Remember all the crap that 30th Century Chibiusa put us through? Well some of it actually took shape. Although her 30th Century counterpart was born when Neo-Queen Serenity was 22, this Chibiusa was born when Usagi was only 17!
(Go Mamoru, eh?)

Conceived during the end of Sailormoon StarS, Chibiusa Tsukino shares the duty of caring for and raising rabbits with her younger sister, Kousagi, whom she affectionately calls "Chibi". And like Sailor Mercury, Chibiusa attends cram school with her best friend, Hotaru Tomoe.

Chibiusa's personality is similar to her father, Mamoru. Prissy, studious and yet not without friends and supporters. Popular with Hotaru and the Inner Senshi, this Chibiusa aspires to become a bit of a beurocrat, and just might take Japan by political force, before becoming Queen of Crystal Tokyo someday.

It is unclear if this Chibiusa has seen any action as Sailor Chibimoon. An interesting note, her father made mention in the Sailormoon R manga that she was destined to one day take over as the new "Sailor Moon". This might confuse many (About her little sister being a Senshi too after all) but it appears that she may share those duties with Kousagi. (Although, I think it would be funny to see Chibiusa still fighting as Sailor "Chibi" Moon alongside her baby sister. ^_^)

Full Name: Tsukino Chibiusa
Senshi Name: Sailor Chibimoon
Age: 15
Birthday: June 30, 1998
Birthstone: Pearl
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Astrological Planet: The Moon
Chinese Astrological Sign: Fire Tiger
Height: 4'10
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Color: Pink
Family: Usagi (Mother) Mamoru (Father) Kousagi (Baby Sister) Ikuko (Grandmother) Kenji (Grandfather) Shingo (Uncle)
Friends: Hotaru, Rei sr., Makoto sr., Minako sr., Ami sr.
Pets: Presumably Luna and Diana. (It is unclear if Artemis still lives with Minako or not.) Her sister keeps bunnies.
Love(s): Presumably Helios, although some still hold on to that hope that she'll be Hotaru's.
Dream: To Become a Beurocrat
Blood Type: O