Kousagi is probably one of the most hotly debated, and sadly, most forgotten of the royal family.

The younger sister of Chibiusa, Kousagi's only desire seems to be a normal little girl. This poor little munchkin is picked on by her peers, but affectionately nicknamed by Chibiusa, "Chibi". (Kodansha actually has Chibiusa calling her munchkin. HEY this page started in 2005, could it be they were listening to me after all? ♥)

Kousagi enjoys all of the same hobbies as her mother, such as eating and "goofing off", and also shares the duty of raising and breeding rabbits with her older sister. Kousagi and her court attend a cooking class, run by Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka and are in the third grade.

Like her mother, one day on her way to school, Kousagi is jumped by a talking cat. A pink polka-dotted kitty at that! And before she knows it, she winds up finding out that she's a Princess of the Moon and that she must become an incarnation of Sailor Moon, and ward off evil, just as her sister did as Sailor Chibi Moon.

Unlike any Senshi before her, Kousagi's Fuku is adorned with (believe it or not) bunny heads, and her ability is calling forth cats, and turning them into a big nasty ball of pussy. (Insert inappropriate joke here.) The Kodansha US translation states that this creature is a Lynx, though other translations have it as just a large cat. (Kodansha is the official publisher, even in Japan. Just go with that.)

It is not clear what color her Fuku is, so many people go with lavender, being that it's the most logical choice since her mother's is blue and her sister's is pink.

Although not a regular character outside of the Parallel comic, she can be easily admired for her honesty and for being a realist.

Full name: Tsukino Kousagi
US Kodansha Name: Ko-usagi Tsukino
Age: 8
Birthday: June 30, 2005
Birthstone: Pearl
Western Astrological Sign: Cancer
Astrological Planet: The Moon
Chinese Astrological Sign: Wood Rooster
Height: 4'0
Favorite Food: Anyone's guess! Almost everything...
Favorite Color: Not pink, that's for sure!
Hobbies: Eating, raising rabbits
Hates: Death, Being Left Behind, Cats, The shade of pink her cat is.
Talents: Eating, Surprising Powers, Crying
Friends: Can we even count Ami, Rei, Mako or Mina? They kind of bully her even though she likes them.
Family: Usagi (Mother), Mamoru (Father), Chibiusa (Older Sister), Ikuko (Grandma), Kenji (Grandpa), Shingo (Uncle)
Pets: She owns bunnies, and her sister owns Diana. Luna and Artemis supposedly live with Kousagi's family, if you follow Kodansha's translation.
Loves: None so far. She's only 8 for crying out loud!
Blood Type: O