New Releases
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October 2012
Usagi and Mamoru ~ To The Moon And Back

October 2011
New videos added to Vocaloid and the Anti-Bully pages.
Resistance Pro Commercial added to the wrestling page.

September 2011
Daniel Bryan vs. Brodius Clay
Dragon Gate U.S.A.
DiC, Vocaloid, Moon Sisters Animation, Wrestling and Koriís Corner have been updated with new videos.
Additionally there are two new sections. One for Video Game videos and a
second that is anti-bullying.

August 2011
Hotaru Tomoe ~ The Night
Several Zombie Chibiusa videos added to Moon Sisters Animation

July 2011
Two new videos added to Korianderís Corner ~ July 2, 2011

June 2011
CM Punk cuts a Double Rainbow promo
Chibiusa Breaking the Habit
Helios Kissing You
C.M. Punk SHOOTS ~ June 27th 2011
Two new videos for the DiC/Cloverway vs. Toei section
Super Mario and Obama videos added to Miscellaneous/Oddballs
Four new videos added to the Wrestling Section
Korianderís Corner updated
One new test edit added to Moon Sisters Anime

April 2011
Five major announcements added here:
New page for video blogs by Codename Sailor Earth/Koriander
Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon ~ The World is mine
NEW videos added to the MikuMikuDance section, now with downloads for you!
Kurt Angle Wields an axe

February 2011
Complete overhaul of Topaz Videos made. Additions of Vocaloid Videos and Parallel Sailormoon added. Over 194 videos now archived.

May 2010
All About Us ~ Ring Of Honor Alumni
The Contest and Poll Archive

Ellys's 2nd Announcement

April 2010
Chibiusa's Secret Training part 9
NXT Review for 4/13/10

March 2010
Debut of Topaz Videos ~ All older videos archived on March 5th 2010.