Look, there's no porn here. So if youíre under 18, just beat it. There's nothing of any real delight in the following images anyways. If you want scandalous porn-type crap that your parent or legal guardian can bust you on, go somewhere else. And if you do take delight in these images, lemme suggest a trip to the psychiatrist, because obviously, you're mentally retarded. I'm not gonna start on how jacked up you really are, if you think of Sailor Minimoon this way, before she's legal, jackass.
And for my SANE fans, if the images don't load right, simply hit the reload button.

No doubt you've seen countless articles, featuring disturbing images of the Sailor Senshi, particularly about Chibiusa. For starters, Naoko and the animators felt it necessary to allow cleavage on ALL of the female characters, including Chibi Chibi. I have no idea why, but they decided to allow the younglings "Chibi adult" bodies.

Okay, see, this is my case in point. Do I even need to comment on how disturbing this is? What's more disturbing, are episodes/issues in which there are moments where multiple Senshi and even the cats are seen enjoying the buff together. I mean, I know that there are Japanese bath houses, where even whole families may be in the buff together, but do we really need moments like this? :

ŖWTF Is she doing???
Now, I'll be honest. I do not approve of Peta. The only WWF I wanna hear about involves vintage wrestling from years past, and I don't wanna see a crescent-moon bald spot on the Undertaker's head.. There will be a dead beast on my plate sometime this week. But even I realize that THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT PEOPLE AND ANIMALS ARE NEVER TO ENGAGE IN!!!! Furthermore, I'd like to know exactly what these people are thinking when it comes to moments like these:

Do we really need to see the Senshi during naked time? Kudos to Naoko for showing that their souls in their purist form, do not have the "Earth-bounding" clothes of the Senshi's bodies as this is really quite brilliant on a spiritual note, but after the umpteenth time I've seen the Senshi think of each other naked, I begin to question certain motives.

And since I know you're gonna start with me on the whole Hotaru thing, fine. I'll address it. After rereading the manga, reviewing the tapes, and revisiting the files, I found that I could not escape images like the one below:

Okay OKAY!!! I get it! Hotaru's got a lesbo streak OKAY ALRIGHT!!!! Ring the bell, call the ref, I'm tappin' Angle, I'M TAPPING!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
But for crying out loud, for the umpteenth time, CHIBIUSA ONLY VEIWS HOTARU AS HER BESTEST FRIEND!!! THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE,OKAY

Now look, I know that all they seem to have is each other in Parallel Sailormoon, but that doesn't mean jack shit! This isn't like Haruka and Michiru! (Which by the way, why is Michiru still crushing on guys in the StarS saga, when Haruka obviously cares for her? They live together too. Uh-oh... Hope this won't wind up like Lita and Matt Hardy's 2005 split, staring Edge, har har har. Wrestling joke.) Chibiusa does NOT share the same feelings as Hotaru, hell, even though Hotaru appeared to her NAKED in the SailormoonS manga, Chibiusa STILL DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE ABOUT HOTARU'S OBVIOUS AFFECTION!!! So for the umpteenth time THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE

and one of my favorite Senshi, Hotaru-chan...IS A WEIRDO,GOT IT???

Which brings me to my next point, WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH CHIBIUSA AND HER FATHER?????

Now, in the manga, just as his first-born is clueless as to why Hotaru keeps touching her, Mamoru has no clue that his daughter (until Sailormoon SuperS graphic novel #1) chooses to ignore that he indeed is her biological father, in favor of this wild-assed crush. However, the dumbasses at Toei animation decided to have him share those same crush-esque feelings right back at her, which resulted in the debacle(s) below:

And as if this wasn't bad enough, take a look at when she debuted. (This is the same in the manga.)

Even worse, in both the anime AND the manga, this image exists:

In the anime, the kiss was only an image created by Wiseman to torture Sailor Moon with. but in the manga, she kidnaps her father, as she's becoming Black Lady, and yes, uses him against her mother AND KISSES HIM, EWWWW!!!

What was she planning, to be her own mother? Granted, she, her baby sister and dey mama look alike, share the same name, blood type, powers, friends and such, and this would almost explain the whole red eye thing and why Kousagi doesn't share that trait (if you discount Ikuko's manga self) , so it's not like anyone would notice if Chibiusa/Black Lady was her own mother, but this does NOT EXCUSE THE OBVIOUS EWW FACTOR!!! Thank God this didn't come to fruition or poor neglected Kousagi would have this to say to her new pink cat:

Kousagi: Well, as long as youíre gonna stay with us; let Kousagi introduce you to her family. This is Mama Usagi, Papa Mamoru, and my big sisters, Black Lady and Chibiusa.

Cat: Wow! You have two sisters Princess Kousagi-chan?

Kousagi: In a way....Y'see, Black Lady is my full sister, who had a major fling with Papa, and she wound up giving birth to herself but not quite 'cause Chibiusa's eyes are an unnatural shade of red, and Black Lady has no more pupils, so in effect , Mama disowned Black Lady and she lives with her live in boyfriend Prince Diamond, who also fathered Sailor Chibimoon with Mama-

Cat: You have another sister?

Kousagi: We don't talk about her, she lives with her girlfriend Hotaru. Mama was taken advantage of.

Cat: Oh.

Kousagi: Anyway, Black Lady is my full sister, Chibimoon is my half sister and Chibiusa is part my half sister, part niece, part stepsister, making Black Lady part sister, part step mommy, part aunt, and Chibimoon part sister, part step cousin. But at least it's not as bad as my other sister from the 30th century who is still my big sister, Princess Lady Serenity.

Cat: Who?

Kousagi: Don't ask. She lives with her lover, Helios. She's also seeing Peruru, who's from another universe I guess, but the tests have shown that the baby really is Helios's.

Cat: BABY?

Kousagi: Well, Helios is almost the alternate universe version of my Papa-

Cat: ALMOST? What the fuck?

Kousagi: Don't ask. Anyway, this makes the baby my part niece, part half sister, part full sister, full older sister, part twin, part little sister, part stepsister, part cousin. Her name is Chibi-usa.

Cat: I thought that was Black Lady's kid?

Kousagi: Nu-no,that's Chibiusa. Chibi-usa's name is spelled with a hyphen. See the difference?

Cat: No.

Kousagi: Well, at least it's not like Diana.

Cat: Who?

Kousagi: Diana is Super Sailor Chibimoon's cat.

Cat: ...There's another one?

Kousagi: Yeah, she's my sister from the universe where she came from the 30th century to hang out with Mama. Not to be confused with Princess Lady Serenity.

Cat: *SIGH* I'll bite, what's so different about Diana?

Kousagi: Well, In a past life, Artemis, who's Mina and Minako's cat, was the only male on the moon. Queen Serenity, my past life granny had a summer fling with him, and she had his child, Princess Serenity, who later died, and was reincarnated as Mama. And then Artemis hooked up with Mama's cat Luna, and they had Diana.

Cat: ...Meaning?

Kousagi: That Diana is my part aunt, part pet and because Black lady cancelled out Mama being Mama, Diana is also my sister, part niece, part cousin, part -

Cat: STOP IT!!!

Kousagi: What? It's not nearly as bad as Luna-P.

Cat: Pardon?

Kousagi: Luna-P? She's Diana and my sisters' toy... part my sister, part my vibrator on the weekends, part aunt part friend, part-


Kousagi: Shh! Don't tell Peruru about this!

Cat: WHAT?

Kousagi: You remember? He's my part common-law brother-in-law with Helios, part my lover, part uncle, part-

Cat: I'M SORRY I ASKED!!! I wanna go home.

Kousagi: To Mau? Hey, how many talking cats are on Mau?

Cat: Not many.

Kousagi: Soooo you guys inbreed?

Cat: .......Why? What's it to you?

(Kousagi kisses Cat on the nose.)


Kousagi: You're the long lost relative of Luna!

Cat: Luna?

Kousagi: She's Diana's mother! So you're part my sister, part aunt, part cousin, part niece, part

Cat: Oh God somebody PLEASE KILL ME!! I've HAD ENOUGH!!!

Parallel Senshi: Now do you see why we avoid coming here?


Y'see just how WRONG that is?

Now, onto Chibiusa's loves.

The first time I saw any part of the anime was on local stations. I was relived when I heard years later after Cartoon Network picked up the series that they would air the SuperS saga...
That is until they actually played the damned episodes involving this image:

It was bad enough that Toei had their people draw the little girl naked, but the fact that Cartoon Network purposely edited out most of her mother's nudity to show MORE of naked Rini, disturbs me to no end. And then we progressed to the point where Helios was fearful, seeing his beloved maiden in a teenage body and was so overjoyed at the sight of her returning to her "Chibi" self, that unable to contain his chubby-I MEAN exuberance, he chose to show her. The fact that Cartoon Network was fine with the following disturbs me.

And exactly why is Helios so hell-bent (double pun intended) on seeing her when she's in this form??:

Now, don't get me wrong, the SuperS anime is one of my favorite sagas, and the animation is no short of exquisite, but being that I am a supporter of children's rights to safety, I am more than a little creeped out by a priest who's in love with a little kid...even if she IS 903 years old. I'm just thankful that the whoring out of Sailor Chibimoon stops at her fling with Peruru, and thank God that stopped with a kiss.

And what's with the glued on skirt? At least it's SOMETHING, but why do all of the Senshi (Including Mamoru Sailor Moon graphic novel #10) have skirts on their souls? And how the hell do you colorize that? And as if this isn't weird enough, characters with better established royalty rankings (Like Black Lady, see above.) have really super-duper long ass skirts! How the hell DO you bathe with one of those things???

Thank God Ted Turner never got his crummy lil' hands on the manga, or the following might result:

Can you imagine what it would be like to bathe with a skirt perpetually glued to your ass? I mean it's bad enough that they can't seem to take a potty break without some nimrod from the dark forces banging at their door, but THIS?? Poor Kousagi and Chibiusa. They were fucked before they even got here.

And now for something quite disturbing:

And speaking of whores, it's bad enough that the StarS anime holds little promise with the unnecessary edition of Seiya's attempted fling with Usagi, but did we need to whore out Luna too?

For starters, in both the anime S movie and in Sailor Moon Graphic novel # 11, Luna had a mild affair with Kakeru. In the manga, he "cheated" on Luna with Himeko, (his lover anyways) and it looks as though Himeko's expecting from um..."afterwards". I use the term cheating loosely, because like Mamoru and Chibiusa, and Chibiusa and Hotaru, he had no damned clue that a kitty cat was in luuuuuuuuust with him. (Slutkitty.) But what was worse was the fact that in the anime, Luna also crushes heavily on Yaten...WHO'S A GIRL DRESSING AS A GUY DRESSING AS A GIRL ALA "VICTOR VICTORIA", SPE-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU AND A HALF!!!!! Even after she learns the truth, she still lusts after the one named Sailor Star Healer.

Apperantly in episode 178 of Sailormoon StarS, we learn that Yaten had asked Luna to star with her/him for a pet TV show. Luna was going to leave, but looking into his/her eyes made her stay... AND THEN YATEN BATHES WITH LUNA!!! WHAT THE UNCOMFORTABLY UNHOLY HELL???

Luckily for Diana, Luna comes running back to Artemis, before she let's anyone touch her kitty lady bobbles...

And while we're on the subject of Ka-spewiedness, if you watch the first 13 episodes of Sailormoon R, you'll notice "Alan" and "Ann". Or as they are originally titled, "Ali" and "Ein". (Alien, Yeah, the following is...)
Their story is that they were born from the "Doom Tree" along with several others, who wound up killing each other for no real reason. The first 13 episodes, show the two aliens after landing on Earth, having a slue of relationship trauma, including their infidelity to each other, and how through their crushes (Usagi and Mamoru), they learn to love each other and in the end, they take their MOTHER tree and go in search of another home, cheerfully. And this would have been a lovely story...IF NOT FOR THE OBVIOUS YOU GUYS ARE SIBLINGS FACTOR,EWW!

What the hell is wrong with these people??? And what's creepier, is that Ikuko Itoh and Junichi Sato, who were on the production team of the anime, have gone on to do ANOTHER creepy anime, dealing with junior squirts being seen as romance objects when CLEARLY they are PRE adolescents, Princess Tutu. I'm not EVEN gonna start on that one...

And here are a few notes on some moments that take place between Sailor Moon graphic novels #9-10,
This is one of the few instances within the manga in which a character is featured in "soul mode" minus the ass skirt. Here, Hotaru is technically dying, as Mistress 9 is taking over Hotaru's original body. Remember, Saturn, Hotaru and Mistress 9 are still 3 souls inside of one body, and these images take place from the moment Rini's soul and crystal are devoured by Mistress 9 through Hotaru's final farewell before her rebirth ... keep in mind, all of the surrounding Tokyo Bay area (the part that isn't completely dead yet) has seen naked Hotaru's escape from Mistress 9, and the final image shown takes place in front of Mamoru...at his apartment ... as she reaches out to Rini...and did we mention the NUDIE factor???

Something tells me that Mamoru enjoyed that little image WAYYYYY the fuck too damned much.

And perhaps as Rini's power influenced how Hotaru was reborn and how she would grow, perhaps the "nudist-making" powers of Saturn, influenced this little two-page bit of freakishness:

Just what the holy fuck is wrong with Hotaru?

AND WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER??? If you must feature the Senshi in "compromising" positions, then would it kill ya to at least age their bodies to a more LEGAL age? I don't know about most countries, but how's about the U.S. minimum of 18? That way, they're still young, you teenage obsessed otaku, but you won't damage the psyche of the moral police, and I won't EVER have to find a pic of Minimoon being molested by Yu-gi-oh and DBZ characters, Sonic the Hedgehog characters or any other people/beasts/things from other franchises, because after all, CROSSOVERS ARE EVIL!!!! And please no more fics about pre-teen-bodied Senshi. And that includes romantic poetry to ( Not about, but to) fictitious Senshi...especially young Kousagi...you know who you are. And no more Minimoon fingering herself pics because THAT'S JUST GROSS!!! And no more tentacles and space-ish pods. PLEASE!! And no more with the animals.Oy with the animals! Please keep your furry fetish to yourself, because I don't need to see that. AND WHAT'S WITH THE SPOONS? And the peanut butter? STOP THAT!! And don't use your old game controllers for THAT, Sega and Nintendo never meant for their equipment to be put up THERE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? And please restrict the use of stories in which the R through StarS/Parallel characters are involved with those they never met from previous seasons. (I.e. Minimoon being molested by "the Doom and Gloom girls") And stop it with the creation of couples that don't exist. (I.e. Usagi and Rei, Setsuna and Endymion, Gohan and Trunks.ect...) And for the umpteenth time...
Thank you.

July, 2005.

Okay, I honestly thought I was done with all the shit there was to rag on, I WAS VERY WRONG!!

What really gets me about the following images is that they were ALL taken from the CARTOON NETWORK TOONAMI version of the anime that I forgot I taped. This all aired during the DAYTIME KIDDIE block and I'm shocked as all hell they left it all ALONE.

Let's start with the fact that many of the episodes contained MANY panty shots. The worst of which can be found at Chibiusa's home, which is a totally perverted site featuring all kinds of WRONG, mostly dealing with Chibiusa herself and is NOT I repeat, NOT a site you'd ever want children to see. (The images from the site however, ALSO got ALL of the pics from Cartoon Network. Hmm.)

Anyway, here's one that erks me beyond belief from the episode where they went into Rini's nightmare world and dealt with the "Doom Phantom".:

Now honestly people, do we REALLY need panty shots of CHILDREN? It's not cute, it's not heartfelt, it's just plain WRONG. So stop it.

Next, we have images from one of the last episodes of Sailormoon S, riiiiight before Rini got her heart crystal stolen. In this episode (and there are several scenes like these, post Hotaru introduction), Rini and Serena are seen bathing. Now, I understand that in Japan, it's not unheard of for a mother and her child to be seen bathing together...but do I really need to see that? I mean here I am, I'm eating lunch, when suddenly I look up to see the following:

Which is almost immediately followed by a very curious scene. Where as most mothers and daughters engage in games like "water-tag" or "catch", these two enjoy playing "homicide by drowning"

Now, I can understand why Usagi would try to drown that kid, given all the shit she's had to put up with this year, but doesn't Chibiusa realize that by drowning her mother, she negates her VERY EXISTENCE? It's insane how long it takes this kid before she realizes who the fuck her parents are.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of the episode, as the next thing I saw in it's entirety was this horrible display of anime talents:

Did I DESERVE THAT?? Is my life so depleted that I need to see a naked Rini???? So lemme see if I have this straight, you can edit out when Sailor Neptune got all bloody in the episode where they took her crystal. You can leave out Neptune and Uranus's relationship, despite the fact they never so much as kiss. But you actually slowed down the footage to air MORE OF AN UNDERAGE CHILD??? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON??

And then there's the uncensored version of the SuperS intro, where one by one, Pegasus sees the Senshi in their birthday suits and grants them their "Super" powers. Since there's waaay too many shots I can critique, I'll just leave it at this image:

So then, I'm watching the episode titled "Thorny Weather", when I notice a strange blip during the moment Rini lands on her mother. Sure as shit, I found the following while slo-moing the incident:

What the hell do you have to smoke before you find this okay to draw? Don't these people have any scruples when it comes to young characters?

Well I guess that answers my question.

And now, a scene THANKFULLY edited out.


And another one edited out:

And one we'll never see thank God:

Ŗ Insert your own comment here.

Ŗ And thatís how Chibiusa was born.

Ŗ THIS is NOT cute!!!

So then, I decided to watch some of the movies I have on tape. Suddenly, I noticed just a few things about the R and SuperS movies that I'm surprised nobody else caught.
Such as the scene in the R movie, where Usagi uses the crystal and becomes Princess Serenity. I believe the scene speaks for itself:

Disturbingly enough, a majority of the SuperS movie features Chibiusa with the same ribbon shit as her mother.

Speaking of the SuperS movie. It's bad enough that we pimped out Chibiusa to begin with, but was any of this necessary???

Okay, we get it! Queen Vadianne/Badiyannu/Michael Jackson/Whatever the fuck her name is now is evil. But why did we go the extra distance to make her this fucked up?

And now a peek into Hotaru's new life. After her rebirth, Hotaru is adopted by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. At first, this seems like a GREAT choice, you know, after you overlook the whole "we tried to kill you" issue in Sailormoon S, and for a while it works.... but then there are pics like these that make me wonder, Is Hotaru just some sick fetish queen to you all?????

Really now, most parents play board games with their kids, NOT FREAKY FETISH ONES!! What is WRONG with you guys? How lonely ARE you in that great big freakin' mansion???

Now comes the scary part, Uranus is actually a BETTER mom/dad to Hotaru than Hotaru's real father!
Some parents let their kids go through puberty at their own pace. Professor Tomoe on the other hand surgically sped his only child through it!

Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised that the kid has some freaky thoughts about Chibiusa. Look at how she's raised!

Okay, so it appears as though ALL of Chibiusaís friends are fucked up:

Ŗ Magic hands???

Ŗ Arenít you guyís sisters or something?

And from the "But I thought you were straight" dept:

ŖUM?? O_o What the hell???
I suppose its lonesome being a Sailor Senshi? Okay, who am I kidding, th' fuck just happened here?!?!?

And now, for those of you who have never caught it before, I give to you the great secret of all Sailor Senshi.

The picture of Eternal Sailor Moon comes from one of the artbooks. The pic of Super Sailor Chibi Moon comes from the ANIME. Next time you get the chance, if you slow-mo Twinkle Yell (Crystal Twinkle Bell for you dubbies) you will see the above shot, as she gets ready to say "Yell". Now think about this, these ladies wear NO undies for half of the anime and most of the manga, AND they live in a society that eats fish. All I will say on the matter is P.U. and WTF???

Ŗ Isnít 14 a little TOO young to be thinking about an ex-lover without your undies?

The following shot from episode 59 where Mamoru and Moonlight Knight become one was brought to you by Toei Animation. When you think of naughty alone time, don't forget to pull out your Toei's.

This brings playing with yourself to a WHOLE ugly new level, don't it folks?

Even Usagiís parents?? Check the events of this episode:

ŖThis is Usagi trying to drown Shingo/Sammy. Am I seeing a PATTERN??

Ŗ This is Shingo stealing Usagiís towel. DUDE THATíS YOUR SISTA!!!

Ŗ This is Ikuko and Kenji, being thoroughly USELESS!!

Ŗ And thereís Ami, Makoto, Minako and Rei trying to drown Usagi. WHAAAAT??

And now, we take a second look at the love life of Sailor Minimoon. Because Apperantly the little underage spore gets around a hell of alot more than her mother!

Now for the last time. This section is about her REAL love life. So quit bitchin' about her love life with Hotaru because IT NEVER HAPPENED! Just because you devote a fanfic or twenty to it doesn't mean that Naoko and them are gonna devote a special to it, okay? They're JUST FRIENDS SO STOP I-WHAT THE HELL???

For crying out loud! Just-just-just shaddup!
Anyways, I found these disturbing images of Rini and Pegasus.

What bothers me and makes these next two uncomfortable ... IS THAT HER MOM IS WATCHING ALL OF THIS AND POSSIBLY JOINING THEM TOO EWW!!!

How the fuck retarded must you be that you'd

a. Let your daughter date a winged animal
b. Join her and
c. Think this is good parenting?

Are you that damned hard up that either one of ya's would screw a Pegasus to begin with?
Damn that's fucked up!
And here's one more Cartoon Network "edited" pic that somehow made it to air...on numerous occasions I might add! :

Can't we have just one anime where we're NOT greeted by tentacles, naked children and the like? Just once, I'd like an anime with ADULT AGED CAHRACTERS.


I'm sure you could explain Usagi-sama. I'm sure you could...