Miku Hatsune and Teto Kasane ~ Romeo and Cinderella

I fused both the long Vocaloid Hatsune Miku version of this song and the UTAU version with Kasane Teto. I'm not usually one to dabble with UTAU, but I thought that this version was more soulful than other Teto covers, so I used it. It took 24 hours for YouTube to upload this! WTF? Oh well. OH! And thanks to everyone who taught me about screen size with MMD! That's how I got this made in HD. :D


Production notes:
Usually, I'm not that interested in UTAU. But I heard this one version of Teto singing this song, and I thought it was a little more soulful, less tinny. I wanted to hear it with Miku. They make an interesting pair!

Programs/Tools used:
Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0

Animated by Codename Sailor Earth

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