Enemies of Sailor V

Minako had to duel with many strange and violent criminals before finding out the true plot of the Dark Agency, and subsequently the Dark Kingdom. Here's a rundown of her enemies.

U.S. Kodansha name: Narcissus
Alias: Higashi-sempai

Sailor V's first enemy. Looking similar to Jadeite, Narkissos infiltrated Minako's school and used his good looks to lure unsuspecting girls into a trap. He possessed them, and used them as his slaves in a failed attempt to help the Dark Agency rule all of Japan. At first, Minako had limited contact with him, as Higashi was always surrounded by girls. One such girl named Haneda was briefly rumored to be Higashi's girlfriend, but the poor lass was only a puppet. After trying to possess and then kill Minako, Narkissos was killed by Sailor V's Crescent Beam ~ an attack initially used with the Moon Compact that shows the villains true form and melts them.

Takurou Ootaku
U.S. Kodansha Name: Takuro Otaku

A creepy pervert who used to frequent the Crown Game Plaza. Takurou believes that the arcade is ONLY for lonely boys and other male otaku, and that a girl like Minako has no place in a geek's world other than to shut up, stand still and look pretty. He loves female video game fighters and has a crush on Sailor V. Minako plays with his interest by using the Moon Compact to transform into a video game soldier... only to be jumped and humped by Takurou! O_O Disgusted by Takurou's attempt at sexual assault, she uses her pen to become Codename Sailor V. When he sees Minako as Sailor V, he holds up her skirt and tries to examine her panties (in case she has any). She delivers her now famous Sailor V KICK attack, knocking him out for the day. Though not an official villain, Takurou's character illustrates the kind of creep you should certainly avoid.

The first of many Idol villains, Pandora first debuts on a 24-hour idol channel. (Channel 44) She gives away CDs to young males, and uses her music to brainwash all of Japan, including Minako's mother! Her goal is world domination. Minako disguises herself as a police woman (though she later despises cops) to infiltrate Pandora's show. She catches Pandora about to attack her classmate Amano, so Minako uses her Moon Compact as a boomerang to distract her, then she uses a gun to motion her away from Amano. Minako then transforms and takes out Pandora's possessed henchmen. Sailor V then uses the compact to melt Pandora into a pile of gore on top of a dress.

Petite Pandora
Pandora's baby sister. After learning of her beloved sister's demise, Petite Pandora sets out to gain revenge on Sailor V. Petite Pandora has "The World's Cutest Wink" an attack that possesses male victims. She kidnaps several victims, then sends a threat to the Police office for Sailor V, stating that she will kill her victims unless V meets her in Shiba park. Sailor V arrives just in time. Petite Pandora uses her men to attack Sailor V, but V knocks each one unconscious. She then uses the Moon Compact to melt Petite Pandora alive, but as Petite Pandora is dying, her body lets off a toxic gas! Sailor V uses a new attack (Love Crescent Shower) to cleanse the air and wash away Petite Pandora forever.

Fluorite, Dark Shizuka-hime, Dark Guys and Twin Dark

Fluorite ran a seedy "talent" agency on behalf of the Dark Agency, to brainwash the masses. Pandora and Petite Pandora were only the first of many idols to have worked under the agent with the large forehead and cigarette.

Dark Shizuka-hime (Quiet Princess) was dubbed the "Salary man's Goddess" while the Dark Guys triplets were aimed at young ladies and Twin Dark (Dark Guys' baby sisters) were aimed at everyone else. (Though Amano points out that Twin Dark mostly appeal to fans of loli-con. Ew.)

With every age group and gender covered, Fluorite thought she was unstoppable. She even had Minako fooled! The fans didn’t even notice that their new Dark Idols weren't even human, but instead fragile clones.

The only two who weren't fooled were Artemis and Boss. Once Artemis could snap Minako out of it, and drag her to speak with Boss, Minako knew what she needed to do. She first infiltrated a concert, disguised as a G.I. Fighting Girl, but then changed into an Idol herself, royally pissing off Fluorite. Minako then became Sailor V, and used the Moon Compact to melt away the Idols  one at a time.

Then, it was Fluorite's turn. Sailor V used Crescent Beam and Crescent Boomerang, but Fluorite’s corpse continued to fight her. So Sailor V used Love Crescent Shower to wash away all traces of Fluorite and her idols for good.

Cyber Warrior Girl Luga
U.S. Kodansha name: Lurga

A new video game appears at Crown, catching the eyes of a young schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino, but the girl's best friend Naru insists that they have to get to school on time, so Usagi never gets to play the new game. However, she's not the only schoolgirl eyeing the new craze, as Minako also desires to play it. A third schoolgirl named Rei Hino says aloud that she senses something off about the arcade, but is urged by her friends to move along.

The popular game is half virtual reality and half fighting simulation, and overnight has a cult following. At first, Minako's mother forbids her from playing it, (On the Fami-Fami ~ A joke based on Nintendo's Famicom) not because fights are breaking out all over Japan with the upsurge in violence being blamed on the fighting simulation, but because she wants to play it. (She uses Minako's need to study as an excuse.)

The next morning, Minako's parents are beating the hell out of each other over the game! And soon most of Japan is fighting. Boss reveals that the game is from the Dark Agency, and that Minako must defeat it's main character, Luga.

Amano buys another copy, and Minako ventures to his house to play it (since her parents won’t cough up the first copy). Amano sets up a mother board containing the arcade port of the game to the TV.

Luga appears over the console and Minako turns into a French Maid, hoping to clean Amano out of harm's way. But Once she becomes Sailor V, Luga sucks her up into the video game!

Sailor V then begs Amano to play as her, and together they destroy Luga! Once Luga dies, Sailor V returns from the video game, landing on Amano. But then she destroys the motherboard, convinced that there are more demons in it. As Amano screams, Wakagi breaks into his house with the police, only to discover that they were once again too late. Wakagi gets chewed out by Amano's mother as Sailor V escapes.

Certainly the best looking villain of the Codename Sailor V manga, Hibiscusy was a representative of Dark Agency's Dark Air Systems airline. She had planned to kill Sailor V on a flight to Hawaii, but later found out that Minako and her parents had gone to Greece by mistake. Mad as hell, Hibiscusy had to redo her whole plan, and travel to the exotic beaches of Greece. Upon arrival, she found a perfect victim ~ Wakagi's older brother, who was just as hyper, but not as smart as his baby brother. Hibiscusy possessed him, changing the elder Wakagi into Aloha Kamen. But once Sailor V had defeated Aloha Kamen, she was able to make short work of Hibiscusy She punched her foe sky-high, then melted her with the compact.

Toshio Wakagi's Older Brother
Alias: Aloha Kamen
U.S. Kodansha Alias: Masked Aloha

Wakagi's "Oni-san" (Older Brother) doesn't have an official name. He is weak-willed and easily taken advantage of. He falls into a string of bad luck, first losing a contest for a trip to Hawaii to Sailor V, then being mislabeled a pervert when he accidently bumped into Minako near the women's bathroom. He ends up paying for the trip to Hawaii out of his own pocket (under pressure from Toshio) then ends up on the wrong plane, headed for Greece. He starts to blame Sailor V for his bad luck, just before he breaks his glasses. Hibiscusy finds him, and turns him into Aloha Kamen. His powers stemmed from his hatred of Sailor V, but ultimately he was not a strong foe. When Minako turned into a voluptuous bikini model, he fainted. Once Hibiscusy was dead, he awoke with no memory of himself as Aloha Kamen, but a strange costume on...

Vivian calls herself the head of the Union of Dark Gangs. (Often mistranslated as President of the Dark Agency.) She serves under Danburite and Kunzite. She sets her sights on the local, urban violence going on with the Aoyama area, and sends out other enemies from the Dark Agency, to battle members from many different gangs. Once the bad boys have tuckered themselves out, she steals their energy and possesses them. She dukes it out with Sailor V, even using an electric whip to zap V with! But it only pisses off our heroine. Sailor V uses the compact and melts Vivian. But after Vivian dies, and Sailor V departs... the gang violence resumes.

U.S. Kodansha Name: deVleene
DeBrine introduces the world's most delicious chocolate: Rainbow Chocolate, wrapped candies shaped to look like roses. She sells them at Chocolat DeBrine. Young ladies are encouraged to eat the chocolate, and share them with potential boyfriends. But the side effect is that there's an ingredient in the chocolate that makes whomever eats it SUPER chubby! DeBrine then lures people into the Este DeBrine spa, (Spa DeVleene in the US print) with the ads falsely stating that you can lose weight here. Instead, DeBrine just steals the chubby girls' energy. Then the girls of Japan start getting men to eat the candies, and they too gain weight. Minako is the only person who doesn’t continue eating, and puts herself on a rigorous training regimen. Sailor V and Artemis eventually discover the plot, and Sailor V beats the hell out of DeBrine, before melting her with the compact. But as a final strike against V, DeBrine's building collapses onto her, and all of the people who ate the candy are still overweight.

Liquid, Powder, Solid and Water Founda
U.S. Kodansha name: Founde

Once Ace Kaitou becomes popular, young ladies all over Japan wish to become beautiful. Enter the Foundas.

Running the Fashion Building Heroine store, Liquid Founda would greet unsuspecting customers and lead the towards cosmetics, Water Founda would take them through wardrobe, Powder Founda would lead them through tableware and Solid was customer service. However once the customers were given free gifts, the girls would become brainwashed into attacking Sailor V on behalf of the Foundas!

Sailor V eventually does battle with the Foundas, but because she forgot to charge up her compact (A process in which she holds it up to the moonlight) Ace ends up slicing the Foundas to death instead.

The Animal Siblings ~ Nyan-Nyan, Wan-Wan and Chuu-Chuu
An unlikely family trio, readers are first introduced to Nyan-Nyan, the middle child of the three.

Nyan-Nyan is a cat woman, whose simple plan was to suck out the energy of people competing at an athletics festival. She has a powerful mist that when spat out can temporarily knock a person out. She also has the ability to control other cats (an ability later used by Kousagi) and she often disguises herself as a kitten. Sailor V beats the hell out of her before melting her. Oddly enough, it's not mentioned if she is or is not of Mau decent, though she bears a resemblance to Sailor Tin Nyanko.

Wan-Wan is Nyan-Nyan's older brother. Devastated by his sister's death, Wan-Wan disguises himself as a cute, female dog named Luna-chan. He is bought by famous manga-ka (and geek) Marie-sensei, and is treated quite well. However when Minako gets a chance to go to her house, Artemis spots Wan-Wan (as Luna-chan) and falls in love with him!

Unaware of Wan-Wan's identity, Artemis plans to propose marriage to Luna-chan! But before he can get the chance, Luna-chan zaps him.

Soon, Wan-Wan reveals himself, and begins controlling all of the dogs in the neighborhood, using them to attack humans. Sailor V becomes a Samurai with her pen, and fuses her Samurai ability with her Sailor V power, and slices Wan-Wan in half.

Chuu-Chuu is Nyan-Nyan and Wan-Wan's baby sister. After losing her older siblings, Chuu-Chuu vows revenge. Her plot was to run a phony blood drive and suck out all the blood of every person living in Japan. She disguises herself as a handsome, male doctor and of course Minako falls for her. But soon Chuu-Chuu is foiled, and she sends her mosquito minions to attack Sailor V. However Sailor V uses her
Diphenhydramine Combo! Venus-Brand Mosquito Repellent Incense Typhoon!!"  to kill all the mosquitoes, including Chuu-Chuu.

Karaoke Soldier Mike Makkii
This villain from the Dark Agency used a special line of microphones to suck out energy from people visiting the karaoke bars in Roppongi, intent on even taking the life from her victims. But before she can do too much damage, Artemis arrives to bring Sailor V a new microphone, which doubles as a partial wand. Sailor V sings, then uses the energy to melt Mike.

Princess Lin-Lin
Ace sets up a contest. Winner will star as his love interest in a movie being filmed in China. Our heroine wins of course, and so Minako packed Artemis into a suitcase and boarded her flight. Unknowingly, she walked past a young girl named Ami Mizuno.

But the event was nothing but a trap. Princess Lin-Lin (who called herself the heart of the Dark Kingdom) had discovered Minako's identity as Sailor V, and was planning to lure Minako to her death with Ace. She fooled the Chinese into believing that she was just a director for Avex Trax Productions (Ace-Vex-Trax Productions in the US Kodansha translation) ~ The Dark Agency posing as a movie company. Realizing that China held one fourth the world's population, she thought it would be the perfect place to control.

Spanning two issues, Lin-Lin and Sailor V battled on the set of a movie. At one point she even captured Artemis in a cage, with the intent of cooking and eating him alive!! But Sailor V was slowly starting to awaken fully as Sailor Venus, and with one more attack as Sailor V, she killed Lin-Lin with her new attack "Venus Love Megaton Shower!!".

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