Moon Sisters Wall of Perpetual SHAME

Dear Sailormoon fans,
†††††† The following is a list of people and their websites whom you, the faithful must do well to AVOID at all costs. These villains of the Internet world contribute nothing but pain and selfish intent, and are the bane of existence to all who thrive upon the Pretty Soldiers. If you or someone you know has website devoted to Sailormoon, then PLEASE send a link to this portion of Moon Sisters, and WARN them about the trouble-addicts of fandom. PLEASE DO NOT e-mail or bother the following addresses. Simply do well to look out for them, in case they try to steal from you as well.

And just because I used Photoshop does not EVER mean you can use ANYTHING I post on this site, UNLESS you ask me permission first!

However, darkness does not exist without light, and there is a white list of people whom have more than redeemed themselves and are okay, upstanding people, who deserve to be treated as you would want to be treated. Avoid the black list people and please applaud and show your support for the white list people. White listed sites are a-ok! ^_~

Codename Sailor Earth
Creator and sole owner of Moon Sisters, The Unofficial Site To The Heirs To The Throne.

Black list~ Stay away from these people! >_<

It saddens me to no end, that a series about soldiers who fight for love and justice, could beget so many evil, ignorant SAVAGES. Odds are, that if your name and/or site is here, then it's because you are a prime example of why birth control was invented. May you at least find some peace, as you writhe in your own personally crafted eternal Hell. You are now the bane of existence to many a Sailormoon fan, and a leprosy ridden thorn of poisonous scurvy to the creators of the Sailormoon series.

And to you the kind Sailormoon fan, if your name is NOT listed here, then beware the names and sites listed below, and know that if you have suffered at their hands, that you are not alone. I am with you in spirit.

People whom have STOLEN my work and re-used it as theirs:
Owner e-mail:
This person STOLE one of MY pictures from the Chibiusa's Lovers page, and uses it as "theirs". This person also STEALS from other websites, as "they" do not wish to try making pictures on their own. And the information on this site is inaccurate and atrociously misspelled. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
UPDATE: Apparently Serenity didnít live forever, as when Geocities closed, so did this piece of trash. Rest in Hell.
So! You think that this page is the stupidest thing you've ever seen? Ha ha. Very funny. I don't believe you, since if you hate it soooo very much, then why would you steal from it and ACTUALLY visit it apparently more than once? Did we forget that? Aside from you assclowns stealing MY crap, Lemme point out whassamatta with YOUR page:
* You piss on Doctor Who.
* You piss on Red Dwarf.
* You piss on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
* Yer grammmur skilz am be dat of a brein defficient fieve yar olde.
* You piss on anime fans everywhere.
* You pimp out Hotaru with your stupidity.
And let's not forget...... YOU PISS ON PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!
Also, your layout is HORRIBLE!! I've seen crayon drawings that are more believable.
Over all, you suck! So please go away. Everyone else, please avoid these folks!

UPDATE: Somewhere lost in their archives is still a remnant of what they did.
If you wanted to use my pics, ASK ME FIRST!! Iím not hard to find!!
UPDATE: This profile has been dormant since 2008. But thatís still MY Kousagi picture up!
That picture of Naruís child and Kousagi belongs to ME. Is it so hard to ask first? I see this person also stole from and a few other pages too!
This thief STOLE my Kousagi animation. Then took it down, but has been flagged more than once for stealing art from Naruto fans.
Just because I donít speak your language does NOT mean you can steal TWO pictures from my site! TWO of my pictures of Kousagi are up here.

People who are mean, and/or give off misinformation because they think it's funny:

SweetUsagi Sailormoon: version 2.0
Owner: e-mail:, aim: natsukigirl
This person is very mean, and is the mother of the false rumor of Kousagi not being second born, when the manga clearly states that Chibiusa is first born. This person also attacks others at whim, and should NOT be contacted for ANY reason.

The Sailormoon Pockybox
Owners e-mails:
Ok, so aside from one of the WORST Sailormoon site titles I have ever seen, these people came out of nowhere and trashed this site without actually READING any of it!
Not only did I NOT ask them their opinion, it is clear that they didn't bother to do ANY research, and they claim that Kousagi and Ami Jr are FANFIC characters?
I wonder what Naoko Takeuchi would say to that, since she's the one who CREATED the Parallel Senshi! And what the hell MORON waits over two months after writing up my site to tell me this? It took you people TWO MONTHS to come up with a few lame-ass retorts? Screw you!

AOL/Time Warner
This is one of those rare double edged sword things. Iím pissed at them for shutting me down after Halloween of 2008, but if they hadnít have forced me to look for another host, I might not have had my new account. So thank you Time Warner. Thanks for your incompetence. Now fuck off.
A gathering for haters. People, update your links and go get a life.

This should explain what happened: ← This is from my official MySpace.
If you have a DeviantArt account, I highly suggest that you take it down for the following reasons:
1. IF you sell anything through them, you will only make 20%. 10% goes to production cost and DeviantArt makes the remaining 70%. You are essentially giving them your art for pennies.
2. They will NEVER try to protect you should a thief report your work without permission.
3. They claim that Photoshop pics are ďnotĒ art, yet they allow people to routinely SCAN stuff from the Sailormoon manga!
4. New artists will be flagged for Photoshopping, but this site still has Triple X material on it. Some of it is of underage characters. REALLY??
Avoid this website at all costs. You can always make your own website, and Bijutsukan Kokoro is always waiting for you!

Grey List:
Neither bad nor good. Anyone on this list is in an odd situation.
This person has been downloading content from Kousagiís Colors, but was actually open about admitting it here: Um... Thanks for the support?

White list~ These People are A-OK! ^_^

Whoever was here before, we worked it out! ģ©ô
All of the complaints I made against MySpace has since been resolved. The security flaws, the editing nonsense, all of it fixed. It appears as though somebody was paying attention, so they no longer deserve any unkind wrath.

Wiki Moon
Iím happy to report that anything they had of mine is gone, AND Kousagiís info has been mostly corrected.

And now for a brief Question and Answer section about the Wall of Shame:

Q: Why would you even bother putting up a Wall of Perpetual Shame?
A: Because there are those who take advantage of my website, and need to be taught a lesson.

Q: ACK ACK ACK! My address is listed on the wall of shame, whyyyyeeee?
A: Because you did something ABSOLUTLY disrespectful and harsh, and I want to warn others about what you did to me. BUT!! If youíre on the white list, then everyone knows youíre a decent person, so donít expect any flames.

Q: Can my address be removed from here?
A: No. Not unless you own up to what you did, and make amends.
If youíre on the white list, then you will be moved, once I can find a spot for you on the links page.

Q: How can I make it up to you for what I've done so I can get my name taken OFF?!
A: It's very quick and easy.

If you stole something of mine, either remove it NOW, or at least put up a quick note that states that you got it from MY site.
(A link button to MY site will do.)
If you were mean to me, then send me an apology AND MEAN IT.
If you posted something mean about me online, take it down NOW and print a retraction.
If you lied about a particular storyline or character, then simply correct it NOW.
E-mail me the page, once you have rehabbed it.

Then all you have to do after that is make double sure never to ever wrong me again! Follow the above instructions, and maybe I will think about removing your address from the Wall of Shame, and if you're very, very nice about it... then perhaps I will reward you with a link to your site on the links page. Just maybe....
See, I'm not such a horrible bitch after all!)

Q: Well, I don't wanna! Maybe I like being ignorant and stupid.
A: Aaaaaaaaaand so's yer mother.

Q: How can I find out the truth about a Sailormoon storyline/character, so's I can correct the info on my site?
A: Easy! Watch the anime. READ the manga. Visit and read everything on my site.

Q: I still really like your website. Is there anything else I can do to make sure my name is never on the Wall of Shame again?
A: Well, as long as you never wrong me like that again, then that's good. Of course if you were to put up a link to my site on your page... and maybe find it in your heart to download one of my link buttons for said link... well... that might just put you in better standing with me.