Sailor Music

For helping and supporting Moon Sisters, and for contributions made to Bijutsukan Kokoro and the Moon Sisters Theatre, I, Codename Sailor Earth, dedicate this portion of Moon Sisters to the one and only …
Sailor Music.

The art of Sailor Music (MusicallyObsessedBoi)
Sailor Music
Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Parallel Moon with different coloring.
Sailor Mercury and Sailor Parallel Mercury
Sailor Venus and Sailor Parallel Venus
Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon not liking Toei’s animation
Toei’s confusing ho-down?
Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair?
Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair part Deux
Doll Palace Codename Sailor Earth with green eyes
Doll Palace Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair
Tektek of Codename Sailor Earth with light brown hair, green eyes and a green bow
Sailor Moon has a transformation boo-boo
Fugly Youmas…
Codename Sailor Earth Gaia Style and triple skirts
Jupiter tellin’ it like it is.
Super Sailor Parallel Moon ~ Grown up and in prayer.
You know what? There’s hardly any guys on this show. L
Um err… um…
Fascination J
Eternal Princess Sailor Uranus
Rei can still see you as she transforms.
Soap and deodorant are NOT optional…
The Senshi react to Sailor Moon’s defeat…
Jupiter now hates Toei.
Jupiter fears Usagi’s big head
Excuse you, Sailor Moon.
Chibi Chibi scares the crap out of Chibiusa?
Blue tinted Sailor Parallel Moon Sprite
Chibi Princess Lady Serenity
Chibi Parallel Chibi Moon
Close-up of Me?
Princess Elysion Serenity in Kousagi’s outfit. (Kawaii!)
Close-up Sailor Parallel Moon Game Sprite
Ves Ves’s bad habit…
What goes on behind Usagi’s back??
Me looking a bit too pale
Teen Sailor Parallel Jupiter
Teen Sailor Parallel Mars
Teen Sailor Parallel Mercury
Teen Sailor Parallel Venus
Game Sprite of Kousagi’s cat
Sailor Silence Moon
Me between Star and Super Senshi status
Weird boy…
The coy Sailor Music
Sailor Music ready for anything
Sailor Chibi Moon’s alternate coloring?
Cheerful Paint Shop Ellys
Kousagi, 30th Century Chibi Moon and the future Sailor Moon?
The next Sailor Moon, petit!
Bathed in the sun ~ Chibi Moon’s new locket
The treasure of Chibi Moon
5 Chibi Parallel Teens
A purple splash?
Teen Chibiusa wants to know how Artemis got here.
The next Sailor Moon ~ A giggly tween!
Codename Sailor Water
Alternate SailormoonS card ~ The Next Sailor Moon age 8!
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon prays over the English Sailormoon Logo
Sailor Elysion Moon with Adult Chibi Chibi Moon
Eternal Saturn Game Close Up
Eternal Sailor Silence Moon
Eternal Parallel Moon with Chibi Moon’s odangoes.
Super Hana with hair a little like Chibiusa
Eternal Hana
Sailor Silence Moon ~ Eyes like blood.
Sailor Silence Moon and a future court?
Kawaii Sailor Parallel Moon rocks out!
Parallel Sailor Team New Chibi Style
Super Sailor Venus ~ Moon Style!
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Peruru’s Bon Bon Child??
Rei Jr’s dark costume
Chibi Super Sailor Elysion Moon and Eternal Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon!
Sailor Elysion Moon Game Close Up
Sailor Mint
Sailor Moon’s S locket shines through the darkness.
Sailor Rainbow
Sailor Silence Moon Close Up Game Sprite
Sailor Silence Moon with her grandmother’s pose.
Sailor Silence Moon (Kiss Doll)
Sailor Sun’s sherbet entrance! (Kiss)
Super Senshi Tektek Comparison!
ACTUAL boo boo from the Sailormoon S movie! Since when does Pluto have sleeves?
Super Moon’s Glistening Locket
Video Game Kousagi being naturally adorable!
Sailor Silence Moon Looking Wistful.
ACTUAL shot from the original Sailormoon SuperS laserdisc!
Grown Up Parallel Moon Winks
Codename Sailor Earth ~ DiC Logo??
The Next Sailor Moon in Super Senshi Form holds the Carillion.
Sailor Parallel Venus
Emo Pink Chibi Chibi Moon
Sailor Chibi moon and Super Sailor Venus at a nightclub
Gaia class of 2008 banner
Sketches for Dark Mercury
Looking gorgeous like her mother ~ Sailor Elysion Moon’s graceful transformation
On a soundtrack cover ~ Little Ellys
Ellys, her child Maiden and a confused Chibi Chibi on a rainy day
Super Sailor Elysion Moon and Super Sailor Silence Moon embracing
Super Sailor Elysion Moon and Sailor Silence Moon Transformation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Gaia Outer Chart!
Maiden looking a lot like Hotaru
Maiden’s Pink Moon Crystal
Maiden looking scared
Sailor Music’s secret identity and friends!
Kousagi’s cat in PGSM??
OMG The Parallel PGSM cast?? (Seriously, I just about peed myself seeing this.)
Sailor Parallel Jupiter, pastel and pretty
Chibi Sailor Parallel Mars
Looking so grown up ~ Sailor Parallel Mars
Looking a bit sleepy ~ The regal Sailor Parallel Mercury
Peruru and Super Sailor Parallel Moon share an intimate moment
Close-up of Chibi Sailor Music
Sailor Parallel Pluto
A new senshi for a new day?
Sailor Silence Moon Game Sprite
Sailor Silence Moon sees danger!
Chibi Usagi reaches for A&W
And so does Sailor Mercury
Sailor Silence Moon and Sailor Chibi Silence Moon Transform!
Looking important ~ Sailor Silence Moon
Maiden’s new partner in crime fighting!
The Chibi Outers looking all grown up with Sailor Silence Moon
Street Fighter sprite of Sailor Elysion Moon
Usagi, Ellys, Maiden, the cats, Naruru, Ruruna and Makoto Hanmatsuura
Codename Sailor Earth with a DEEP tan.
Colorized Sailor Rini Moon
Basic Sailor Moon collage
The Inner Senshi strike a vogue
Sailor Chibi Moon becomes her mother 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The Undertaker joins The Black Moon Family??
Saturn Star transformation 1 2 3 4 5
Chibi Sailor Silence Moon
SUPER light-haired Codename Sailor Earth? (New Chibi KISS)
Codename Sailor Earth ~ Half Tektek half Paint
Totally Green Codename Sailor Earth KISS
Sailor Elysion Moon Sprite (Twinkle Yell Stance)
Neo Black Lady
ACTUAL still from the SuperS movie! WTF is Chibiusa looking at??
Parallel Senshi and Parallel Star Senshi Star Sprites
Pink haired Princess Chibi Chibi Sprite (Adult Aged)
Princess Cosmos Sprite
Sailor Parallel Moon New Chibi KISS
Sailor Silence Moon Sprite
Silence Lady 9
Spooky real!! Sera Myu  Sailor Silence Moon
Sailor Silence Moon ~ Coloring book style
Mature Sailor Silence Moon ~ Image of her grandmother!
Sailor Music Sprite
Sera Myu Parallel Sailormoon Cast! (TOO REAL)
Street Fighter Clone Sailor Music.
Chibiusa and little Kousagi celebrate their birthdays with the Inners and Mamoru

Gaia NOM NOM Birthday :3
A fucked up discussion (So far, my favorite one.)
Sailor Elysion Moon, Yellow Perfection
Tek Tek Cast
Codename Sailor Earth App
Tek Tek Little Chibi Moon with her little Pegasus child, Ellys
Ellys, Baby Kousagi and Kousagi's future cat
Moon Sisters Teensy Awesome
I fused with Pluto?!
TOPAZ VIDEOS BANNER (You can use it for a link to the video site.)
Silence Moon's Card
Moon Sisters Cute!
Gaia Earth
Parallel Saturn Tek Tek

Art made by Codename Sailor Earth for Sailor Music:
Sailor Music ~ Ready to begin!
Pissed Sailor Music
High School Music
Mobile Cell Phone Paper 1 2 3 4
Twitter/Bebo/Chat Icons 1 2 3 4
Chibi Game Sprite