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Point, click and print out your chosen dolls, glue the paper to tag board, let dry then cut out the dolls and their accessories!

Tabletop Cuties
Chibi Set 1
Chibi Set 2
Chibi Set 3
Queen Serenity
Usagi and Mamoru Set 1
Usagi and Mamoru Set 2
Sailor Animamates 1 2 3 4 5 6
Bear Accessories
Bunny Accessories
Bed accessory
Christmas Chibiusa and Kousagi
Christmas Tree
4 Generals
4 Generals Clothes
Haruka and Michiru
Hotaru and Setsuna
Royalty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Starlight Clothes and Kousagiís Cat
Starlights and Evil Luna-P
Helios and Peruru
Cere Cere
Jun Jun
Ves Ves
Palla Palla
The Cats 1 2 3
Ami and Ami Jr.
Rei and Rei Jr.
Makoto and Mako
Minako and Mina

Paper Dolls
Chibiusa and Kousagi
Helios and Peruru 1 2
Chibi Chibi
Parallel Chibiusa and Black Lady
Super Teens!
Manga Five 1 2 3
Usagi and Mamoruís Wedding 1 2 3
Usagi and Mamoruís Manga Wedding 1 2 3
Battle Torn
Chibiusa and Kousagi ~ Mamoruís Coloring
Chibiusa and Kousagi ~ Usagiís Coloring

Chibi Babies
Chibiusa, Kousagi, Helios, Peruru and Chibi Chibi
Assorted Clothes
Super Teens!
Battle Torn
Bridal Set
Manga Bridal Set
Parallel Chibiusa, Black lady & both Moon Sisters with new coloring
Manga Babies

Original Sailormoon Dolls
Sailor Moon Fan Club Doll