Understanding your Sailormoon

This portion is meant to be a guide for people who have NEVER seen Sailormoon.
If you are a Sailormoon veteran, then this part probably won't cover too much that you don't already know. So you can turn back, and visit another Moon Sisters page.
But if you are new to Sailormoon, then keep reading. For today I, Codename Sailor Earth will introduce you to one of the GREATEST animated television shows ever to come from the beautiful country of
Japan. So sit up, relax, and let's take a very small peek at the wonderful world of Sailormoon. ^_^

Before we begin boys and girls, here are a few Japanese words that you may have read about in magazines or on the internet. You can find out how to say each word by reading the text in blue.
Remember! The letter A in these words are pronounced like the "a" sound in the word "father". Ready? Here goes:

Otaku (Oh-TAH-Koo): A word that means either Fanboy or Fangirl. Somebody who is a BIG fan of something.
Example: Jordy loves Star Trek. He collects ALL of the merchandise and watches all of the episodes. Jordy is an otaku.
Chibi (Chee-bee): This is Japanese for small or "short", but it can be used as a nickname for a kid.
Example: Chibiusa calls her little sister Chibi.
Gomen Nasai (Go-men NAH-Sai-ee): This means I'm sorry or Please forgive me. Some people even use it to mean excuse me.
Example: Oh Ami! I didn't mean to spill my soda on your desk. Gomen Nasai!!
(AH-ni-MAY): This is what people call Japanese cartoon shows. Anime characters look way cooler than "normal" cartoons, and most of these shows are meant for grown-ups. NOT kids.
Example: Trigun is an anime.
Manga (Mah-n-GAh): This is what people call Japanese comic books. Manga books are usually in black and white, but have really cool stories. Most of them are meant for grown-ups, NOT kids.
Example: Cardcaptor Sakura is a manga.
(OOO-sa-GIE): This is the nickname for Sailor Moon. It means bunny!
Example: Oh my! What a cute Usagi.
(Chee-bee-OOO-sa), Rini (Ree-nee), Kousagi (Koh-OOO-sah-GIE): These are nicknames for Sailor Moon's daughters, but they are all Japanese for "Little Bunny".
Example: You're my Chibiusa.
Kawaii (Kah-wai-ee): This is a term that means cute.
Example: Pikachu is soooooooooo~ooooo kawaii!!
Senshi (Sen-shEE): This is a Japanese word that means Warrior or Soldier. In Japan, the Sailor Scouts are called the Sailor Senshi.
Example: Because of how often he fights, Low-Ki considers himself a Senshi.
-Chan (ChAhn): This is a suffix some people tack on to the end of a loved one's name. It's usually used for kids or small pets, but it can also be used for close friends, girlfriends and boyfriends.
Example: Usagi sometimes calls Mamoru, Mamo-chan.
-Kun (KuuN) : This is a suffix that can be tacked onto the name of a male friend. Some girls use this too, but it's mostly used by guys.
Example: Fiore called Mamoru Mamoru-kun.
-San (Sahn), -Sama (Sah-ma): These are suffixes that mean Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms. -Sama being used for people higher in status rank than you, as a sign of respect. Some very rare parents may even call their children -Sama, but this is not always the case.
Example: Setsuna is also Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time, so she is sometimes called Setsuna-sama.
At school, Ami Mizuno is sometimes known as Mizuno-san.
-Ko (Koh): As a suffix, it's meant for a lady's name.
Example: Mamoru calls Usagi Usa-ko.
Ko- (Koh) : As a prefix, Ko- means small or little.
Example: Look! That big bunny has a Ko-usagi hopping along with it.
Manga-ka (Mah-n-gA-Kah): This is a fan term for authors of Japanese comic books.
Example: Rumiko Takahashi was the manga-ka behind Inuyasha.
Super Deformed: While this is NOT a Japanese term, this is a term used by fans to describe their favorite anime/manga/video game characters in "Chibi" mode.
Example: On tv, Inuyasha looks normal, but on this keychain, his body is baby-like. Super Deformed characters are so cyuuuute!
Hentai (Heh-N-Tai) : A word that can mean pervert, Hentai is a fan term for ADULT sex comics.
Example: AUGH! Would you quit reading all that hentai and take a bath already, GEEZ you stink!
Yaoi (YOW!!) : Term for comics about two guys in love.
Example: If it ever became a manga, Broke back Mountain would be a Yaoi.
Yuri (Yoo-ree) : Term for comics about two girls in love.
Example: Some people think that PQ Angels is a Yuri, but I'd like to read it to see for myself.
Ecchi (EK-chee) : This is Japanese for pervert.
Example: Sometimes, Sailor Uranus can be such an Ecchi.
Bishojo (Bee-Show-Joe) : This is Japanese for pretty, or sometimes beautiful.
Example: Gosh you're Bishojo!
Shoujo (Show-Joe) : This is a term for comics made for girls. Guys read them for the babes.
Example: Sailormoon is meant to be a Shoujo.
Shounen (Show-Nen) : This is a term for comics made for boys. Girls read them for the muscles bound~ scantily clad gentlemen and the hardcore violence!
Example: Dragonball Z is a Shounen.
-Ai (A-I-ee) : This term means love. but when used as a suffix for either Shoujo or Shounen, it means it's a gay love story for that brand.
Example: Broke back Mountain is a Shounen-ai tale about two guys who fall in love.
Neko (Neh-Koh) : This is Japanese for cat.
Example: Diana is such a cyuuuute neko!
Try practicing these words with your friends!

Now for those who don't know yet, "Sailormoon" is a manga/anime series about a group of teenage crime fighting superheroes, led by the title character: Sailor Moon. Sailormoon was originally a spin-off from the manga "Codename Sailor V", which followed the early beginnings of Sailor Venus. Both manga series were created and written by manga-ka Naoko Takeuchi.

The Sailor V manga debuted in 1991, and Sailormoon debuted in 1992.

The Sailormoon anime series soon followed after the manga, and the franchise so far has enjoyed 3 movies, 200 episodes, various specials, a live action series and even several stage plays, as well as artbooks, mini manga stories and tons of merchandise.

The manga and anime series both ended in 1997, but a special mini-manga:
Parallel Sailor Moon, was published in 1999, within the pages of the Materials Collection artbook.

In 2004, the entire manga series, including the Parallel Sailor Moon story and the entire Sailor V manga, was republished for the Japanese market under the title "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon". The name change was used to help promote the live action series of the same working title. The new versions of the manga books feature all of the manga tales, but with updated images, drawn by Naoko in a way to bring out how she originally wanted the books to look.

From 2003 on, the official Sailormoon website has featured many of the new images seen in the reprint books, including a new
South Park style of Super Deformed Senshi.

The Sailormoon story is mostly centered on Usagi, a 14-year-old schoolgirl living in the 1990's, but her initial beginnings start over 1000 years before she found her powers as Sailor Moon...
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Serenity. She was named after her mommy, Queen Serenity.

Princess Serenity lived during the era of the Silver Millennium. She lived on the Moon, and she had a boyfriend, Prince Endymion of Earth.

One day, a nasty lady named Queen Beryl came along and wanted to own Endymion.

But he said no, 'cause he was in love with Princess Serenity. So Beryl did a baaad thing. She used Queen Metallia's powers to turn his team against him.
(His friends use-ta be Jadeite, Nephlyte, Zoicite and Kunzite, in case ya didn't know.) And then Beryl killed the Prince and Princess! But then, Queen Serenity gave her life to save everyone, and she sent everybody to live on Earth. Good guys and Bad guys.
But nobody remembered their old lives on the Moon anymore.

Princess Serenity was reborn as Serena, or as her friends call her, Usagi! And Endymion was reborn as Mamoru.

It looked like their lives would be normal and dull.
But then one day, a black talking cat named Luna found Usagi....

and pooped out a magic compact for her to use.

And when Usagi held it up and yelled "Moon Prism Power Make-UP!!", she became Sailor Moon!

It is her job to right wrongs and triumph over evil.
Sailor Moon is VERY powerful. And she has LOTSA cool powers and stuff.
She is very clumsy too though. And she gets scared easy and cusses alot, but that's why I like her. Because she's more like what if a more realistic person suddenly became a superhero. She is the holder of the Silver Imperium Crystal. It can wipe away evil, and it purifies too! (It's also kinda her heart, but that's another tale.)

Along the way, Sailor Moon meets lotsa other Sailor Senshi. Some of them are bad, but most of them are good guys, and they all have really cool powers too! Each female Senshi is a Princess of her own planet or asteroid. The boys have powers too, but that's another story. The Senshi are usually divided into different teams, so you can find them better.

So, I guess you want to know what any of this has to do with this Moon Sisters page, right? Well, after Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask started to remember their past lives, they remembered something very, veeeeery important.....

Chibiusa is destined to take over her mother's duties, both as future queen, and as a Sailor Senshi. Chibiusa makes a TON of enemies, but she also makes alot of friends.

And then she even finds a boyfriend!

Or... two?

Chibiusa has a best friend too! Her name is Hotaru, and she is Sailor Saturn.

Moon Sisters is a website dedicated to Chibiusa and Kousagi, and features all kinds of information on the Sailormoon series, including a very special character, Chibi Chibi.

Well, that pretty much covers the basics. Now you know what Sailormoon is all about.
Now feel free to roam the Moon Sisters website. You can learn all about the series, read the Parallel Sailor Moon manga in English, and have alot o' fun too! ^_^