Honors of light! ~ Wonders of Moon Sisters
It is with GREAT honor that I, Codename Sailor Earth am proud and GLEEFUL to say that this site: Moon Sisters The unofficial site to the heirs to the throne has won prestige from the most gracious and kindhearted of Sailormoon webmasters/webmistresses.
To those who have been ever so sweet as to grant your award to Moon Sisters...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^u^
And to the rest of you out there, I hope that you continue to enjoy Moon Sisters, as well as these other AWESOME websites.
And now... The awards! *u*

I would like to take this time, to give a HUGE thanks to the awesomely cool "Rini Shields" who runs Wicked Lady's Page, who honored me with this GORGEOUS award!!!
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I really appreciate this!!! THANK YOU!!!

I would like to thank at this time the AWESOMELY sweet Chibi Chan of Moon Princesses for this SWEEEEEEEEEET award!! THANK YOOOOOOOU!! Chibi Chan also made this cute gif of Kousagi:

A very gracious THANKS goes out to Fallen Angel Ceres who owns Moonlit-Fantasia for this really cool award! THANK YOOOOOO~OOOU!!! And everyone please remember to visit:


A HUMONGOID thank you goes out to the generously thoughtful owner of the Princess From The Sky webpage! Thank you so very much not only for the award, but for your well-thought critique.
I appreciate the input very much!! ^_^

This award was graciously donated by Sailor Bunny Tiger. DOMO ARIGATOU!!!

This cheerful award was donated by Sailor Bunny Tiger. This award is SO PRECIOUS!! THANK YOU!!!!

I would also like to share with you some light-hearted awards donated out of generosity and kindness, for participating in their fun, delightful quizzes
A very heartfelt THANK YOU goes to these sweet webpage owners for this secret treasure!!


This kawaii award is given to those whom pass the Chibiusa Moonie Quiz.
This is also a great page to visit, and has a very good amount of Chibiusa cuteness!


This charming gift came from The Oracle's "Which Kitty are you" game. I am closest to Artemis.
Which one are you? This one's FUN!


This sweet gift came from The Oracle's "Which Inner Senshi are you" quiz. I am closest to Usagi, mother of Chibiusa and Kousagi. (How neat! HA HA!!) Which Inner are you?

Are you a True Sailor Moonie?(beware, Japanese names are used)

>CONGRATULATIONS! You're a true Moonie! Your knowledge could even rival mine! Way to go! Be proud!>Take this
quiz!> > Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

This Cosmically cute trinket came as a prize for acing this manga quiz! YAY!!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/soldierofjustice03.jpgThis Bishojo prize came from the "Are you ready to be a Soldier of Justice" quiz through Neo Nobility! Many thanks!!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/mangaknowledge03.jpgThis Stunning prize came from Neo Nobility for passing the Ultimate manga Quiz!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quiz4.gifThis cool award came from beating one of the hardest tests ever! I had to backtrack through my tapes of the North American dub of Sailormoon to get the last question. But it was SO VERY worth it. A HUGE THANK YOU to the owner of The Oracle for this tough but can't miss quiz that was fun!!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quiz5.gifThis graceful gift came from beating the Moonlit Dreams Hard Quiz. The name is no joke either, the questions were a mix of DiC and Toei trivia, and I found myself almost stumped at the last one.

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quiz6.gifThis one was kinda neat. What sort of room would you have? ^_^

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quiz7.gifThis cute giftie came from acing the How Much Do You Love Chibiusa quiz. This quiz was funny!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quiz8.gifThis stamp was awarded to me for acing the Chibiusa and Helios Quiz from the site
In The Name Of The Moon.
This quiz was HARD!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/jupiter.gifWhich Sailor Scout are you?
Which Sailor Scout are you?
Which Sailor Scout are you? Huh? I suppose I'm having an identity crisis. For fun, I usually take the same quiz about 3 times, and today I came back as 3 different people, instead of one. I'm weird! ^_^ Still, if you're a TRUE Sailormoon fan, then you can't help but love this one! You'll probably have a more stable score than I. As for Codename Sailor Earth? Well, Iiiiii'm every woman!! (Sings loudly)

Which Sailor Moon Manga Character are you?

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/1038028412_sailormoonmanga.jpg>You are Sailor Moon! AKA: Usagi Tsukino. The Soldier of purity and justice, you are kind heated. Although you may sometimes act afraid, when the going gets tough, you face your fears and save your friends.>Take this quiz!

Which Sailor Moon Manga Character are you?

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/1038031661_chibimoonmanga.jpg>You are Sailor Chibimoon! AKA: Chibi-usa. The soldier of the future moon and protector of the Imperium crystal, you are either loved or hated, there is no middle ground. Some people adore you, while others find you annoying. You like to be the center of attention, but you sometimes overstep the bounds. Be careful, and you'll make lot's of friends!>Take this quiz!

Yep, I'm little miss multiple personalities, ain't I? ^_^ But still, this is another FUN quiz that I very much recommend. I found it by reading a post on http://www.gothic.net/.

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/80percent.jpgThis Bishojo gem game from Full Moon Over Crystal Tokyo's Sailormoon Purity test. I scored 80%, meaning that I'm Sailormoon crazy enough to have this ever growing website, yet sane enough to realize it's just an awesome manga/anime series. (And that the real Sailor Senshi aren't gonna greet me in public.)

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/sailoreyes02.jpgThis striking giftie came from Neo Nobility's Sailor Eyes Quiz. There are three that were tricky for me, but shockingly I beat it on the first time! Very nice.

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/blurry02.jpgThis pretty portrait came from Neo Nobility's Blurry Quiz. This one was kinda tough! It's easier if you are wearing good glasses, or otherwise have clear vision. Play it sober too!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/sailorfuku02.jpgThis oddity came from Neo Nobility's Sailor Fuku quiz. I can't believe I won!! Some of the pics were too easy, but then two of them were so hard, I just made a random guess. I can't believe I got it!!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/quartetjuno.jpgThis one came from Neo Nobility's Which Sailor Quartet are you quiz. I'm closest to Juno! That's so cool, I love all four of course, but Jun Jun and Palla Palla have always been my top two. ^_^

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/senshimoon.jpgThis one came from Neo Nobility's Planet Senshi Quiz. I'm closest to Sailor Moon!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/erapast.jpghttp://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/erapresent.jpghttp://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/erafuture.jpgUm... Chibiusa isn't the only person who can time travel! ^.^ Heh...

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/talisman03.jpgThis one came from Neo Nobility's Talisman quiz. I hold the Garnet Orb, the ONLY one that didn't require an anime death for an Outer Senshi to get out, YAY!!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/warriorweapon02.jpgI hope it comes up this time, since the first try I mistyped something! This was from beating the Neo Nobility Weapons quiz.

I'm so many people sometimes, it should probably scare you. o_O He he! I kept hitting the same buttons, and I wound up as several different people. Wow!

http://moonsisters.org/moonsisters/hikari/catdiana.jpgNeo Nobility's cat quiz says I am most like Diana! Which one are you?