Jokes Parte De Second
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Regardless of timeline or dimension, Usagi’s DNA states that she is the
biological mother of Chibiusa and Kousagi. The pretty soldier of
love and justice has to quickly adjust to being a mother in her
teens, in a world where she’s not even allowed to go out past
curfew. By the time Kousagi is born, she’s already saved the
whole universe with little to no thanks at all!
This Gallery is devoted to the real Usagi…

Even to Chibi Chibi, Usagi has motherly instincts.

Chibiusa is about to get a whooping.

She can hardly contain her exuberance.

Sailor Moon figures out something PAINFUL.

Is Sailor Moon handing her over?

Usagi discussing Diana’s bad habit?

Every mom gets this card.

Sailor Moon, episode 69.

Rei is such a bitch!

Some mom YOU are.

Grandma Usagi and good friend Ami, off to Junior High?

Usagi transforms in real life Harajuku

Between R and S, Chibiusa's not so welcome homecoming...

Remember how I did or didn't raise you?

Mom vs. Dad on dating that Helios boy.

Well it's Christmas at ground zero!!

Usagi's request to her daughter...

What Usagi thought seeing Chibiusa the first time...

Usagi's back to normal, but Chibiusa is still an adult.

A worried Usagi rummages through Chibiusa's bag

As she awaits Chibiusa's birth, Usagi has an odd discussion with Seiya...

Eternal Sailor Moon declines the Starlight’s' offer to baby-sit Chibi Chibi

Haruka's transformation bothers the Moon family

Chibiusa has figured out the naming of her sister...

Usagi's "kind" warning to her child.

Usagi tries to shoo Chibiusa away during.......

A Sailor Moon SayS segment for you parents out there!

After recovering her from the dark side, Sailor Moon tells Rini what's up...

Neo Usagi and Mamoru discuss the future now that Rini is evil...

Neo Queen Serenity is too late to help her daughter with a tiny error...

C'mon, ya gotta agree with Usagi here...

Aaaand THIS is how Japanese episode 88 SHOULD have ended.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars find out about Parallel Sailormoon

Queen Serenity does NOT like this episode.

Queen Serenity STILL does NOT like this episode, and with GOOD reason...

Usagi just figured out her painful destiny

Usagi tells Luna the TRUTH

Usagi asks a question that I had during Japanese episode 47.

Super Sailor Moon's panic is NOT being helped by her Super teammates

Usagi is happy, she found out a reason to be glad her daughter is 903 years old!

Usagi makes fun of Chibiusa while shopping for toys.

Neo Queen Serenity stands before her filthy child. (Really though, Chibiusa can be cute...)

Super Sailor Moon contemplates motherhood while sitting with Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus...

Chibiusa reaches to Pegasus... but Usagi’s parenting has gotten her.

Neo Queen Serenity’s REAL reaction to Black Lady.

Think carefully about the SuperS movie as you read Super Sailor Moon’s comments.

Super Sailor Moon talks to Peruru

What Usagi was REALLY thinking with Seiya.


Sailor Moon doesn’t trust this “Hotaru” person…

The mother of Codename Sailor Earth gets credit for this,
since this is an ACTUAL conversation we had at Xmas. ^_^;

Sailor Chibi moon reminds her mother of something
I wish the Toei staff had caught when they drew this.

Moon Mama Sailor Moon holds her baby!

Usagi and Chibiusa argue over a transformation.

Sailor Moon plays a prank on Chibiusa with a frozen Dark Crystal…

Super Sailor Venus has a request for Eternal Sailor Moon.

How Sailor Moon handles foul odors!

Eternal Sailor Moon tries to save Chibi Chibi Moon...

Sailor Moon tries to help her grandchild understand her mom being evil…

Guess who missed her nap today?

Usagi and her friends try to subdue the most evil incarnation of Chibiusa yet.

Neo Queen Serenity plays with a little Senshi to be

The classic lie

A REAL Mom’s apology…


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