Sailormoon Jukebox

Welcome to the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo Palace Basement. King Endymion recently bought Neo Queen Serenity, Chibiusa and Kousagi a lavish new arcade and nightclub in the palace basement. This is where the queen and her children go after hours to chill out and play. Check out the palace's sound archives and join them!

Note: I do not own the rights to any of the songs below. All rights belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha and Toei Animation.

Endymionís MP3ís
Japanese Tracks

Ai Wo Shinjiteru
Ai No Senshi
Beethoven ~ Moonlight Sonata
Chibiusa ~ Bai Bai Itte Itte
Chibiusa ~ Donít Tease My Dreams!!
Chibiusa Poem
Chibiusa Prologue
Chibiusa no Umi ~ Chibiusaís Sea

Golden Queen Galaxia (Lyrics are embedded on file!)
Heart Moving
In The Fluffy Moon Night (Japanese cast speaking English)
Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto (Slow Version)
L'amour D'amour Moonlight (Japanese-French)
Lonely Moon
Makenai (Sailormoon StarS Theme)
Makenai Palla Palla Remix
Mayou Naka Hitori
Mercuryís Theme
Moon Moon Princess
Moon Revenge
Moonlight Densetsu
Moonlight Densetsu Long Version
Moonlight Densetsu Metal
Moonlight Destiny
Motto Sutekina Asaga Kuru Yo
Nagare boshi He Ė Shooting Star (Search For Your Love)
Otome No Policy
Profile Of Love
Sailor Mars ~ My Boyfriend Arranged By The Stars
Sailor Jupiter ~ We Believe You
Sailor Neptune ~ Senshino Omoi
Sailor Star Maker ~ Chikara Wo Awasate
Sailor Venus No Theme
Sailor Moon Make Up Ending Theme
Sera Myu ~ Sailor Pluto Hades
Symphonic Poem 9
Tuxedo Mirage
Watashi Tachi Na Naritakute
When You Wish Upon A Star
When The Saints Go Marching In

Sailormoon Christmas MP3ís
Angels We Have Heard On High
Ave Maria
Here Comes Santa Claus
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Jingle Bells
Koibito Ga Santa Claus
Last Christmas
Les Anges Dannos Compagnes
Merry Christmas To You
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Sailor Moon Christmas
Sailor Moon Christmas (Instrumental)
Sailor Moons Wintertraum
Santa Claus is coming to town
Silent Night
The Christmas Song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
White Christmas

Instrumental MP3ís
Alanís Flute
Aliís Flute
Amazoness Quartetto Theme
Asleep (Germany)
Atashi Datte Futsuu no Onna no ko
Chibi Chibi no Theme

Chibiusaís Romance
Chibiusaís R Music
Chibiusa No Henshin (Chibiusaís Transformation Theme)
Dancing in the Moonlight (Moon Revenge Remix)
Dareka ni Nerawareteiru
DiC Inner Senshi Transformation Theme
Eternal Sailor Moon Henshin Theme
Eye catch (Season One Commercial Break Theme)
Eye catch and trouble
Gekitotsu ~ Sailor Moon vs. Fiore score
Heart Moving (Instrumental)
Heiwa (Peace)
Holy Grail Theme
Hontou ni Erabareta Senshi Na no
Hoshizora wa Mysterious

Hotaru having a bad day
Kakyuuís theme ~ Where is that person? (Mostly la la laís but instrumental.)
Keikai ~ Chibi Chibi No Theme
Koisuru Otome Kokoro
Luna (DiC theme)
Melvinís DiC theme
Moon Crystal Power (DiC)
Moon Power Disguise!
Moon Tiara Action!
Neptune Violin Solo
Occhokochoi wa Umare Tsuki
Otome No Policy (Instrumental)
Outer Senshi No Henshin
Pegasus No Theme
Queen Beryl ~ Negaverse Theme
Queen Beryl ~ Japanese Theme
Receiving Waives (DiC)
Sag Das Zauberwort (Instrumental)
Sailor Jupiter (DiC)
Sailor Moon ~ I Am Sailor Moon Piano Locket Theme
Sailor Moon Terror SNES Theme
Sailor Senshi ~ No Yuuga Na Houkago
Sailor Moon ~ Star Locket
Slow Sailor Moon Theme
Smooth Jazz Makenai
Stalking Someone
Standard Henshin
Starlight No Henshin
Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon Henshin
Tiara Action
Tuxedo Mask
Yume Miru Odango Atama
Yuugure Toki wa Youma no Yokan

Sailormoon MP3ís from around the world
Il Cristallo Del (Italian)
Kirari Sailor Dream (Spanish)
Petali De Stelle (Italian)
Sailor Moon Theme (Spanish)
Itís a new day (Chile)
Chilean Sailormoon Theme
Rainy Day Man (Chile)
Oh Mi Corazon (Chile)

German MP3ís(Thanks Sailor Music for the pic!)
Auf Weltraumtour
Black Lady
Canít Stop Loving You (English song from Germany)
Circle of Life
Colors Of Love (Half English Half German)
Das Zauberschwert Von Pegasus
Die Kraft Der Ewigkeit
Dort Im Regen

DreamerS (Half English Half German)
Every Second Counts (German-English)
Ferne Galaxie
Folge Mir Auf Die Reise
Folge Mir-2
Held Ihrer Treame
Helles Mondlicht
Immer Streit

Kampfe Sailor Moon
Koenigin Serenity
Look at the Stars (German-English)
Macht Der Nebel
Macht Des Mondes
Melodie Der Freude
Makenai (German)
Power of the Moon (English track from Germany)
Sag Das Zauberwort
Sag Das Zauberwort Featuring Lilí Jon (German-English Hybrid)
Sailor kriegerinnen
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon Message
Sailor Moon Message #2
Sailor Moon Soft ~ Sag Das Zauberwort Slow Version
Sailor Moons Welt
Sailor Venus
Schneeprinzessin Kaguya
Search for your love (German)

Silver Millennium
Super Moonies Intro
Tuxedo Mask
Unser Star
Wacht Auf
Wahre Freundschaft

Watashi Tachi Ni Naritakute (German)
Wonderland of Dreams (German-English)
Zag Das Zauberwaurt-English-Remix
Zag Das Zauberwaurt Second Dance Remix
Zwinge Niemals Die Liebe

DiC and Cloverway MP3ís
Call my name and Iíll be there
Carry On
Daddyís Girl
DiC Sailor Moon Theme
Iím Not Ready
I Wanna Be A Star
I Want Someone To Love ~ RAWr Remix
I Want To Hold Your Hand ~ High NRG Mix
Itís A New Day
My Only Love
My Only Love ~ S.A.F. Remix
Nothing At All
Oh Starry Night
Only A Memory Away
Power Of Love
Rainy Day Man
Sailor Jupiter Voice Mix
Sailor Moon Ending Credits Theme
Sailor Moon Theme S.A.F. Remix
Sailor Moon Theme S.A.F. Club Mix
Sheís Got The Power
The Real Sugar Baby
Who Do You Think You Are?
You Will Always Be Right Here In My Heart ~ English Song And Dialogue From Japanese Episode 159

Usagiís WMAís

Bye Bye Itta Itta (Japanese)
Hottokenaiyo (Japanese)
Moonlight Legend (Japanese)
Sanjino Yosei (Japanese)
Todokanu Omoi (Japanese)
Tsukini Kawatte Oshokiyo (Japanese)
Chibiusaís Sea (Japanese)

Chibiusaís Wav Files

Sailor Mars Says Aku Ryo Tai San (Japanese)
Burning Mandala version one (Japanese)
Burning Mandala version 2 (Japanese)
Chibi Chibi says her name giggly (Japanese)
Chibi Chibi sounds curious (Japanese)
Chibi Chibi says Donut (Japanese)
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon talks to Yaten (Japanese)
Chibiusa says Konnichiwa! (Japanese)
Chibiusa uses Moon Prism Power (Japanese)
Sailor Mars uses Fire Soul Bird (Japanese)
Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder Dragon (Japanese)
Sailor Venus uses Crescent Beam (Japanese)
Sailor Venus uses Crescent Beam Shower (Japanese)
Sailor Saturn uses Death Reborn Revolution (Japanese)
DiC episode card with the AOL voice (Gomen Nasai Minna.T_T) (Instrumental)
Sailor Mars gives a needlessly long speech (DiC English)
Sailor Jupiter gives a needlessly long speech (DiC English)
Sailor Mercury gives a needlessly long speech (DiC English)
Sailor Venus gives a needlessly long speech (DiC English)
Rini uses Kitty Power to help Amy (DiC English)
Luna Ball Kitty Magic (DiC English)
Rini uses Luna-P Luna Sphere Kitty Magic to escape (DiC English)
Mars Fire Star Flash (DiC English)
Mercury Ice Storm Blast (DiC English)
Moon Tiara Magic (DiC English)
Fire Soul (Japanese)
Eternal Sailor Moonís first transformation (Japanese)
Jupiter Power MAKE UP (Japanese)
Jupiter Star Power Make Up (Japanese)
Jupiter Oak Evolution (Japanese)
Luna yells U-SA-GI (Japanese)
Mamoru bugs Usagi (Japanese)
Mercury Aqua Mirage (Japanese)
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (Japanese)
Moon Cosmic Power Make Up (Japanese)
Crisis Make Up (Japanese)
Moon Prism Power Make Up (Japanese)
Moonlight Densetsu (Japanese)
Neptune Planet Power Make Up (Japanese)
Short version of Outer Senshi theme (Instrumental)
Pink Sugar Heart Attack (Japanese)
Rainbow Moon Heartache (Japanese)
Rei has coffee spilled on her. She screams HACHI HACHI HACHI, then asks Usagi what the hell her problem is. (Japanese)
Sailor Chibi Moon Oshokiyo version one (Japanese)
Sailor Chibi Moon Oshokiyo version two (Japanese)
Sailor Moon Oshokiyo (Japanese)
Sailor Special Garlic Attack! (Japanese)
Sera Myu Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber (Japanese)
Shabon Spray (Japanese)
Silence Glaive Surprise (Japanese)
Silence Wall (Japanese)
Space Sword Blaster (Japanese)
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss (Japanese)
Supreme Thunder (Japanese)
The Sailor Senshi say ďSailor MoonĒ (Japanese)
Twinkle Yell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation (Japanese)
Uranus Planet Power Make Up (Japanese)
Venus Love Me Chain (Japanese)
Sailor Moon crying and screaming "Moon Crisis Transform" (Cloverway English)
Darien asks himself if he's really Tuxedo Mask (DiC English)
Luna and Artemis reunite. (DiC English)
Darien realizes that he really is Tuxedo Mask (DiC English)
Rini says "Kitty Magic! I want milk." (DiC English)
Sailor Moon meets Queen Serenity (DiC English)
Queen Serenity uses Cosmic Moon Power (DiC English)
Rini hypnotizes her family (DiC English)
Serena hits Darien. He acts unusually nice. She realizes he's bleeding. (DiC English)
Princess Serena and prince Darien die. Queen Serenity and Luna lament. (DiC English)
Serena tells Darien the story of their past (DiC English)|
The Inner Senshi give speeches (DiC English)
Tuxedo Mask laments "These Sailor Scouts are gonna be the end of me" (DiC English)
Sailor Venus asks Sailor Moon if they wanna nip this in the bud. (DiC English)
Zoicite laughs like SpongeBob (DiC English)
Heart Moving (Swedish)
Sailormoon theme (Swedish)
Eternal Sailor Moon kills Barney (I made this.)

Kousagiís Midiís

The 3íoclock Fairies
Amazoness Quartet
Background Melody
Becoming Sweethearts cannot happen
Cantonese Opening 1
Cantonese Opening 2
Chibi Moon no Henshin
Carry On (DiC)
Carry on version two
DiC Inner Senshi music
DiC Jumpy Sailormoon theme 1
DiC Jumpy Sailormoon theme 2
DiC My Only Love
The Power of love
Rainy Day Man version 1
Rainy Day Man version 2
DiCís background music for Rini
Sheís Got The Power
DiC My Only Love (Strong Drum beat)
DiC Theme song version 1
DiC Theme song version 2
DiC Episode title card
DiC Transformation music
DiC Tuxedo Mask theme
Donít love so as to forget it
Flute and dance floor version of Moonlight Densetsu
Fly me to the moon
GameBoy Sailor Mars
German Sailormoon theme
Groovy Makenai
Haruka to Michiru
Hotaruís vision of Eternal Sailor Moon
Kaze Mo Sora Mo Kitto
Kampfe Sailor Moon
La Soldier
La Soldier version 2
Light Makenai
A Maidenís Policy
Moon Cosmic Power (Background sound sounds human!)
Moon Locket
Moon Locket Melody
Moon Revenge version 1
Moon Revenge version 2
Morning Moon
Onaji Namida Wo Wakeatte
Only a memory away
Outer Senshi no Henshin
Route Venus
Route Venus remix
SNES mystery
Sailor Moonís attack theme
Silver Millennium
Downfall of the Silver Millennium
Starlight No Henshin
Tsukini Kawatte Oshokiyo
Watashi Tachi Ni Naritakute
You are just my love
Yume Miru Dakeja Dame

Chibi Chibiís miscellaneous files

Chibi Moon Oshokiyo (.Au file)
DiC Raye singing Starry Night (MP2 file)
DiC Serena saying "I want Outie (MP2 file)
DiC Sailor Pluto tells Rini to stay in the past. Rini starts to cry. (MP2 file)
DiC Sailor moon says "I stand for loooooove and jystice too." (MP2 file)
DiC Darien calls Rini "Teeny Rini" she says "What a silly willy name" (MP2 file)