Friends of V

Along the way, Minako made plenty of acquaintances before finding the other Sailor Senshi.
This page is a log of the people who let her into their lives.

Hikaru Sorano

Minako's best friend since elementary school. Hikaru looks exactly like Ami but with green eyes and black hair. Hikaru is energetic, spunky and is the vice president of an un-named volunteer school. In Vol. 13 of the Sailor V manga, she gets both Minako and Sailor V to assist her with a blood drive, without ever suspecting that her two friends are one and the same.

Gurikazu Amano
Class geek, very much like Usagi's classmate Umino. His classmates refer to him by his last name, Amano. He loves computers, idols and Bishojo-style manga. In one issue, he helps guide Sailor V when she's trapped in Luga's video game.

Toshio Wakagi

Wakagi-san is 27 years old and is a Special Officer for the Metropolitan Police Office. Wakagi has no idea that Minako has a minor crush on him, as he despises Sailor V for well... doing a better job than the police. He often finds tied up villains in her wake and would love it if she were to just vanish. His main job is to investigate the strange happenings of the Dark Agency, and track down Sailor V, but he always comes up short. In Act 9, he is sent to Siberia as punishment for failing to capture Sailor V. He returns in Act 15, and is worried about Minako going to China all alone. He gives her a Poppi-kun keychain and card, so she can stay in touch. As she leaves for her flight, Minako says to herself that while she did fall for Wakagi, she thinks he would make a cute couple with Natsuna.

Natsuna Sakurada
The 20-something year old superintendent of the Metropolitan Police Board, Natsuna is much less serious than Wakagi. She accidently discovers Minako's identity as Sailor V... and doesn't care! Instead, Natsuna develops a friendship with Minako, and tries many times to recruit Sailor V for the police force, at least part time. She calls Minako once a week, and Minako in turn refers to her as "One-san". (Big Sister) Boy-and-Idol crazy Natsuna has an older sister named Haruna, who happens to be Usagi's 8th grade teacher. Natsuna also has a small crush on Ace.

Alias: Oka-P
U.S. Kodansha Alias: Okappi
The kind-hearted home economics teacher at Shiba junior high, she once announced her engagement in the presence of her former student, Saitou, unaware that Saitou was in love with her. When Minako meets her, Okamoto-sensei is happily married to an unseen man. The one thing she ever asked her star pupil (Saitou) to do was to stop fighting. Her nickname is Oka-P, and her hobby is making promise rings and bracelets.

U.S. Kodansha name: Saito
Alias: Saito-kun, Saito-sempai, Saito-san
Saitou (who looks like Kunzite) is a High School student, and former pupil of Okamoto-sensei. He has a deep crush on his former teacher, but she has no idea. Similarly, he has no idea that Minako has a crush on him! Saitou gets into many fights, using his heartbreak as his reason to fight, and has been involved in gang related violence, but he has a kind side, and protects Minako from a rival gang, who had planned to beat the hell out of her. However, Minako learns that it Saitou is caught in one more fight, he will be expelled from Shiba High. Minako disguises herself as Okamoto-sensei, to convince him to stop fighting. Saitou ~ not realizing it's Minako in disguise ~ kisses Minako deeply, and confesses his desires for her. Eventually though, Minako gives up on her crush, acknowledging that his heart will always yearn for the teacher he can never have.

Marie is a manga-ka, who has been writing her manga "Aurora Wedding" since she was in 8th grade. It's now in it's 108th volume. (She's 20) Her manga stars a heroine named Linda, her 10 sisters (Who each look like Usagi, Chibiusa, The Inner Senshi and the Outer Senshi) and Swallowtail Kamen (Coattail Mask in the US Kodansha translation.) (Linda's love interest). Marie bases Swallowtail Kamen on her young editor, Baishaku-san, whom she's in love with. (She also has a crush on Ace.) Marie has thick glasses just like Umino and Amano, but beneath them she is beautiful, spitting image of her character, Linda. After Sailor V saves her from Wan-Wan, she marries Baishaku.

Baishaku Shinrou
US Kodansha Name: Baishaku-san

Baishaku is Marie-sensei's editor. He looks like Ace Kaitou, and is very good at keeping Marie on her deadlines. He's also extremely high strung, and stresses out over every little thing. He briefly hires Minako as her copy assistant, and has no clue Minako is crushing on him. Eventually he marries Marie, and Minako is seen wearing black, and crying at the wedding.

Maiku Otonaru

Maiku is an aloof, somewhat rude boy, who is one quarter Russian. He was born with a weak heart, and often misses school. (He's in Minako's class.) He calls Minako a "Meddler Woman" but still she tries to win his affections. Minako encourages him to try out for the marathon, but he collapses during training. Once she figures out that he lives in the Karaoke area of the Roppongi district, Minako races over with a rose, to beg for forgiveness. They start spending time together at karaoke bars, and he tells her about how much he loves living in the district. The villain Mike Makkii briefly costs Maiku his will to live, but once Sailor V defeats her, Maiku regains his will. After he watches Minako win the marathon, he has a successful operation and then gets engaged... to his pen-pal in Russia. Yeah. Really. And he doesn't even notice that he's snapped Minako's heart in two. Jerk.

Maiku's fiancee
She only appears in these two panels. She's from an undisclosed location in Russia, and was Maiku's pen pal. When he was about to undergo heart surgery, she rushed to his side, inadvertently giving him the will to live. Her only line is "You're Minako? Khorosho!
♥♥ "

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