In the anime, Chibiusa has 2 "true" loves. (THAT LITTLE PINK WHORE!!!)
Priest Helios of Elysion and Peruru, Guardian Fairy of Dreams...

Helios appears in the anime during Sailormoon SuperS. He was kidnapped by Queen Nehellenia for his Golden Crystal, and his body lies naked and dormant in her circus tent madhouse area until they figure out that the one they're searching for is the one...WITH THE PINK HAIR FOOL!!!

While his real body is trapped, Helios's spirit comes to Chibiusa as a Pegasus. As Pegasus, he can hide within the Dream Mirror of the one with the most beautiful of dreams. This is the Golden Dream Mirror and Nehellenia's theory was that she could further control Helios if she owned this item. (Yeah, like she didn't own him enough?) For this would put a greater restraint upon his soul. It would take the cast until episode 162 before anyone; even Helios realizes that Chibiusa was the keeper of the Golden Dream Mirror all along.

At first, Helios refuses to trust Chibiusa with any information, even his own name, but he does aid both she and her mother, by endowing them each with his own power. He helps them reach Super Senshi status, and gives them new weapons and stronger powers. As each episode goes by, he slowly learns to trust Chibiusa, and begins to show her his true form. It isn't long at all before Chibiusa falls in love with Helios. After Chibiusa's Golden Dream Mirror is revealed, Pegasus flies back into her mirror, and she is then kidnapped by the baddies. Nehellenia keeps Chibiusa temporarily locked away in her private area, but Chibiusa and Pegasus are freed for a time by the Amazoness Quartet. Upon their re-capture however, Helios's Golden Crystal is taken and he seemingly dies. Chibiusa is then put under a deadly "Eternal Sleep" spell
(Repeat of Beryl?) and she escapes with the Golden Crystal. However, Helios's spirit appears to Mamoru, and Helios takes him back to their old kingdom, as Mamoru becomes Prince Endymion. After telling the Prince of Nehellenia and the
Golden Kingdom, Helios is later revived, and he re-awakens Chibiusa with a kiss.

After the battle with Nehellenia, Helios returns to the form of Pegasus, and flies off for Elysion, to protect the Golden Crystal and the dreams of people everywhere, for without dreams, Elysion ceases to be. After a goodbye hug, he leaves, and Chibiusa promises herself that she'll see her Helios again, and tell him all about her dreams...

In the manga, Priest Helios of Elysion was in search of the true maiden who could release the seal of the Golden Crystal. (He has one, and so does Mamoru.) He at first believes that the maiden is Usagi, but he later discovers that it is Chibiusa, whom his heart also desires, that is indeed the "maiden of choice." A soldier yet a princess guided by the Moonlight, who will release the seal of the Golden Crystal, Princess Lady Serenity." The priest of Elysion, Helios shares a symbiotic bond with Mamoru and suffers when Mamoru is taken ill by the Black Rose. After Chibiusa revives Helios with a kiss, and frees him from Nehellenia, Helios returns to Elysion on the back of his cherished ride, his pet Pegasus, but promises to return to Chibiusa one day. A day he looks forward to in his heart.

Peruru only appears in the SuperS movie. When his brothers Poupelin, Orengeat and Banane begin kidnapping children all over the world for Queen Badiyannu (Lotta Queens in this, or what?) , Peruru escapes to Jyuuban, perhaps in an effort to save the remaining children. Along the way, he meets Chibiusa, who's obviously on the rebound from her Priest-lover going back to Elysion and from finding out that Elysion is also the Parallel to her father's Golden Kingdom. She gives Peruru her cookies (The chocolate chip kind you freak!) and the two bond. When she is kidnapped later, Peruru spills the beans to Usagi and the other Senshi about Badiyannu's plot, and the group set off to save Chibiusa. He fears for Chibiusa's safety, as he knows that Badiyannu's main plan is to steal the Sugar Energy from the dreams of children to fuel the Black Dream Hole. Once it is big enough, she will swallow Earth, somewhat controlling it. During this time, the children lie dormant inside their Dream Coffins, believing that they will live forever as children, when in truth they will die. Peruru helps pilot the ship to Badiyannu and his main job for most of the feature is pretty much stand still and look pretty, however he does on occasion use his flute to perform helpful magic. At the end of the movie, he gives Chibiusa his wand (Not that kind you pervert!) and she thanks him with a peck on the cheek. He then flies off into his own dream world, (Elysion perhaps?) as Peruru is a Guardian Fairy of Dreams.

Although you can see sketches of Peruru in the Materials Collection artbook, Peruru does not appear anywhere in the manga, and it is pretty much fact that Helios is destined to be Chibiusa's one and only. (Although, I am open to the Peruru~Kousagi possibility...)

Alias: Elios, Pegasus, Pegasus

Body Age: 14-18
Real Age: Over 1000 years
Hobbies: Apperantly spying on girls 1900 years his junior that creep!!!
Pet(s): Pegasus (manga only) and perhaps Diana, should he wed Chibiusa.
Friends: The Maidens at his shrine, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako
Favorite Food: Pink sugar? *_*

Alias: Perle, Pearl (Don't laugh)
Body Age: 10-14
Real Age: Probably the same as Helios
Hobbies: Protecting the sweet dreams of children. ANOTHER CREEP!!! Where the hell are Usagi and Mamoru? If this were MY kid, I'd never let her outta the house lookin' like some Sailor suited hoochie mama for one thing...
Pet(s): None so far, yet he seems to like Diana.
Family: Poupelin (Brother), Orengeat (Brother) and Banane (Brother)
Favorite Foods: Cookies, cake, pies, candy and Pink sug-!! Hmm...=_=

It's an unclear future, kid.