Requested Art
On occasion, a moment will strike me, and I will produce a special pic for a fan or a friend. Below are some of the requested pics I have done for Sailormoon fans across the planet.
Remember, as always,
Captain Willow In Senshi form.
GS Sailor Charon in human form. (Suzuka age 20)
GS Sailor Chaos Moon and Princess Elysion Serenity eating pie. (Kurai and Ellys)
Codename Sailor Water in her school uniform
Codename Sailor Water in her fuku (Amiís grandchild, Ami Jrís daughter)
Captain Willowís life (Iím in the corner)
G.A.I.A. Sailor Scouts Guild Banner
GX Sailor Moon Guild Banner
Hana Tsukino as a Sailor Senshi
Hana Tsukino (Senshi) vs. New Farion
Hana Tsukino ~ Super Sailor Moonlight
Priestess Kyoko
Blushing Yoko Mizuno Swims
Ami jr and Yoko Mizuno ~ Sisters in school!
Codename Sailor Water ~ Violet blushes!
Codename Sailor Water ~ Grandmotherís old fuku with Imp.
Codename Sailor Water Sprite Attack
Princess Serenity IV
Yoko and Yuri
Sailor Music ~ Ready for school!
LOOK OUT! The amazingly hardcore Terra Knight is ready for action!