The Case of the Perpetual Victim

Although they far from count as villains, the cast of perpetual victims in any comic/manga series rarely win fans of their own and are sometimes a royal pain when they don't contribute much to the plot after a certain point. But some of these characters did contribute enough to the rounding of Chibiusa's environment, that they at least deserve their own spot. This portion of Moon Sisters serves as the second part of Hell Babies, as this page was originally a section of that site.

Their time was often cut short, and their exploits often forgotten, but these are the most minor of characters, who still left enough impact to shape the world Usagi knew, and the life her daughters would grow accustomed to.

Motoki Furuhata (Andrew Foreman) ~ The blond haired, green eyed arcade man. Motoki was one of Usagi's first crushes and quickly befriended 30th century Chibiusa, shortly after her arrival, and in one issue gave both Chibiusa and her mother Sailor V dolls. Somewhat of a flirt, he enjoys the girls' company, and even knows the identity of the Inners in the manga. In the manga, he had a best friend, Endo, but sadly, Endo was "evaporated" by Endymion, then posing as Motoki's new best friend. To date, Andrew's best friends now are Usagi, Mamoru and Makoto. In the anime, he is seen for a handful of episodes, before bowing out during the beginning of SuperS. His anime counterpart never knew the identity of the Senshi.

Unazuki Furuhata (Elizabeth, Liz, Una) ~ Motoki's younger sister. She works as a waitress in "Crown Parlor" as their family owns several different facilities in the area. She is about 16 when the Inners meet her, and she goes to the same private school as Rei. Though she usually gives off powerful advice, she is still emotionally awkward, and does occasionally turn to Chibiusa and her mother's court for help.

Reika (Rita Blake) ~ The much disliked girlfriend of Motoki. In the anime she is incredibly dense and at least a few years older than Motoki, and spends most of the series in Africa. She laments in two of the three episodes she appears in over whether or not a long distance relationship is possible between herself and a man who's devoted to her. (Dumbass.) In the manga, she stays put in Tokyo, and is rather prissy. Her favorite clothes are Versace, and she is constantly on Motoki's case about

a. Not getting a good enough education

b. Flirting with the underage Senshi and

c. Just plain not being under her constant thumb.

She's very high maintenance, and sometimes is seen as a much thinner-headed blond. Only Sailor Jupiter tolerates her, and even then in small doses.

Kotono (Kate) ~ A manga only student at the school Rei goes to. (The dishwater blond in the school uniform above.) Perky and energetic, her hobbies deal with the supernatural, and she is Rei's friend through SuperS. Most assume that since she is the right age, description and shares a last name with Kyusuke that they are indeed brother and sister, but Naoko has yet to follow up with any further notes on this subject.

Asanuma~ A mostly manga only character who admires Mamoru. A very sweet boy, he credits Mamoru with helping him get into the school they're in when Mamoru lent him some of his power. He debuted in SailormoonR, and along the way, he befriended the Inner Senshi, and Mamoru even trusted him to look after Chibiusa and her friends in one issue. He appeared in only one episode of Sailormoon, during the StarS series. He was seen briefly, knocking on Mamoru's door, but was not even mentioned again anywhere else during the anime. Rarely seen, he has an impressive fan base.

Umino (Melvin) ~ Everyone's least favorite geek. Umino is seen prevalently in the first two seasons of the anime, but is rarely seen in the manga. He secretly crushes on Usagi at first, but later turns his attentions to Naru, though no such crushes exist in the manga version. His most helpful accomplishment is in the SuperS battle exam chapter "Ami's First Love" when he introduces the real Mercurious to the Inners. He is eager to do anything to please Usagi and Naru, even dressing in drag in one episode, in an effort to help Naru win a talent contest. Prone to wild freak fits, yet academically bright, his last appearance is during SuperS.

Sorano (Mini Melvin) ~A manga only classmate of Chibiusa's. Sorano's existence proves that there's a "Melvin" for every workplace or school. He's seen only briefly and is less brave than his older counterpart Umino. The two don't appear to be related, though they could pass as twins. He is seen in some of the "Rini's Picture Diary" comics, and briefly in SailormoonS. Umino is actually his last name, as his first is Gurio, but his friends call him by his last name only. He bows out during Sailormoon SuperS.

Ms. Haruna Sakurada (Ms. Patricia Haruna, Ms. H) ~ Usagi's bitchy 8th grade teacher. Though seen as blond or strawberry blond in the manga, she is depicted as a fiery red head in the anime. She plays an all too easy target in the 1st season of the anime, but is thankfully omitted from all storyline by SailormoonS. Her main concern was never the students as much as her social life, and she despised Usagi with a passion for how the future queen carried her study habits. She constantly screams at Usagi, and makes her days in 8th grade a living nightmare. She was rarely seen in the manga and her whereabouts post SailormoonS are unknown.
She has a mother, father, younger sibling and dates quite frequently. No images or names appear for her family.

Yumiko (Yumi) ~The long haired schoolgirl with blue eyes. Yumiko is a minor character seen in the beginning of the series. Yumiko is your average schoolgirl and is a decent friend of Naru and Usagi's. She is usually seen daydreaming about the latest celebrity or trend, and was one of several victims of Jadeite in numerous episodes. She is seen up until SailormoonR. Like many a schoolgirl, she dreams of becoming a star, and of her future boyfriend ... whomever that may be.

Kuriko (Kari, Kuri) ~Short haired school girl above. Kuriko has at least two different versions of herself in the anime, one with blue hair, and once again with her normal coloring. Though usually a quiet girl, she tends to be more aggressive than Yumiko, in some cases even being slightly more violent. She goes to school with Usagi and aside from the usual "victim of possession" episodes, is a pretty average girl. One of several background extras for the series, she is not usually seen without Yumiko. Originally, she had hair shorter than Haruka, but it was later lengthened out to just above her shoulders.

Kyusuke (Kelly, Kyuuske) ~ Chibiusa's loudmouth classmate. He secretly admires Chibiusa's bravery and skill, but has the most fun when he's pushing other people's buttons. In the manga, his idol is his older sister, who makes Sailor Moon and Sailor V buttons for him, but in the anime he makes no reference to his family. His family owns their own business and a Soba restaurant, but aren't considered incredibly well off just yet. Though he brags about being tough, it is often Chibiusa who comes to his rescue more than he'd like to admit. (That's all the time, for those doing the math.) Stubborn and selfish, he is seen with many colors of brown hair in the anime, but has green hair and eyes in the manga.

Momo (Peaches, Momoko, Mamo, Melissa, Melanie, Mary, Melody, Natalie, Quaneesha-Broomqueesha-Taleesha-Brunalla the 3rd.)~ The child with the ever changing appearance, she has appeared in both the anime and manga with hair colors in brown, red, magenta, pink and purple, and eyes in green, purple, pink, magenta, red, brown and black. She debuts in SailormoonR as Chibiusa's first "regular" friend, and is seen until StarS. Momo is a very sweet girl, but does once and a while fall victim to a short temper, usually activated by Kyusuke. She is also the fastest developed, and already has a curvy "brick house" body, and a size C cup breast by the time we meet KINDERGARTEN. (What the fuck is that about?!) Her family runs an old Chinese restaurant, and are pretty well off.

Makoto Hanmatsuura~ The kindly yet strange otaku who runs the Hammer Price pawn shop. He is seen only in one issue of the manga. He automatically knows about Diana, Luna and Artemis, and can be considered somewhat of a weirdo. (A stalker perhaps?) His dream is to always have the best items in his store to attract young girls to his place of business >.< In the issue he appears in, he is attacked by evil contractors, trying to take away the shop, and is also attacked by Otakura. But when his new friends are about to be pulverized by Otakura's evil, he changes into Fatty Mask (or Tubby Mask) and saves Naruru and Ruruna. He later rebuilds the shop, and is quite successful. He loves Ruruna and Naruru best, having made special costumes, only for them. O_O;;

Mr. Kaidou (Kaido, Kaidou-sama) ~ The number one aide of Rei's father, he often picked out presents and cared for Rei in her father's stead. Though she hated her father, and was let down by his lack of compassion, she did not discredit Mr. Kaidou's attempts. On occasion, he would walk with her, look after her, and he always told her how good she'd look in white. He sent her fine white dresses and a bouquet of
Casablanca each year for her birthday. He told her much of how he felt connected to her, said that he understood her loneliness, and told her of how he would never marry or have children, and how he couldn't get into politics and couldn't be like her father. He called her his kindred spirit. Such pretty words ... such pretty lies.
On one day, after many of Mr. Kaidou's words and gifts, a 13 year old Rei caught a glimpse of him ... chatting up his fiancée. After playing witness to the truth, Rei made a rare phone call to her father. Her father then told her of how Mr. Kaidou was set to be his successor, and that the fiancée was the daughter of the head of the Independence party.
(Mr. Hino so you know is a Diet member of the Democratic Independence party.)
In a heart wrenching scene, Rei let Mr. Kaidou know that she knew all about his lies and the truth. And as he tried again to spin-doctor the story around, she said
"Liar... If you were going to be a politician ... if you were going to be Papa's successor ... you could have married me."
Mr. Kaidou shared with Rei her first kiss, before bowing out of the series. The marriage by the way was a suggestion made to Mr. Kaidou by Rei's own father. Hmm...

Himeko Nayotake~ The often uptight woman belonging to Kakeru. Himeko is seen in the SailormoonS movie, and in the corresponding manga story, Kaguya's Lover. Himeko's life mission was to be an astronaut. She is able to achieve that goal, but along the way faces many hardships. One of them, being her strained relationship with Kakeru. His sudden mood swings often made her spin out in turmoil, and the two fought a plenty during their brief stay in the series. But it was their deep love for each other and the memories that they share from childhood that kept them together. Their relationship is much more serious in the manga, and their story ends with them embracing their love for each other, and awaiting the day that their unborn child may join them. Her Materials Collection age is 22.

Kakeru Oozora~ The sickly costar of the SailormoonS movie. He debuts in both the anime and in the manga, saving Luna from being hit by a car. He nurses her back to health, and gives her a yellow ribbon as a gift. Luna begins to fall in love with him, and spends several days away from the Senshi and Artemis with him. In the manga, she even follows him on a plane to America! But meanwhile, his body and his home were secretly being used by the Snow Princess Kaguya as a temporary base, while her Snow Dancer minions ravaged Tokyo. She even fed upon his already zapped strength, draining his life-force. His mind warped, he began to question everything he ever really knew. His body began to give out on him, but just as things seemed as bleak as it could get, The Snow Princess Kaguya was defeated, he was freed from her grip, and then Super Sailor Moon released enough power to turn Luna human for one night, allowing the weakened Kakeru to spend one short night with his "Kaguya". He shares a sweet kiss and a sunrise with Luna, before being returned to Earth at full strength. He then exits the series with Himeko in tow, having been reminded by Luna that "his Kaguya" waits for him on Earth. (Yes, Himeko.) Age is listed as 29 in the Materials Collection, but appears as a child with Himeko in the manga, presumably the same age as her, even though the artbook lists her as 22~ a full 7 years different.

Yuuchirou Kumada (
Chad) ~ An anime only character, Yuuchirou is first seen lying on the stoop to the Hikawa Shrine. Wanting to be closer to Rei, he manages to secure a position with Rei's grandfather as hired help for the shrine. He portrays himself as a homeless bum, but in reality, he comes from a very wealthy family. He chooses the life he leads, because he wants to be an honest man, and earn his keep, rather than to sponge off of his family or to lead the average "rich person's" life. As sweet as he can be, he is also very dense, and has a tendency to judge people by their looks rather than their character. He is also the constant victim in many of the early "Mars heavy" episodes, and has almost been killed on several occasions. While still floundering between the "pseudo big brother" and the potential boyfriend roles, he bows out by Sailormoon SuperS.

The nameless Schoolgirl~ ACK ACK ACK! HOW MANY FRIKIN' NAMELESS CHARACTERS ARE IN SAILORMOON??? Fer cryin' out loud, somebody PLEASE read a baby name book!! Whew, anyway ... throughout the series there are many schoolgirl characters featured as some of Usagi's peers, but very few make it from one episode to the next. The slightly pudgy girl above is seen in episodes 4 and 8 in the first season, and is somewhat snobby. Her main concern seems to be about her appearance, as she fears her boyfriend dumped her due to her size. She is duped into jadeite's trap in episode 4, and is seen working out like a mad dog. She and a few others are rescued by Sailor Moon. In episode 8, she is seen briefly, gossiping about Ami. She does not appear to play a large role, and is never seen again after Sailormoon R.

Phobos and Deimos~ (Phobos is in Purple/Blue, and Deimos is in Red.) The faithful twins chosen by the beautiful princess of Mars, guardians for the Sailor who's planet is heralded as one of the brightest stars in the galaxy... Phobos and Deimos. Born long ago on the star of Kronos, Phobos and Deimos were chosen over their rival Red Crow, to look after Sailor Mars, and they've been at her side ever since. When Rei was around 4 or 5 years old, she was sent to live with her grandfather, when she met the two in their crow form. She took to them very quickly, and sometimes takes them with her on missions. The two were probably her very first link to her former life on the moon. In the anime, they are only seen in crow form, but are very helpful, even warning her of danger in some episodes. In the manga, they do not appear in human form, until Sailormoon SuperS, when they help their princess realize her true potential. They are often seen looking after the Hikawa Shrine, and love Rei as their mistress. They are the first two characters outside of her grandfather and mother that Rei feels a deep connection to. They were killed in a fight with Sailor Red Crow, but it is possible that they too would have been reborn, after the battle at the end of the Universe.

Menado (Menards, Maenades, Maenads) ~ The lovely maidens at Helios's shrine. They are some of the last surviving inhabitants of Elysion when Usagi and Mamoru first see them. At first, they are incased in a cleansing crystal, shielded by the curse of the Black Moon. After their revival, they lead Chibiusa and her parents into the shrine where Helios lied unconscious in his cage. They usually stay behind at Helios's shrine, probably in an effort to protect it, and aren't seen much elsewhere, except for near the end of the SuperS manga. They watched on as Chibiusa's love for Helios along with her new powers, awakened him from a deadly sleep, and they watched on again, during the pseudo coronation of her parents. They were omitted from the anime.

Mika Kayama (Mika Cassidy) ~ Seen in only two episodes, this little redhead is considered Shingo's first love. Mika is an energetic young child who loves to make dolls. Her doll making skills are something she picked up from her mother, Yoshiko Kayama (Mrs. Cassidy) who means well, but has no clue on disciplining her child. She is first seen in episode 6, coaxing Chibiusa's uncle Shingo into buying a Chanela pet. This is also where we learn that she quite often looks before she leaps, as the pet turns out to be a trap set by Jedite. It's mostly due to her buying into a trend, that the two become enslaved by the Dark Kingdom for several days, before Shingo's older sister (Sailor Moon, remember her?) saves them. Mika is seen again several episodes later, furiously making dolls. It is revealed in the episode, that she had tried to give Shingo one of her best dolls, but due to peer pressure, he felt he could not accept it (since it was a doll) and he accidentally broke it. Shingo then spent most of the episode in emotional turmoil, as he pondered over how to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Mika was possessed by Nephrite, who then had her expend most of her life-force into the dolls that she makes. The evil-scary-spooky dolls then went on to attack the Senshi, until Sailor Moon defeated the "Baddies of the day". After Mika was freed, she and Shingo made up, and the next day, she presented him with a homemade Sailor Moon doll.
(Ironically, the doll looks like Zoicite when he dressed up as Sailor Moon, a few episodes later.)
But when Shingo made mention of how cute he thinks Sailor Moon is, Mika walked off in a stink, name calling Shingo along the way, thinking that he likes Sailor Moon more than her. (Dudette ... that's his SISTER!! Cop a clue...) Considering her abject violent tendencies and her strange disposition, I'd say Shingo's better off without her.
Though only appearing in two episodes of the anime, Mika is mentioned as a talk bubble over Shingo's head in the Materials Collection artbook.

Mercurious ~ A minor character seen only in the Ami's first love story, his academic scoring matches evenly with Ami. This sends her into a tailspin, and causes her to over study to the point of exhaustion. Due to her obsession with him, the other Senshi view him as her first love, though she really doesn't show much affection to the very thought of her rival. His name is often mistaken as a rewrite of Ami's pen name Mercury, but it's actually a play on his real name. (His name is almost the same backwards... 'cept different.) He does not appear anywhere else in the series, and is never mentioned again. He is friends with Umino.

Guardian Cosmos~ A manga only character, she is the Guardian Fairy of the Starseed of Sailor Cosmos. She appears only at the end of the series, after Sailor Moon threw herself into the Cauldron, taking Chaos with her. After this, Sailor Cosmos sent the Amazon Senshi home to the 30th Century, and faded away. Guardian Cosmos offered Usagi two choices; either she and the other Senshi could be reborn, and start everything over, or she and the team could "live as they are". Usagi chose the latter, and Guardian Cosmos sent the team back to their rightful place in time. Before the choice was spoken, she told Usagi of how long ago, a shining star had come to the Cauldron, carrying with her a small star's shell. And how the little star had a shine similar to Usagi's. (She of course meant that it was Queen Serenity who brought the little star). Before they met Guardian Cosmos, Sailor Cosmos made mention that eventually; all of the Senshi would arrive at the 30th Century. How this new future might turn out is a mystery many a Sailormoon fan plays with, but if Kousagi is any indication, it's off to a decent start!

Though many of the characters here actually contributed friendship or wisdom, there is one character in existence who serves as the permanent victim. Like the "South Park" character Kenny, she appears throughout the series; being killed and/or maimed has many clones of her during the series, and yet despite her longevity ... was NEVER given a name!

Not much is known about this mystery girl, other than she never ages. In some rare moments, she is either seen with her mother, or two of her friends, but she is most often seen in the background, or being maimed by one of the "main" villains. She wears two pigtails, high atop her head, as the rest of her hair flies down and around. Her body age is about seven years old, and unchanging, she appears in various timelines. She is seen either with two bows on each side, or two sets of "ball" ponytails, ala Cardcaptor Sakura. In alternate scenes, she is seen with a small, skinny bow high atop her head, or with a headband, as the rest of her hair swoops downward. Her best friend is a short-haired girl, with a nasty attitude, who attends school with Chibiusa. Her mother has short hair, and is never seen without her large earrings.

Diligent manga fans can catch The Nameless Girl in the following scenes:

Act 11: She is seen peering behind a tree, when Koan (Catzi) shoots her in the chest. Her body catches fire, and Rei awakens in a cold sweat, as she feels the nameless child die.

Act 13: She is frightened by Chibiusa while she's performing magic with Luna-P. The Nameless Girl runs crying with her ice cream into her mother's arms, as a tearful Chibiusa looks on, thinking of her own mother.

Rini's Picture Diary: She is seen both with a bow and with a headband as Rini's classmate(s). She makes fun of Chibiusa's appearance and the fact that her birth name is Serenity. She is in several panels.

Act 20: She is seen crying, suffering through the smog of death left behind by the Black Moon, when from out of nowhere, Prince Diamond grabs her by the neck, and disintegrates her body.
A terrified Neo-Queen Serenity hears her death scream, as she looks for Chibiusa. A flashback of the Nameless Girl crying is seen briefly, a few pages later.

Rini's Picture Diary: Tanabata Story: The back of her head is seen for two panels, amongst the sea of angry girls. She is possessed by Epsilion and Zeta, while listening to the ramblings of Shokujo, dressed as Sailor Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon eventually saves all of the girls and Shokujo.

Kaguya's Lover: She and her friends are annoying Luna. She helps them cover Luna's crescent moon spot. Luna is left dazed, and she wanders into oncoming traffic. This is how Kakeru first finds Luna.

Act 34: She is seen as a spectator of the eclipse. Her mother tells her to make a wish, and the girl wishes to become an actress.

Act 37: Both she and a clone are seen in various panels as spectators.

Act 38: She is seen as a spectator in some panels, as well as a few of her clones, and her image is used as a trap for Minako.

Act 39: She is one of Michiru's students, and short-term friend for Hotaru.

Act 42: She is found as a rotting corpse, but is brought back to life.

Rini's Picture Diary 3: Is a victim of cavities, mumbling about sugar being The Devil's powder.

Act 43: Cheerfully bows out of the series, as a curious child, standing behind Chibiusa and Hotaru.

Her clones tend to pop up from time to time as well. Though they vary in age, they each have the same hair, and the same face as the usual victim.

Act 3: Pigtailed schoolchild "Mimi" is seen waving good-bye to Rei, as she boards the bus being used by the enemy. She is kidnapped by Jadeite, but is later saved by Luna, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and the incumbent Sailor Mars. The mother seen in this issue is identical to the Nameless One's mother, and bears a resemblance to both Mr. Kaidou's fiancée, and to Mamoru's mother.

Act 11: After the Nameless One dies, an older clone appears in the background, 3 pages later. Another one with a bow in her head can be seen from behind in the next panel.

Act 13: Makoto remembers her old friend from her last school. The friend appears to be about 13 or 14, but has a similar head to the Nameless One.

Rini's Picture Diary: Tanabata Story: Clone appears in the crowd. She is possessed.

Act 24: An older clone is crushing on Haruka at the speedway.

Act 25: An older clone is being possessed by Eudial. She is rescued by Sailor Moon.

Act 37: Various clones can be spotted.

Act 38: More clones appear throughout the issue.

Act 44: A sixteen year old version appears in the crowd, crushing on the Three Lights.

In the anime, more of these clones can be found, the most notable being a preschooler named Mie. She is seen in only one episode of SailormoonR. Mie is saved by Minako, as Minako is rushing to class. The child's hero is Sailor Moon, and she tries to have Minako prove to her bullies that Sailor Moon exists. In the end, Mie and her classmates are attacked by a Cardigan, but are saved by Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus and Moonlight Knight. Mie then decides that Sailor Venus is her new hero.

Two alternate clones exist is episode 6. One is shopping for pets with her mother early in the episode, and a younger copy appears later on, being comforted by Luna, after falling off of her tricycle.

In the Codename Sailor V manga, she and her clones appear on numerous pages.
(Note- Page numbers come from the reprint mangas. Numbers may alternate after vol. 6)

From Reprint Book One:

Vol. 1, page 13: Two older clones can be spotted. One is in a top panel with a bunch of snobby schoolgirls; the other only has half her head showing in a bottom panel, adoring Artemis. Then on page 19, two blushing twin clones are spotted handing a present to an evil boy Minako likes. They appear again on page 28, possessed.

Vol. 3, page 73: An older sick clone is seen blushing.

Vol. 5, page 133: Another teen clone is seated behind Minako and Hikaru at the Dark Guys concert.

Vol. 6, pages 169-171: Minako transforms into Sailor V and saves the Nameless Victim and her short haired friend (Seen later in the Princess Kaguya story) from a pair of creepy Junior High boys. Minako as Sailor V then makes herself late for school by racing the Nameless child and her friend to school. A teenage clone with braids appears on page 197.

Vol. 7, page 201: Two men are seen hassling an adult clone in front of a Takoyaki stand. Sailor V saves her. Then on page 207, another clone is seen raving about Sailor V at the airport.

Vol. 8, page 205: A teen pigtail version is seen waving.

From Reprint Book Two:

Vol. 9, pages 28, 29, 43, 44: Various cute clones are seen becoming (and bemoaning) their weight gain after eating Deburine's chocolate roses. After Sailor V kills Deburine, Ace Kaitou showers the victims with weight loss candies and fitness ads. (What an asshole!)

Vol. 10, page 54: The twin clones from Vol. 1 reappear, chit chatting. They resurface on pages 56, 58 and 59. Also, various clones appear on pages 68, 70, 71, 72 and 75.

Vol. 11, pages 99-100: Sailor V saves the Nameless Victim from being hit by a vehicle. She kicks the driver and reunites the Victim with her pet cat and the Victim waves as she disappears.
Teenage clones then appear on pages 102, 108, 109 and 116.

Vol. 12, page 141: A passed out teen clone is being attacked by cat-like dogs from Wan-Wan.

Vol. 13, page 158: A kid clone is seen with Sailor V. An older clone appears on page 170 in a crowd.

Vol. 14, page 187: A teen clone appears as a student at Minako's school. Another appears in a race on page 190, and another on page 213.

Vol. 15, page 229: A teen clone appears in a flashback.

Though stunted, The Nameless Victim can now stand proudly in the minds of Sailormoon fans, as yet another character who's time was technically short, but impact not entirely forgotten.

On rare occasion, the Sailormoon fan is given a short glimpse into the backgrounds of the Inner Senshi. These moments are fleeting, and no other family member is mentioned for them, aside from their unseen husbands and their Parallel Senshi daughters.
Let's take a brief look at each family tree.

Mrs. Aino~ The mother of Minako, Mrs. Aino is seen in the Codename Sailor V manga and is described as being very bossy. This hellcat housewife on wheels is often fond of ordering around her only child, having a list of chores ready for her at a moment's notice. Her character is not seen in the regular Sailormoon series, save but for one panel in one of the mini mangas, where Minako lists her as one of her dislikes. Many a Sailor Venus fan list her as "The Screaming Hag."

Mr. Aino~ Minako's father. Mr. Aino is seen in a few panels, during Codename Sailor V, and is a clumsy businessman. Not much is known about him, other that he is Kenji Tsukino's lesser known clone. He is at the mercy of his wife's constant bickering, and lives obliviously to the fact that his daughter is Sailor V/Venus. Like his wife, he often times doesn't realize that his only child is missing, and has never met the other Senshi. Neither Mr. or Mrs. Aino are mentioned in the anime.

Ms. Mizuno~ Mother of Ami, this beauty works as a doctor, so she spends very little time at home. She is incredibly proud of her only child, and usually doesn't mind when her child is out on her own, as she enforced the knowledge of responsibility upon her daughter. Though this may have led to some of Ami's shyness, it's because of this independence that Ami became so mature. In the anime, the unseen Ms. Mizuno managed to get adequate help for the ailing Hotaru, and in the manga, she helped Mamoru learn of the Black Rose in his chest. Her one regret is that her work at the
Jyuuban Secondary General Hospital keeps her away from her beloved child. But nonetheless, she believes in Ami, and what she can accomplish.
Charming and pretty, she is divorced from Ami's father.

Mr. Mizuno~ The aloof stranger known as Ami's father. He and Ms Mizuno divorced when Ami was younger, and he spends all of his time living very far away as a painter. On occasion, he will send his daughter a postcard, or a painting of something she might like. In both the anime and manga versions of Sailormoon SuperS, he is seen from behind for a brief moment, painting away as usual. He travels from time to time, never staying long in a rural territory.

Mr. Hino~ Diet member of the Democratic Independence party, Mr. Hino never bothers to see his child, instead using his assistant Mr. Kaidou to spend time on her in his absence. His image is his life, and he chooses to put his career first. It is because of this that his daughter has grown to despise him, and almost never speaks of him. He has never asked about how his daughter is faring, outside of "idle chit chat". After her mother's death, Rei decided that Mr. Hino would never be able to be a proper father figure. She was sent to live with her grandfather at the Hikawa Shrine, shortly there after, and she now sees her father perhaps once a year on her birthday. Her grandfather sends her to T*A Private Girls' School, a campus run by nuns...

Mrs. Hino~ Little is known about her, other than Rei respects her. Mrs. Hino spent many of her days, pining for the day her husband would return to her. But alas, Mr. Hino chose a life of politics over his family. Sadly, Mrs. Hino died young, leaving an emotional gap behind in the heart of her very young daughter. Even as Sailor Mars, Rei wears her mother's pendant in the manga, a silent reminder of the beautiful maiden, still missing her husband. The graceful beauty she called mother.

Grandpa Hino (Anime version) ~ Standing in at barley 3'5, he is a master of flirting. Though his soft and sweet side is not lost upon anime viewers, his lecherous side knows no bounds, as he frequently goes out of his way to score a grope, or a blush out of a pretty young thing, even chasing men in one episode! His favorite type of woman is the cute but underage junior-high schoolgirl, who can pretend to be submissive and who blushes at a whim. He often fights with Rei, as she fears he is slowly but surely growing mad, however in times of his need, the animosity ceases, and she reveals her loyalty to him. He is also watchful over her, and wants to protect her, until the "right" man comes along.

Grandfather Hino (Manga version) ~ Tender, youthful, tall and kind, Rei's grandfather is seen only in a handful of issues. Though it's not unusual to see him crack a few naughty jokes around the Senshi, he is usually more prone to watch his grandchild from afar, knowing that one day, "She will fly back to the place where she belongs." It is uncertain if he knows Rei's true identity, but he does care for her, having raised her since she was around 4 or 5 years old, and he wholeheartedly believes that what ever it is, she will do marvelous things in her life.

Kengo Ibuki ~ The temperamental mystery cousin of Rei. He is seen only in episode 183 during the StarS season, and works with pottery ... in many cases to the brink of insanity. If he disapproves of a new vase or sculpture of his own, he will go into a mad fit of rage, and destroy not only the work he has just finished, but many of his other works as well, leaving behind a chaotically wrecked area, in which to start over again. The only person who can tame him is Rei, several years his junior. In fact, it was her love for his creations that calmed him down while he was being used by the enemy, after having his Starseed morphed. He lives alone in a wooded area of
Japan, and rarely ventures outside the panoramic setting of the forest. He does not exist in the manga, and is usually forgotten, since his very existence is contradictory to the story, since Rei's parents had no siblings.

Not much is ever said of Mr. and Mrs. Kino. The two were killed in a plane crash, and Makoto was left to live alone from an early age. It is speculated, that the couple must have been well off, as Makoto never speaks of having a job, until the Parallel Sailormoon manga. After her parents' death, Makoto moves around quite a bit before settling into her abode, shortly before the beginning of the series. It is because of the circumstances surrounding their death, that Makoto hates airplanes.

Guardian Senshi~ Resembling "Chibi" versions of themselves, the Guardian Senshi appear during the SuperS manga. These pocket Sailors represent the Senshis' inner powers, and usually stand watch over each Sailor's castle. At a time of complete duress, Guardian Mercury and Guardian Jupiter each made a trip to see their "owners" , to help them awaken their powers as Super Senshi. All 8 of them appear near the end of the SuperS manga together, and aid the Senshi in reaching their final transformation, and in sending enough power to Eternal Sailor Moon. The "pocket" Sailors never upgrade their own abilities, always staying at "Super" mode. The only known anime appearance of any of them, comes in the middle of the SuperS run, when an enlarged Guardian Mercury helps Ami embrace her destiny.

Aside from these and many more extras though, the most popular extra character is none other than Naru.

Naru Osaka (Molly Baker, Molly Brown) ~Usagi's best friend in school, and a pseudo godmother to Chibiusa. Naru is first seen in the very beginning of the series, but her appearances taper off near the end. She is the one of the very first victims of the series, and is attacked heavily in the anime by various evil forces. In the anime she has a serious relationship with Nephrite, being his first and only "girlfriend" and would have made it "all the way" with him, had it not been for Zoicite not knowing when to keep his nose out of other people's business. (Stupid fuck.) She also had somewhat of a relationship with Umino, and a brief affair with Tiger Eye, however was single in the manga. She never figured out the identity of her best friend (though clues were obvious) but remained loyal, even when forgotten by Usagi. Her eyes originally were blue, but are most often seen as green. She is depicted as an only child in the anime, having only a "play older sister" and a possible godmother through said friend in one episode. Neither the "pretend" sister nor the "play godmother" exist in the manga, but Naru does have a real younger sister, Naruru. Naru also has an unseen cousin, who plans to wed in issue 5, and a briefly mentioned and unnamed father. In the manga, Naru is a side character, only having a few bit parts here and there, and does not appear to know Chibiusa or Kousagi very well, only seeing Chibiusa once in a while.

Naruru Osaka~ Naru's younger sister. It is never made clear how old she is. What we do know is that she usually cuts class, and is in one (or more) of Chibiusa's classes, and that she's at least 2 years or more younger than Naru. She is seen only in one issue of the manga, and considers Chibiusa and Ruruna her best friends. She is also a popular supermodel, and unlike her older, wiser, more modest sister is a major flirt, with men of all ages dreaming of being her lover, she even catches the eye of Mamoru! She has a love for shopping, fast food and karaoke and tans very easily. Though enemies at first, she does warm up to Hotaru.

Ms. Osaka (Mrs. Osaka, Naru and Naruru's mother, Mrs. Susan Baker, Mrs. Brown) ~ Seen in the beginnings of the series, Ms. Osaka is the first victim of the Dark Kingdom, having been kidnapped and bound in the basement of her own shop, while a monster poses as her above. She is rescued by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and aside from a few more moments in the anime, is never seen again. She runs a very popular jewelry shop in the heart of the Crossroads/Jyuuban shopping district, and lives just above the shop in some Episodes of the anime.

Ruruna~ Naruru's best friend. Ruruna is supposedly the same age as Naruru and also attends school with Chibiusa. Like her friend, Ruruna is a flirty supermodel with a passion for shopping and karaoke. Their favorite clothes are Channel and Gutchichi, and as fans are considered Gutchachas and Channelers. They are also Moonies, and like their Sailor Senshi idols, have an excellent kick, which they use to thwart off the evil contractors. Ruruna is a reluctant acquaintance of Hotaru.