Good Sites with Misinformation
Dear Moon Sisters visitor,
       It may intrigue you to know that when this site first opened, many of the below websites were still active on their own servers. As soon as a few of them began to be archived, I instructed Codename Sailor Earth to use my likeness to mark which websites were saved by and their Internet Wayback Machine, a piece of technology once taboo, that is now a permissible viewpoint between the past and the present, which is activated by Small Lady and her key. Alas, some many years since, almost every website below is now archived through the same key.

It is my hope that you will still enjoy the websites below, but please understand, the world was a very different place between 1995-2004 A.D. so many of these earlier websites did not have access to the knowledge we have today. Please forgive the typos and misinformation, and enjoy these forgotten gems for what they were.

Thank you.

Setsuna MeiÔ
Sailor Pluto


Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ A quirky shrine to Helios, though his name is spelled as “Elios”.
The Chibi-Moon Home Page ~ An oddball site with a basic bio, music box and links. (Rini is misspelled)
 Long Live the Pink Haired Princess!~ Celebrate the life and adventures of our dear Princess at this lovely site. (Helios is misspelled)
Kwisti’s Kwazi Kwap ~ A small shrine to Chibiusa. (Rini is misspelled)
Small Lady and Elios, a match made in manga ~ A site devoted to the princess’s love. (Helios is misspelled)
XxNeflight’s Chibi-Usa page ~ Short bio page for Chibiusa. (Helios is misspelled)
Chibiusa-chan! ~ A short bio page. (Age is incorrect)
Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ One of the last surviving Teen Rini sites left. An absolute must for all Chibiusa fans, perfect for newbies. (Age & Helios’s name are wrong.)
Black Lady's Temple~ Great for new Black/Wicked Lady fans, has gifs for some of the Senshi as well. (Rini is misspelled)
Chibi-Usa’s room ~ Short site written from Chibiusa’s perspective.
(Helios is misspelled)
Double Moon~ An oldie site that introduces Chibiusa, Chibi Chibi and Sailor Moon newbies. Intense imagery for the background. (Helios is misspelled)
Description: Description: Description: Description: its pink! ~ Though Kousagi’s pic is used in the button, this is a shrine to Chibiusa’s life. Includes games and more! (Helios is misspelled)
Romance in the Twilight ~ Ages before the Sparkling Vampires were even a sentence on a book, this was a short essay on Helios and Chibiusa.  (Helios is misspelled.)
Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ The first shrine devoted to Kousagi’s cat, and one of the most gorgeous pages ever. (Kousagi’s birth order is wrong.)
Description: Description: Description: Description: Beautiful Dreamer ~ An in-depth look through every single aspect of Chibiusa’s life, even how she handles Kousagi! (Helios is misspelled)
Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ A site that analyzes Chibiusa in many aspects of her life. (Helios is misspelled)
Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ The official Toonami page for Sailormoon, R and S. (Lita’s age is wrong. Tuxedo Mask’s DiC first name and Japanese last name are listed together. Sailor Mini Moon is just Chibi Moon. Tuxedo Mask’s story is wrong. Pluto’s Japanese name is listed.)
Description: Description: ~ This was THE site that introduced me to S, SuperS and StarS. It opened the door for me as a Sailormoon site, and I really hope it will make you smile. Includes quotes, summaries, pictures, bios and much more!
(NOTE: Please open all links in a new window for The Sailor Moon Sanctuary)
(Note #2: Avery and Rini are misspelled, Zirconia is listed as a boy, pre-Cloverway.)
The Loft of Sailor Seraphim ~ Quirky site with the original names DiC though of for the Outer Senshi, before Cloverway dubbed Sailormoon S. (Rini is misspelled.)
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