Woah. Holy buckets of Moon Crap.

If ever there was a video series promoting the uncensored version of Sailormoon, ladies and gentlemen THIS is IT!!

From the moment I put up the first DiC vs. Toei video, I've gotten TONS of emails about Sailormoon episodes 45 and 46. But how could I just make one video, when so much got cut? I decided to make a new DiC vs. Toei mini series, based on these two episodes.

Some time ago, I gave you guys a sneak preview of this new mini series with the Serenity vs. Beryl video. However, I didn't realize until too late that I cut that video's Japanese half too short, accidently chopping out Luna and Artemis's role. Gomen Nasai! This will fix it.

While the Japanese version has 45 and 46 as two 30 minute episodes, DiC whittled them down to ONE 25 minute debacle known as Sailor Moon episode 40 ~ Day of Destiny.

For those of you who don't know, episodes 45 and 46 delt with death, ressurection and an incredible ammount of violence. Keep in mind, Sailormoon was NEVER aimed at children in Japan. Only SOME of the merchandise was aimed at the young, much in the way of The Simpsons, and of course you guys get that The Simpsons ~ like Sailormoon ~ when left uncut is aimed at teens and adults, right?

If you're dumb enough to believe that all things animated should be cut down for the 2-11 market, then there's no saving you. Gomen.

DiC is run by a large group of idiots who foolishly believe that anything animated is for children. They had already made the decision to cut down Sailormoon for the 2-11 crowd long before they saw the final episodes of season one. However the cuts were so obvious, even a small child could figure out that the Senshi done been smote.

DiC spared no expense editing the living crap out of this 2-parter, cutting it down so badly THE PLOT CHANGED! Editing this series down to 12 videos was a daunting task. DiC zoomed, cut, hacked, rewound, slashed and rewrote the whole thing so badly it took me a while just to find where each scene begins and where it stops. Oy vey...

One particularly aggravating change came during the final battle. DiC so horridly mishandled the memories of the Inner Senshi scene, it makes it appear as though the Senshi just went home before the great battle! Arrrgh...

Anyway, The following 12 videos are not set to auto-start as I figured you may need a breather between segments. Play with the buttons until the video starts.