Official Sailormoon Sites

The Official Sailormoon site ~ Entirely in Japanese, this is THE official site of Sailormoon. Also features Naoko and her new art/writings. The old address was / which now re-directs to as of 2016. Covers news regarding Codename Sailor V, Sailor Moon, Sera Myu and Sailor Moon Crystal. (Japanese)
Kodansha USA ~ The official US site for the publisher of the Sailormoon manga!
Viz Sailor Moon ~ Viz Media gave us back the UNCENSORED Sailor Moon, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VIZ!!!
Toei Animation Museum ~ This is the official page to the REAL Museum based on Toei’s anime! (Japanese)
Backstage License ~ The current license holder for Sailormoon in Italy. They also lease out Sugar Sugar, Star Wars, Dragonball, Sex in the City, Saint Seiya and One Piece. Check out their page for Sailormoon! (Italian)
Toei Animation Sailormoon page ~ All in Japanese, but it’s nice to see it. Includes a brief synopsis and cast list for Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. There are additional pages for the following: R S SuperS Sailor StarS Toei Archives: 1 2 (Japanese)
Toei Animation Europe Sailor Moon ~ This is part of their massive and friendly site. Don’t forget to check out each season’s link to your right. For Sailor Moon Crystal, click here.
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ One of the first Sailormoon pages Cartoon Network ever posted!
Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ~ The official Toonami page for Sailormoon, R and S. (Lita’s age is wrong. Tuxedo Mask’s DiC first name and Japanese last name are listed together. Sailor Mini Moon is just Chibi Moon. Tuxedo Mask’s story is wrong. Pluto’s Japanese name is listed.)
DHX Media ~ Cookie Jar/CINAR originally bought out FilmFair/DiC, then in 2006, Cookie Jar died and became DHX Media, though as of 2016, some of their DiC acquisitions were still being sold to television under Cookie Jar and DHX, but with a few DiC title cards left in.
Description: Description: Description: ~ All that remains of the ill-fated DiC.
Description: Description: Description: Optimum Prod. logo ~ The production company that aided Cloverway in the dubbing of Sailormoon. Their original site is here.
Description: Description: Description: Sailor Moon ~ Okay, I have to be honest. The Internet Wayback Machine just recently lost this website due to a hiccup with a robots.txt file. But this picture would have linked you to Pioneer's Sailor Moon R movie website from 1999. Pioneer later became Geneon, which died in 2009 and was reborn as NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. Pioneer originally had the distribution rights to the R, S and SuperS movies, which now belong to Viz.
Description: Description: Description: TPE logo ~ The people responsible for keeping Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo alive also helped DiC finish the distribution of Sailormoon R, though as of January 2016, their main website is now defunct. Visit their original Saatchi and Saatchi Sailormoon page here:
Description: Description: Description: TokyoPop logo ~ The people responsible for the first run of the Sailormoon manga in North America. Archive here:
Description: Description: Description: YTV logo ~ The station that once aired Sailormoon in Canada. See their in-depth and archived Sailormoon pages here: and here:
Bandai North America Sailor Moon ~ Though the pictures are gone, this was Bandai’s official Sailormoon page for the US in 1997.
Description: ~ The people responsible for the “Saban Moon” clip known the world over, are still alive and still PROUD of what they did.

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