Moon Sisters Mobile Paper!

Cell phone Moonies, listen up!
Today is your lucky day. Here you can download
free mobile papers for your cell phone!
Just follow the below instructions:


1.    Click on the links, until you find a paper you like.

2.    Download the paper to your computer.

3.    Email the picture to your cell phone.

4.    Save the picture on your phone, then set it as your wallpaper.
(NOTE: Check your phoneís instruction manual if you donít know how to set a wallpaper.)


Itís just that easy! Keep checking back for more!

The Wallpapers:
Beach Scenes:
Princess Lady Serenity and Pegasus
5 Inner Senshi Beach Party!
Chibiusa, Luna-P and a Watermelon
Rei and Ami share drinks
Makoto wants to play, Minakoís having ice cream!
Usagi shoots a water pistol
Michiru and Haruka
Setsuna and Hotaru
Adult Parallel Senshi Close-ups


Chibi Senshi Cuteness!
Tuxedo Mask, Starlights, Chibi Chibi, and the Inners

Sailormoon SuperS Chibi Inners arguing

Eternal Sailor Moon and the Starlights

Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi

StarS Senshi Ė Inners and Outers

SuperS Inners and Outers

SuperS Chibi Senshi
SuperS pink and orange floral group
Chibiest Chibi Chibi Moon
SailormoonS style Sailor Moon
Chibi Starlights


Dark Side:
Old soul of the new queen
The pure soul prays for release
Cute evil Black Lady
Sailor Cosmos over Chaos and the Cauldron

Black Ladyís new power as she pours away liquor


Sailor Senshi And other Good Guys:
Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon Angry
Neo Queen Chibiusa
Princess Kousagi
Kousagi and Chibiusa amidst roses
Parallel Moon, Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi Moon strike a pose!
Adult Princess Rini
Super Sailor Moon goes Industrial
Little Chibiusa and Luna-P
Sailor Pluto amid stars
Chibiusa looking to her left. (Your right)
Ultimate Pink Sugar Heart Attack!!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Codename Sailor V
Chibiusa, Artemis, Diana and Luna
Mamoru and Usagi shopping with Chibiusa
Codename Sailor Venus
Sailor Star Fighter
Sailor Star Healerís bubble attack
Sailor Star Makerís bubble attack
Chibi Chibi holding down her red umbrella
Chibi Chibi with ice cream cones in the background
Pinktastic Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Saturn and an evil shadow
Adult Eternal Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
The face of destiny
Baby Sailor Parallel Moonís prayer
A Mizuno surrounded by books
Early StarS Cast
Teen Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Sailor Chibi Moon might just climb right out of the screen!
Sailor Moon tossing her glasses
Rose Kousagi
Mint Kousagi
Rose Cat
Mint Cat
Super Sailor Chibi Moon admiring Super Sailor Moon
Usagi thinking about motherhood
Super Sailor Neptune and Super Sailor Uranus
Blue eyed Chibiusa painting her creator
Peruru and Kousagiís child
Tan Kousagi and Chibi Chibi
Adult Sailor Chibi Moon goes eternal
Kousagi sees a painting of Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Chibiusa and Diana all packed
Super Sailor Chibi Moonís rainbow
Sailor Pluto and a white heart crystal
Codename Sailor V looks to the left of the screen
Codename Sailor V strikes a pose
Tanned Chibi Chibi
Peruru in the wind
Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon Pose
Chibiusa stars in her eyes.
Super Sailor Chibi Moon with the Stallion Reeve
Nervous Chibiusa
Sailor Moon hates the snow
Princess Chibiusa
The Amazoness Quartet looking fly
Precious in pink ~ Kousagi Tsukino
Stunning Super Sailor Mercury
Radiant Super Sailor Mars
Coy Super Sailor Jupiter
Sassy Super Sailor Venus
Mysterious Sailor Pluto
Mamoru among yellow roses
Tuxedo Mask in front of a turquoise sky
Pinkadelic Sailor Chibi Moon

Pink haired Usagi, Chibiusa and the Inners

Teen Sailor Mercury, Kid Sailor Moon

Early StarS Series Inner and Outer Senshi

Sailor Teleport to the past

Super Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Chibi Moon ~ Back 2 Back

Angry Super Sailor Saturn

Eternal Sailor Moon reporting for duty!

Tired Eternal Sailor Moon, turning.

Eternal Sailor Moon giving Chibi Chibi a piggyback ride

Inner Sailor Senshi ~ 1999/2000 coloring

Princess Serenity, Princess Lady Serenity and their Senshi counterparts
Hopeful Chibiusa Tsukino
Super Sailor Chibi Moon touching time? (StarS)
Looking magical ~ Ikuko and Chibi Chibi
Tuxedo Mask and the Inners, ready for another season!
Bishojo Senshi, utterly powerful (StarS)
The Inners and a lavender-haired Chibiusa, casual rainbows!
The beautiful Sailor Pluto
Setsuna and a suspicious Chibiusa
SailormoonS early cast
Sailor Chibi Jack You Up!
Usagi and a sea of Holiday Chibi Senshi!
7 princesses
Adult Sailor Parallel Moon, looking serious
Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon Close up
Diamondo, Chibiusa, Tuxedo Mask, 5 angry Senshi


Sailormoonís 20th Anniversary
5 Sailor Senshi, Italyís logo
Something so 90ís about this one!


Side Phone Paper
Magical Schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino
2004 style Chibi Usagi in her room with Luna

The Inner Senshi Ready for a Showdown

Super Sailor Chibi Moon and her mother ~ Heart Hair
The Black Moon Sisters, Sailor Moon and the Inners SHOWDOWN!
Chibiusa in prison
Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Musical Chibi Eternal Sailor Moon and Inners
Chibi Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon with two talismans
Chibi cast ~ all 4 Outers, Inners, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon
Chibi Inners -1
Chibi Inners -2
3 Outers 4 Inners all Chibi
Chibi Super Sailor Moon and Super Chibi Moon
A Super Sailor Mommy with her team, picking up Chibiusa


Soul Searching:
Super Sailor Chibi Moonís chakra
Super Sailor Moonís Heart
Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon in prayer
Adult Super Sailor Chibi Moon amid pink crystals
Chibiusaís double life
Angelic Sailor Parallel Moon?
Super Sailor Chibi Moonís Moon Prayer
Chibiusa and Luna-P time travel
Sailor Moon
Super Sailor Chibi Moonís fireworks
Super Sailor Chibi Moonís rainbow prayer
Angelic Peruru
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moonís prayer


Emo Queen and Daughter
Bloody Chibi Moon flips the bird
Tuxedo Mask kisses Sailor Moon to restore her life-force (SailormoonR movie)
Intimate Usagi and Mamoru
Disgruntled Sailor Galaxia and her enemy
Cute and Goth teen Kousagi
Emo Pegasus and Sailor Chibi Moon
Dramatic Wii title


Soft Comfort:
Helios in the snow
Chibiusa and Kousagi rolling in cherries
Baby Kousagi in blue roses
Neo Queen Serenity smiling
Little Princess Chibiusa and Luna-P
Sailor Elysion Moon (Chibiusa and Heliosís daughter)
Helios kissing Chibiusaís hand
Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn
Helios and Super Sailor Chibi Moon on could nine
Eternal Sailor Pallas New Chibi
Chibiusa first meets Hotaru
Ami Mizuno and Super Sailor Mercury
Hotaru in the sun
Soft Queen Serenity

Soft Black Lady

Usagi ~ Apron and flowers