Cursors and Icons
Just perfect for your desktop!


Icons~ Features Chibiusa, Kousagi and Parallel Senshi icons!

Icons2~ Includes the Sailor StarS senshi and more of Kousagi and Chibiusa!

Icons3~ A decent set, featuring all 3 "Chibis", and a little surprise Icon too.

Icons4~ A sassy set that features the Parallel Inners, Diana and Kousagi's cat!

Cursors~ A zip file featuring the first (And I'm happy to say NOT the last) Kousagi cursor, as well as other Sailormoon related cursors.

Cursors2~ A file full of cursors depicting all forms of our dear Chibiusa all grown up!

Cursors3~ Kousagi cursors depicting what might have been for the little princess. ^_^

Cursors4~ Life just isn't any fun at all without men. These cursors feature couples, sweet memories and of course...the men! ^_~

Cursors5~ What's a good Super Senshi without a few nasties? This set includes Kousagi's enemy too!

Cursors6~ This file features the very best of kid Rini.

Cursors7~ Purely eye candy, this set features all animated cursors!

Cursors8~ A good tale needs supporting characters. So this file has all the best loved. Even includes the maidens at Helios's shrine and all 4 cats!

Cursors9~ For the very first time ever...cursors of the Parallel Senshi... in both regular "casual clothes" and "Sailor Star Senshi" form!! Amazons too!

Cursors10~ Weather it's Kwanzaa, Christmas or Hanukkah, these holiday cursors will bring joy to you and your desktop all year 'round.
Includes Kousagi, Peruru AND Helios!

Cursors11~ The original 9 senshi in royal garb.

Cursors12~ This set contains Chibiusa's many classmates, as well as our Moon Sisters in Royal Manga style dresses AND a few romantic pieces, featuring Helios and Peruru.

Cursors13~ A cunning set, just brimming with attitude! This set features Black/Wicked Lady and cursors of the sisters and Usagi on their school uniforms.

Cursors14~ Everything playful and kawaii resides in this set of charming cursors. Plenty for you Chibi Chibi or Parallel Senshi fans, and a little for you sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask fans too!

Cursors15~ A mysterious glance into an uncertain future awaits they who download this set. No, seriously. This set is all about the "Spirit Mode" of Chibiusa, Kousagi, Chibi Chibi and Usagi.

Cursors16~ The most regal and stunning set of Princess cursors awaits thee. Contains Usagi, Chibiusa, Kousagi and Chibi Chibi in gorgeous Princess form, Neo-Queen form, Warrior form and a special new form for the "Expectant" fan. Also includes one Helios cursor.