’s dirty secret.

I couldn’t stop looking myself…

Chibiusa isn’t sure about giving Pegasus a second chance..

Sailor Senshi can have dyslexia too!

Pegasus’s eyes are not naturally that color?

Sailor MILF?

Makoto likes the Offsprings

This is Viluy being nice.

Why shouldn’t she move her hand?

Sailor Uranus needs a shower.

Ever wanted to know why Luna-P looks like it’s floating?

Minako doesn’t mind Taiki at all.

Kousagi’s right. The whole tub thing is wrong.


Luna is questioning Usagi’s fashion choice

How to ask Pegasus about Dream Mirrors

Chibiusa is disgusted by Hotaru right now.

A Senshi’s nosey

Moon Sisters Dot Org New Banner

Turn OFF your communicator before you go to bed.

Usagi tells Motoki about Luna

Tomoe cheers Kaori up

Well it IS the princess’s…

Hotaru lies

Can YOU guess?

Artemis has a hobby

Hotaru figures out why she’s Goth


Kaori’s accident?

Michiru also hated the editing for episode 95.

Sailor Mercury is really uncomfortable with her fuku

Chibiusa confronts the healed Professor Tomoe

Chibiusa’s failed attempt to give Hotaru a makeover…

Hotaru’s not the party type.

Helios’s shoe problem

It talks?

Makoto has had it with “Rini”

Hotaru thinks on a serious suggestion…

Silly Peggy…

Usagi is a bad parent. And Mamoru knows it.

Rei’s new power?

Friend Request?

Usagi pranking Rei….

“Special” Balloons. Honest!

WHAT is it?


Seriously, she can be a ditz sometimes…


Episode 113. Honestly.

Charades with Hotaru

Want some pie? Are you sure??

Professor Tomoe shaking his daughter

Pegasus makes a comment

Luna shielding Chibiusa’s eyes.

Tellu gets pissed at Cloverway

The Pen is…

Pegasus sings to Chibiusa

Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus’s Alone time 1 2 3

Minako carefully choosing between Hawk-eye and Tiger-eye

Haruka addresses Sailor Neptune’s injury

Super Sailor Chibi Moon addresses Helios’s trap.

Eternal Sailor Moon makes a comment as Star Healer and Star Maker rescue her…

Hotaru’s window cling prank

Hotaru’s carpet prank

Daddy Pegasus

ACTUAL still from episode 106

Chibiusa’s new nickname for Pegasus

Pegasus meets a stranger in the Reeve

Chibiusa’s first day as leader over The Amazoness Quartet

Pegasus has an accident. O_o

Why Tiger-eye wanted NOTHING to do with Makoto.

Helios awakens in front of Nehellenia.

Blooper from episode 159?

Alternate Universe episode 159 1 2 3

Chibiusa’s new physique does NOT please Pegasus.

Mamoru and Chibiusa decide to be bitches about Usagi’s announcement.

Backwards transformation for Super Sailor Moon?

The truth behind Cloverway Rini’s cuteness.

90’s gangster Rini?

Doctor Helios is in…

Pegasus has a scary accident with Chibi Moon  And this is part two.

Helios trying to help Chibi Moon with something.

Helios is displeased with his payment.

Michiru gives Hotaru the worst breakfast.

Wiseman needs to learn how to speed shit up.

Hey, how the hell DID she forget Chibiusa’s birthday?

Kousagi STILL hates cats.

OMG what the fuck did Kakeru give her???

Melvin should have backed off early.

You know what? It’s not that he’s evil, just that he’s a pervert.

Chibiusa leads Pegasus in for a safe landing.

Don’t you feel better knowing that even perfect princesses have days like this?

Rei’s secret expensive hobby?

Pegasus in shock at Rini’s news.

Alternate dimensional paradoxes suck.

Um you know what? Just ah… let him finish.

Who is THAT on Pegasus’s back?

Renamed Sailor Senshi

And now, a word from Usagi...

The Parallel Senshi question their lineage...

Ami jr. and Kousagi go net surfing with Luna...

There's one in every family...

How Nepherenia stole Xmas

It's not that I would condone animal abuse, but I kinda understand...

This one is for all of you who complain to me about Kousagi's hair and Rini's eyes....

Rini contemplates traits she shares with Usagi

The reason behind Kousagi's stress levels...

Chibiusa begins to notice Hotaru's affections...

Not Usagi's night.

Minako's dream come true?

The Senshi witness Pegasus and his glory

Peruru sells some kittens

Setsuna's secret about a second princess?

A TRUE TO LIFE nightmare for Ami, Rei and Luna...

The Child Inners meet their destiny!!!

How Endo (Mamoru while under Beryl's control) scored Usagi

Mistress 9's patch?

Chibiusa's realization over Happy Hour

How a near deadly fall turned into Mamoru's dream come true!

MACY*S is evil!!!!

Black Lady explains her new appearance

A time traveler's risk.

Ein and Usagi aren't the best people to keep an eye on I guess...

The truth about Chibiusa's landing.

Usagi's favorite thing to have in bulk

30th century Chibiusa worries about the team during a chat with Ami...

After a bad trip down the stairs...

The cute truth about Chibi Chibi!

Rini asks Diana an important question...

Human Luna faces facts.

The secret to Emerald's beauty...

Artemis changes his first diaper!

Rini's truth scares some Senshi...

Usagi's book report, AFTER Luna...

Tuxedo Mask can be a little TOO protective...

Usagi's early morning fight with Luna

Mamoru and Usagi share a whispery discussion

Teenage Ami Jr acting childish...

Ami Jr furious at her mother's intrusion.

Ami is BOUND?!

Super Sailor Moon has a PAINFUL discovery...

Kyusuke secret thoughts during a rally

Chibiusa finds something new to like about Diana

Okay, for real now, you KNOW you've thought about this too. You SAW Episode one.

Diana's um... droppings??

Chibiusa reads the manga

Usagi can see that Luna's not feeling well....

Sailor Moon's warning to you all about Luna...

Super Sailor Chibi Moon says something offensive about the Amazoness Quartet.

Chibi Chibi's truth revealed? What is she doing??

Usagi learns the joyful truth that Santa IS real! Her present would make Rei jealous!!

4 sleepy Senshi, watching the neighbors

Sailor Moon and Naru have a whispery argument.

Haruka's truth revealed? Her new destiny.

Some Sailormoon S villains discuss an unsightly Haruka

Luna has NEVER been sympathetic anyway.

Molly and Serena bothered by an early morning sight.

Rei sees two little people.

Sailor Mercury and I feel your pain.

Sailor Chibimoon tries to hurry

Helios realizes too late that 30th Century Chibiusa is a time traveler...

She's 903 years old, but she still lives with Mommy and Daddy

A cut moment from episode 172?

Michiru's reaction to Baby Hotaru...

Pegasus comes back, but takes away the WRONG Chibiusa???

Rei has to learn to accept her daughter's actions I suppose....

Whatever happened to 30th Century Chibiusa? ~Why science and time travel DON'T mix....

A little secret about the adult Chibimoon... For you fanfic writers...

And now a secret about Haruka.

Luna and Artemis ponder Kousagi's cat's identity...

Chibiusa goes TOO far back

Heartless Inners discussing Chibimoon's Dream Mirror

People who are different get weird stares on the first day of school. So does Rini.

Haruka explaining herself to Michiru...

Chibiusa first sees Sailor Moon transform and figures out something...

Chibiusa finding it hard to sleep with Luna-P...

Makoto tells you about how she feels.

Chibiusa tells Pegasus all about her dark past.

Chibiusa is told about Pegasus granting weapons.

Pegasus knows a secret about Chibiusa.

Serena and Molly talk about Serena's absence from school the last few days.

Eternal Sailor Moon finds a little shock on her shoulder.

Okay so maybe there's still a little Black Moon in her after all? It's a tough life.

If DiC could choose how their queen would act.

After she gets home from school, Rini finds some weird happenings?

Soooo she's not so cured after all! Rini has the crystal...

Even a palace that big can feel pretty cramped when it comes to sound.

She doesn't think anyone can hear them at this point, as she talks to dude Luna-P...

Un-type that snippy flame now, Usagi is ONLY kidding!

Usagi hard at work with her outfit.

Reason why Rini is going back to the past...

Tweedle Gloom makes a shocking discovery about Sailor Moon!

Wiseman has a sense of humor.

Busy, but not too busy to notice something odd...

The Inner Senshi read Sailormoon Short Stories Vol. 2

Rini wants to talk to you about your Mamoru + Chibiusa shrine...

Minako, Makoto and Chibiusa gawk at some weirdoes in the park.

Rini's boo boo trying to unlock a door...

Queen Serenity meets Chibiusa for the very first time.

Queen Serenity lets Princess Serena in on a rule.

Queen Serenity's hindsight regret?

Chibiusa freaks out during her transformation into Sailor Chibi Moon!

Queen Serenity's aim is off...

Chibiusa's just desserts

Sailor Moon has an accident while doing Moon Healing Escalation

The actresses playing Kousagi and Chibiusa have a conversation

The NEW theme song for Sailormoon as written by Usagi! EVERYBODY SING ALONG!!

The Pegasus Pimp rides again!

Sailor Mercury SWEARS this was an accident.

After several episodes of needless torture, Usagi does what YOU would have done.

Haven't you ever wondered this about the animation on some episodes?

The younger brother of Codename Sailor Earth gets credit for the writing on this one...

And this one...

Aaand this one...

The mother of Codename Sailor Earth gets credit for the writing on this one...

And this one~ Molly's plea

A Detective Comic tie-in?

A shocking alternate universe truth SO BIG, it makes Prince Diamondo go sober!

Chibiusa and Pegasus ride through real life Harajuku!

Sailor Pluto dresses us down.

A crush knows no faults

Makoto has a word with Luna

Sailor Moon has been hardcore since the day you first saw her, even in DiC times!

And THIS is WHY Sailor Mars NEVER farts...

Cyprine sees a threat as Professor Tomoe makes a pass.

Mrs. Osaka yells at Naru

Too much magic fur?

Chibiusa's first thoughts about seeing human Helios??

Luna Mind Meld 1

Luna Mind Meld 2

Not all transformations work out okay.

Pegasus falls asleep in Chibiusa's arms

Usagi and Tuxedo Mask have a conversation in the sky

Chibiusa has a pink limit.

Chibiusa first sees Helios's shrine maidens

Sailor Moon is easily distracted by Tuxedo Mask

Remember the brown horse in the episode where Chibiusa grew up?
Weeeeeell, so does she. Here's part one and

Okay, so if you're Chibiusa then there is one downside to where the aging process might stop.

Sailor Mars catches Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask on a Juban roof...

Chibiusa catches her boyfriends in the act...

Haruka takes racing too far...

The younger brother of Codename Sailor Earth gets full credit
on the writing for this Kakyuu picture.

Why fathers should stay OUT of their daughter's closets...

Serena reacts to Masato Sanjoin

Chibiusa shows some womanly backbone towards Pegasus.

A young fan sees the manga side of the anime versions of
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mini Moon.

The Inner Senshi plan a cruel party game with Sailor Moon

Chibiusa wants a word with both you Kousagi doubters AND you Kousagi freaks.

Usagi's dream about to become reality part one and two.

Sailor Moon is the only one with a heart AND a brain for Molly.

Chibiusa wants to ask you about that thing you posted about her on your blog.

Gentlemen, if you copy Pegasus's busy attitude in this pic, you'll get your ass kicked.

What really happened when Chibiusa ran after that frog in the rain...

Tuxedo Mask's impatience during battle

Galaxia's new Tokyo

Sailor Moon's cold discovery...

Aluminum Siren's pledge

C'mon Sailor V fans, you KNOW this has happened at least once or twice...

Goth/Emo Chibiusa’s misunderstood comment.

Sailor Mercury STILL doesn’t get it...

While everyone else is at play~ the cat did it.

Doesn’t Black Lady remind you of her mother?

It hurts to use that moon spot when healing...

Sailor Uranus’s gothic statement sparks an odd look.

Luna-P can laugh! ~ Chibiusa lands in the Amazon.

Kousagi and Seiya meet for the first time.

Seiya creeping out Usagi in ugly clothes.

Motoki and evil Mamoru having coffee.

Gentlemen, be natural. Say NO to steroids!

What if Pegasus was a little put off by Rini?

Potty humor.

Pegasus gets a boob job.

I can see this as Someone’s signature pic.

Peruru screams at Chibimoon.

What Super Sailor Moon REALLY meant to say in episode 125.

It’s a VERY bad day for royalty…

Black Lady pleads with her mom.

Once more, the younger brother of Codename Sailor Earth gets credit for this one.

Queen Badiyannu doesn’t quite get the whole “BAD GUY” thing.

Pegasus savagely beaks up with Chibiusa part one and two.

To be honest with you, all I did was make Mamoru smile and add the text.
His hand is REALLY there in the anime! No joke! Mamoru and Usagi’s playful ploys.

Sailor Neptune tries to quietly tell Sailor Uranus something…

What Princess Serenity meant to say to Galaxia since the first time they ever met.

Usagi is a fan of Moon Sisters!

Black Lady feigns an accident to look innocent.

Princess Doctor Phil?

If you see this episode, you’ll agree with Sailor Pluto and Eternal Sailor Moon.

Black Lady is punished.

When the animators went home one night, the cells of
Black Lady and Sailor Neptune got all mixed up in a fight.

Episode 200: What Usagi was really thinking.

Humidity is horrible for Chibiusa.

Helios and Chibiusa go walking through a mall in Yokohama…

Sailor Star Fighter's reason to cry in episode 200...

Chibiusa has an end to bad hair days?

Pegasus flies too fast…

How DiC would have handled the Starlights…

Chibiusa says no to Peruru’s “gift”

Chibiusa has an awkward landing location…

It’s beddy-bye time for Diamondo!

The idea for this one came from Codename Sailor Earth’s

younger brother’s comment about the Amazoness Quartet…

NOW do you want to re-think the idea of science tainted food?

What Sailor Mars’s ghost meant to say in episode 46.

It’s like seated hacky sack! Diamondo’s favorite game.

Artemis and Luna have had it with Luna-P

Galaxia reminds you how she’s able to do what she does.

What Sailor Moon was really thinking episode 46.

Who are you drinking??

Mars is a cold mom.

Sailor Mars’s nightmare is reality

Emerald needs manners.

Pegasus calls Chibiusa over…

Kousagi has no luck with animals

Usagi asks Rei a personal question

Setsuna visits her favorite website…


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