The court of Venus

In this special section, we shall take a look inside the early life of Minako, Artemis, Boss and the Aino family.

Minako Aino

Codename Sailor V, Sailor Venus, Mina
U.S. Kodansha Name: Minako Aino
Tokyopop/Mixx/Chix Comix Name: Mina Aino
DiC/Cloverway Name: Mina
Age: 13-14 in Codename Sailor V, 14-16 in Sailormoon, 31 in Parallel Sailormoon
Birthday: October 22, 1980
Birthstone: Opal
Western Astrological Sign: Libra
Astrological Planet: Venus
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Monkey
Height: 4'10 (30th Century self appears 5'3 in episode 88)
Family: Mom, Dad, Artemis.
Parallel Sailormoon: She is the wife of an assistant director for a comedy. They have a daughter, Mina Aino.
Favorite Food: Curry
DiC Favorite Food: Any Pasta.
Least Favorite Food: Shitake Mushrooms
Favorite Colors: Yellow and Red
DiC Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite School Subject: P.E.
DiC Favorite School Subject: Gymnastics
Least Favorite School Subjects: Math and English
Hobbies: Idol Chasing, Video Games, Sports, Dance, Karaoke
Hates: Cops and her Mom. Showoffs.
Talents: Playing, Leadership
Dream: To be an Idol
Kingdom: Magellan Castle
Blood Type: B
DiC Favorite Animal: Birds

The starring character first meets Artemis while at school. Minako accidently lands on Artemis while practicing gymnastics. The 13 year old 7th grade student curses the mysterious white cat with the moon-shaped bald spot, then focuses her attention on the class cutie: Higashi-sempai.

Higashi suggests that she would appear more pretty with a red bow in her hair (which she will wear until Parallel Sailormoon), but ultimately Minako can't seem to pin him down for very long, as he is the most popular boy in school.

Later that night, Minako spots the mysterious cat from before, spying on her in the shower. The cat reveals himself as Artemis (once Minako stops trying to kill him) and he tosses her a moon-shaped compact. Minako uses the compact and soon she and Artemis are high above Earth, gazing at the planet Venus. Artemis names Minako "Venus" and informs her that she is capable of becoming a stronger woman.

She passes out.

The next morning Minako dismisses what she saw as a weird dream, and goes about her day. She again tries to gain the affections of Higashi, but he instead possesses her. Artemis smacks Minako out of this dark spell, and tosses her a transformational pen. She transforms into Codename Sailor V and battles Higashi's minions. It is revealed that Higashi is really Narkissos, an enemy working for the Dark Agency. Sailor V uses her newfound power to melt Narkissos away.

Killing her first (seen) love proves to be too much for Minako, who runs home crying. But Artemis cheers her up, encouraging her to stay on course. The next day, Minako is still wearing her red bow, and daydreaming about her next crush. And so begins the tale of Codename Sailor V.

Minako is just as boy crazy (and twice as unlucky in love) as her future self in Sailormoon. She lives at home with her mom, dad and Artemis. Her best friend is Hikaru.


The perverted yet lovable cat spends a majority of his time trying to groom Minako into being her best as a Sailor Senshi. But often he laments that his partner is lazy, won't study and is too klutzy for her own good. (Sound familiar?) He is even seen daydreaming about what if Hikaru was a Senshi instead of Minako, though secretly he carries a torch for Minako in his heart. His memories of the Silver Millennium only seem to glimmer in once in a while, but his strongest memory is of his dearest friend and future lover, Luna.


While never seen, Boss relays information to Minako via her pen. Boss also communicates with Artemis, via the Sailor V game in the basement of the Crown Game Plaza. (The same machine Luna later uses.) It is never said in the Sailor V manga officially who Boss is, though Boss in some fan translations, Boss is referred to as "He".

HOWEVER in Act 10 of the Sailormoon manga, Queen Serenity reveals that she had awakened Artemis and Luna from their cryogenic sleep, via a back-up power source in the Moon's main computer. She also divulges the information that it was her spirit's will that kept up constant contact with the cats via this computer while the Senshi were training. Thus it could very well be that "Boss" is none other than her majesty Queen Serenity in disguise.

In the anime, there's a bit of confusion still as to who Boss is. Luna and Artemis are seen together with the Senshi gaining information from this character (who exists in the anime with no name) but then in a later episode, Artemis is revealed to be the "Boss" Luna has been answering to, and no further mention of this character is made. In the DiC version of Sailormoon, the "Boss" character is renamed "Central Control".

The Aino Family

Minako (seen here with daughter Mina) doesn't spend much time with her mother and father. Still, they are her family and should be mentioned.

Mrs. Aino
Alias: Mom, Mommy
The mother of Minako, Mrs. Aino is seen in the Codename Sailor V manga and is very bossy. This hellcat housewife on wheels is often fond of ordering around her only child, having a list of chores ready for her at a moment's notice. She's even been seen kicking Minako out of bed, chastising her for wrinkling her uniform, and stealing her video game. (Minako's mother is actually a fantastic gamer.) Her character is not seen in the regular Sailormoon series, save but for one panel in one of the Exam Battle Chapters, where Minako lists her as one of her dislikes. Many a Sailor Venus fan list her as "The Screaming Hag".

Mr. Aino
Alias: Father, Daddy

Mr. Aino is seen in a few panels during Codename Sailor V and is a clumsy businessman. Not much is known about him, other that he is a lot like Usagi's father, Kenji. He is at the mercy of his wife's constant bickering, and tries to live his life quietly, oblivious to the fact that his daughter is Sailor V/Venus. Like his wife, he often times doesn't realize when his only child goes on her missions, and has never met the other Senshi. He is not seen in the Sailormoon manga. Although not as good at it as Minako or her mother, Mr. Aino likes to play video games, but is not very good with handling electronics.

Mina Aino

Name: Mina Aino
Birthday: October 22, 2004
Birthstone: Opal
Western Astrological Sign: Libra 
Astrological Planet: Venus 
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Monkey
Height: 4'1
Blood Type: B
Age: 8

While she does not appear in Codename Sailor V, Mina's existence is worth noting. When Ace Kaitou dies, he tells Minako's fortune, that she will never find true love, and will only work her entire life, never knowing a full romance. Little Mina's appearance during Parallel Sailormoon proves that Sailor V was able to overcome this sad fortune. Essentially, Mina is the forbidden child! Just like her mother, Mina can also transform, and is part of Kousagi's team of Sailor Senshi. Every bit the schemer her mother is, she manipulates Kousagi into carrying everyone's books. Minako takes her along on field trips and autograph signings.

Minako's Husband
Not much is known about her husband, other than he's the assistant director to a comedy. Through him, Minako is able to visit the sets of soaps and variety shows, and also is able to access any concert she pleases. His picture is never seen.

Minako's mother, father, daughter and husband are never mentioned in the anime.

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