Okay, so obviously, you've been to over 198,000 websites, and you still don't know who Sailor Chibi Chibi really is, right? And you DON'T want another otaku fanboy site that produces some bizzaro explanation involving tentacles, strange monkey-pig sex with spank happy gorillas, powerpuff people with demon boobs, or ANYTHING to do with echidnas.
And no, I'm NOT going to go into why Knuckles the Echidna CAN'T breed with Amy Rose, Rouge the bat , Kommisar, Laras le or su OR Sonic the Hedgehog,
you weirdo!
Well look no further! For I, Codename Sailor Earth have
, and have the answer on this page!!!

Ready? According to the manga, Chibi Chibi iiiiiiissss....

The alternate universe form of Sailor Moon!

Lemme explain. In an alternate reality, Sailor Moon lost the fight with Chaos, and as a result, had to suffer with the loss of everyone she holds dear. After running away from Chaos for a long time, the guilt of losing everyone took it's toll on her, so she went back in time to "our" time stream and disguised herself as Sailor Chibi Chibi. She did this so as to make sure that "our" Usagi made the right choices. In the final StarS issue however, Chibi Chibi realized that "our" Usagi wound up helping Chibi Chibi, more than Chibi Chibi had ever helped Usagi, and before Usagi threw herself into the Cauldron, Chibi Chibi further revealed her identity as Sailor Cosmos, the alternate, but not ultimate form of Sailor Moon.

Chibi Chibi was quite useful in the manga. Early on, she saved and then nursed back to health a dying Princess Kakyuu, saved Usagi from Galaxia, called Sailor Chibimoon and the Amazoness Quartet to Usagi's aid, and as Sailor Cosmos, wound up returning Chibimoon's team to their rightful timeline after the fight with Chaos. She also fought bravely in many of the battles, helped Sailor Chibimoon realize the truth about whom she thought were her mother's court, and even spared Eternal Sailor Moon and Chibimoon from a near deadly attack. Whew!

In the anime, they wrote off "Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon" as Galaxia's Starseed. That's it. 'S'all folks. How cheap.

Her anime tale starts with Sailor Galaxia. Apparently, Galaxia was a loner Sailor Senshi, caught in the thick of battle with Chaos. In a vain attempt to seal away Chaos forever, she sealed the evil enemy within her own body. Chaos would prove to be too powerful, and in order to keep Chaos contained within her while still surviving, Galaxia forced out her own Starseed, in the form of Chibi Chibi. While such a move would kill anyone else, Galaxia would hang on for the rest of the series, while Chibi Chibi found herself living with Usagi, as her pretend sister, after brainwashing Usagi's family, much akin to how Chibiusa had stayed on in previous seasons.

Like Tuxedo Mask, Chibi Chibi's full transformation is only seen in one episode. Although she is seen much earlier as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, her long awaited transformation is rather short, and is seen only in episode 195.

Though in the anime Chibi Chibi helped awaken new powers in Eternal Sailor Moon, and she still saved Princess Kakyuu from death, Chibi Chibi's identity as Sailor Cosmos was reduced to a blurry yet sweet picture in the final episode, as Chibi Chibi was also known as the Light of Hope.

In the ending to Sailormoon StarS, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon used the power of prayer to save Usagi from dying, and watched on as Usagi became Princess Serenity once more. Chibi Chibi as an adult then gave her soul over to the Moon Princess in the form of a sword. Princess Serenity was reluctant to use this gift against Galaxia, whom had just fused with Chaos, to become the female-formed yet still hermaphrodite "Sailor Chaos". In the thick of battle, the sword of Chibi Chibi was broken, and the tiny tot died. But after Princess Serenity healed Galaxia and purified her body, removing Chaos, Chibi Chibi returned to life, and guided the newly reborn Mamoru/Prince Endymion back to his lover, Usagi.

On a side note, some of the reprinted material that was produced in 2004 lists her as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, whereas the original manga listed her as just
Sailor Chibi Chibi.

Chibi Chibi wound up being part of one of the best plot twists of the manga and it's a shame they discarded the Cosmos character from the anime. Maybe someday, they'll make an anime series that mimics the manga, word for word and image for image.

Full Name: Usagi Tsukino
Body Age: About 2.
Real Age: 17+
Birthday: June 30, 1981
Birthstone: Pearl
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Astrological Planet: The Moon
Chinese Astrological Sign: Metal Rooster
Chibi Chibi's Height: 3'0
Sailor Cosmos/Light of Hope Height: 4'11
Favorite Color: Probably still pink or white
Favorite Food: Pudding, Cake and Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite School Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite School Subject: Math, English
Hates: Chaos
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Saving the Universe, Being really cute!
Talents: Superpowers, cuteness, getting what she wants.
Dream: To help "our" timeline's Usagi make the right choices.
Family: Ikuko (Earth mommy), Kenji (Papa), Shingo (Baby brother), Queen Serenity (Past life mommy), Chibiusa (Future daughter, no longer in existence in her reality), Kousagi (Wrong universe, oops!), Mamoru (Lover, don't ask.) Usagi Tsukino (Alternate Universe self/ Surrogate Mother/ Adopted Sister~ Mind control is fun! Just ask Rini ^_^)
Blood Type: O