Jokes Parte De Third
Mamoru’s DNA points to the everlasting fact that he is the biological
father of Chibiusa and Kousagi. But with that fact comes a TON of
responsibility no man is equipped to handle. (Or ever should be.)
With his teenage princess bride, his red eyed freak daughter and the
little one standing hungry, Mamoru’s life is filled with worry…

Mamoru is being a responsible father.

Perhaps the animators could explain?

Tuxedo Mask Baby talks Chibiusa…

Guess what Luna-P can do for an outfit?

Mamoru has BAD timing.

NOBODY wants to see their kindergartener like this.

BAD Tuxedo Mask BAD!!

Mamoru fears for Kousagi at night.

Mamoru PRAYS his child doesn’t think like this.

Super Sailor Chibi Moon’s defeat at Nehellenia’s?

The DNA results came back.

She wakes up a woman?

Mamoru kinda knew it. What Rini should have said.

Never do Twinkle Yell drunk.

The princess returning home after a wild night in Elysion?

Mamoru forgetting she’s got a loaded pistol.

Mamoru's future...

Uhmm... Chibiusa's other responsibility.

At a bath house...

Black Lady, the reality star

Chibiusa may be free from Wiseman's grip, but...

"I never did trust those friends of hers!"

Tuxedo Mask plans out the future

Paying for College~ Hopes of a kingdom go to waste.

Why Peruru left so soon...

Kousagi has been permanently claimed.

A "screen cap" from Chibiusa's new full time job

I bet you thought it was Rini....

Mamoru's tax worries 1

Mamoru's tax worries 2

The parents walk in on a special home movie...

Chibiusa isn't the ONLY "Moon" Peruru likes..........

A heart to heart between Endymion and Rini

A trading card of the future Princess?

Her second trading card...

EVERY man's worst nightmare... ^.^

During moments like these....

The main reason why Black Lady was first shown the Silver Crystal.

An argument between Pegasus and Teen Chibiusa

Naruru, Ruruna and Hotaru ignore Chibiusa's pleas

Helios's secret dream finally comes true

Tuxedo Mask, Usagi and Rini see Rubius up high

Chibiusa awakens groggily someplace familiar?

Rini wakes up to Momo.

A strange boy, Rini and transforming Haruka. Whose fanfic was this again?

Sailor Chibi Moon does not like being held by Sailor Uranus

Usagi rears back to punish Chibiusa.

Usagi giving Chibiusa a proper whooping!

Usagi in a fight with Chibiusa

Grown up Chibiusa gets ready to drive off with her baby's father.

Chibiusa in her room, after night school...

Princess Chibiusa wakes up in the sky?

Have you ever seen a rainbow Pegasus?

How adult Chibiusa prepares for her next college payment...

How adult Chibiusa prepares for her next college payment part 2...

After leaving Diamondo forever, she seems to be doing alright?

Mamoru listens to Neo Queen Serenity pleading with Black Lady

Black Lady's tearful reunion

While consoling his daughter, Mamoru contemplates poor Usagi's labor.

Mamoru weeps at his future...

Mamoru shares a secret about Usagi

As if the bickering isn't enough, there's Haruka in this fight too!

Sailor Chibi Moon wakes up on the ground.

What happened to Usagi while Prince Diamondo held her captive...

Sailor Mars's rude comment while Rini's sleeping body returns to them from the Black Moon.

Tuxedo Mask stops Tiger's Eye's dream seduction cold!

How NOT to go into battle with your mom and dad.

Paying for college is STILL rough, especially when it rains.

And it's also rough on Luna-P

Think about this from Mamoru's P.O.V.... my grade school friend turned kidnapper turns you on?

Chibiusa can't understand why her classmates are freaking out!

Kousagi's new job gets her into too much trouble!

A giddy bio post from Mamoru's granddaughter?

TOEI actually drew this!! Mamoru's added disgust.

Tuxedo Mask and Rini discuss bad animation

Tuxedo Mask rides on his new pet. (Catch the Japanese opening to episodes 1-24, seriously!!)

Super Sailor Chibi Moon learns something about Queen Nepherenia

Tuxedo Mask sees Tuxedo Nephrite for the first time...

A rude secret between Pegasus and Chibi Moon

Chibiusa tells Usagi about a benefit to being 903 years old...

Watch the first 14 episodes of Sailormoon R, and I promise you'll get the joke!!

Helios returns after the SuperS movie! The lovers embrace.

Well with their hair down, how was he to know?

All you Chibiusa haters out there must really like this one~ King Endymion picks up his kid from Kindergarten.

Haruka's transformation gets messed up with Rini's...

Tuxedo Mask gives his opinions on why Black Lady might feel unloved.

During the SuperS movie, Tuxedo Mask is injured!

While reaching to Pegasus, Chibiusa cries out!

Mamoru finds Usagi and Chibiusa in a field... with Pegasus.

Pegasus picks the WRONG time to talk like that...

Almost banner size, Chibiusa finds Pegasus cheating...

Usagi has a TON of explaining to do.

Really now, if you have the nerve to copy Mamoru, DON’T make this face either.

Chibiusa and Hotaru have a discussion about Momo's new look...

The trio realizes too late the truth about Dream Mirror removal.

And that’s just disgusting. THAT is why you shouldn’t take people’s Dream Mirrors to begin with.

Oh! She’s not dead. That was a nightmare. ….. But she’s still half drunk with the Trio.

No, this doesn’t hurt a kid’s self esteem. Be a responsible parent when your kid acts up, just like Mamoru.

What NO parent wants to go through… EVER.

Wait… the Dead Moon Circus actually did something good?

Why Mamoru wants Toei to draw bigger clothes on Chibiusa.

What NO parent wants their daughter to argue about…

Tuxedo Mask ~ Caring daddy