Romances of a Moon Bunny

With the exception of Chibiusa and Helios/Peruru, none of the potential couples you are about to see EVER truly existed in either the manga or the anime. Nope, none of them. Not even the little "one episode a piece" crushes of Chibiusa count as couples, since each episode ended with them only being friends. So you can just untype that snippy "Hotaru" e-mail and let it go. This is just for fun, okay? ^.^ Good!

Within the boundaries of the otaku imagination lies a grand cornucopia of ideas, with both dark and light ideals lurking behind each nook and cranny. Today we shall cover the potential behind a very popular element to many a fan fiction.......... the love life of a pair of moon sisters.

Helios is of course a natural choice for Chibiusa.
Imprisoned over 1000 years ago by
Queen Nepherenia,
Helios lied physically dormant,
as one of a small handful to live
beyond the fall of the Silver Millennium.
During his time as
prisoner, his spirit
was able to travel long
distances within the body of a Pegasus.
In the anime, he endowed the
Senshi with the incredible "Super Senshi" mode, and revived a fallen Chibimoon in
one of the climactic final SuperS
episodes. In the manga, he
saved Usagi and Mamoru
from a nasty defeat,
and even transported our heroes via
his pet Pegasus
near the end of his run.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* They both have dealt with spells
cast upon them by the Dead Moon.

* When they debuted, neither character wished to divulge ANY
information about their pasts, to the point of even threatening to leave forever, if not completely satisfied.

* At one point or another, both Helios and Chibiusa have power over the Golden Crystal.

* Both start off pissy, but wind up nice.

* Both seem to like the color pink.

* Both share an unbridled passion
for those they love.

* Both have faced off with Queen
Nepherenia. At one point or another
they've been held hostage by
Nepherenia/Zirconia as well.

Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Both have had experiences bordering on 'Life saving" with their pets.

* Both seem to have powers that to this day, are hardly explored.

* Both already love Chibiusa.

* Both have had their "oracles"
tell them of either their own
or Chibiusa's future.

Peruru appears in the SuperS

movie and briefly in the
Materials Collection, but is
still admired for his overall kindness.
A fairy guardian of dreams,
Peruru helped Usagi
rescue Chibiusa from the clutches of
Queen Badiyannu, and shyly
accepted Chibiusa's affections.
He is naturally sweet tempered,
and only views violence as a last ditch maneuver

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both get along well with Diana.

* Both love cookies.

* Both have had family squabbles
break out into super powered fights.

* Both have had to deal with

* Usagi already approves of Peruru.

Why it could work with Kousagi:

*Both have had sibling(s) that
have fallen to the dark side.

*Both have a taste for sweets.

* Both have sweeter dispositions
than their siblings.

* Both appear in the Materials Collection artbook.


During the anime run of Sailormoon,
Chibiusa made many friends, some of
whom are still accepted as her love
interests, due to the closeness that they shared.
Tamasaburo was the first boy

Chibiusa saw
after her return to the 20th century.
As owner of a Tea House, he's a very
calm and sweet child...
if you don't mind cross-dressers.
Masanori was a boy Chibiusa had a

major crutch on a few episodes later,
but their relationship had one giant flaw.
He was in love with Michiru. O_O
But after he was saved by Chibiusa,
he rewarded her with a hand carved
statuette in her likeness.
Robert, a sixth-grade Casanova, had

already had relationships in the past
with many girls from various classes,
by the time he meets Chibiusa.
As a popular athlete at school,
he thought he could woo any girl.
Though he was in admiration
of the pink haired princess, she
declined, having already begun
having feelings for Helios.
Kamoi who was a painter, appeared in

an episode from the SuperS series.
Though not usually accepted as a
love interest per say, he was a small
inspiration to her on an art scale, as one
of the first people to admire her art
without being critical.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* With Kamoi and Masanori, she would
already share with them a love of art.

* With his background as a soccer/futbol
player and her background as a
trained Sailor Senshi, Chibiusa and
Robert already have
extensive knowledge in athletics.

* Masanori and Chibiusa share
Michiru as a friend/teacher.

* Tamasaburo, Masanori and
Chibiusa have had their
Heart Crystals taken at least once.

* Kamoi, Robert and Chibiusa
have had their Dream Mirrors
stolen at least once.

* Kamoi and Chibiusa's Dream
Mirrors vary from all others.

* Masanori and Chibiusa have
both been publicly embarrassed
by Usagi at one point or another.


Why it could work with Kousagi:

* With Tamasaburo, Kousagi would already share a love of
fine food and tea with him.

* Neither Tamasaburo nor Kousagi
would have any problems wearing
strange garb in public. ^_~

* Though the classes vary,
both Kousagi and Masanori
have had Michiru as a teacher.

* Masanori's name comes from
one of Naoko's lesser known
characters, from a manga that
has yet to reach English markets.
(A non Sailormoon title.)
Kousagi is of course from a
lesser distributed manga.

* Both Kamoi and Kousagi have
faced rejection by peers.


Prince Diamond is hardly counted as an
eligible bachelor for either sister, yet
still many fans post their dream fanfic
stories based upon his brief time with
Black Lady. Diamond was a misguided youth, led astray along
with his younger brother

Sapphire by the devious Wiseman.
In Diamond, Wiseman found the
perfect puppet king through
whom he could gain power

over Crystal Tokyo.
Diamond worshipped the idea

of him forcing his will over anyone he chose.
In the anime, when he was not in
pursuit of the lust of
Sailor Moon, he would let Black Lady sit with him.
And although nothing
happened on screen, it did give
the mental image that off screen,

she was his booby prize of evil.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both have been under the spell of Wiseman. And as such have tried more than once to kill the main characters.

* Both have eyed the throne of Crystal Tokyo, with Chibiusa listed as Crown Princess.

* Both are royalty. Though Diamond's credibility varies, depending upon which episode you are watching or
however you take Wiseman's word.

* Both have had special interest
in the care of their younger siblings.

* She already likes guys with light
hair and pissy personalities.


Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Both have at one point or another
faced opposition from their allies.

* Diamond's kid brother Sapphire
and Kousagi's father Mamoru
could easily pass as twins.
Although this doesn't seem to
mean much, it would prove to be
an awkward ice breaker. ^.^;

* Both have had family deal with
Wiseman's trickery.

* Both come from alternate realities.


Hotaru Tomoe never officially
had a relationship with
anyone, and yet her deep
affection for Chibiusa has
made her a popular choice as
potential love for Chibiusa.
Hotaru found solace in Chibiusa,
as the pink haired princess was
the first person to treat her as a
human. Hotaru's bond with Chibiusa
allowed Hotaru the chance after
her rebirth to fight alongside her
friend, as now her body only
ages with Chibiusa. Hotaru in the
anime was the one who urged the
Senshi to make haste in finding
Mamoru, in order to save Chibiusa
and in the manga, she asked
Chibiusa's mother to revive the
Amazoness Quartet, awakening
them as Chibiusa's own team.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both are princesses of their own

* Both fell under the spell of evil.

* Both have died at least once, only
to be resurrected later.

* 30th Century Chibiusa and Hotaru
have bodies that do not match their
chronological ages.

* Both have had to prove their worth
to the other Senshi, before gaining
any acceptance.

* Both have been attacked by
the Outer Senshi.

Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Both have strange and mystical
powers, bordering upon the

* Neither has ever "fit in" with any
particular crowd, and are outcasts.

* Both have had the Outer Senshi
as mentors.

* Neither spends too much time
with the Inner Senshi.


Naruru and Ruruna are
classmates of Chibiusa's in
the manga, and have an
adoration of her, even to the
point of fighting with
Hotaru over who was a
better friend for Chibiusa.
Naruru and Ruruna have a
love for shopping and the
frivolous side of life, ditching
school for a day at the pawn shop.
(Don't copy them, okay? ^_~)
Though they appear flaky and
air headed, the duo do have a
heroic side, having aided
Chibiusa in saving the owner
of their beloved pawn shop.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both eventually befriend Hotaru.

* Ruruna and Chibiusa seem to
share a liking of the color pink.

* Though creepy, they've all crushed
on Mamoru.

* They've all been at the mercy
of Hotaru when she's possessed.


Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Like Usagi, they'd rather be
hanging out at shopping districts,
instead of being at school.

* Naruru and Kousagi have older
sisters that are old enough for
high school in the

* Both appear in only one issue
a piece, and because of their
comics' "special" status, they
are not always counted as part
of the regular series.


Artemis is never considered
for either sister, but like I said,
this portion is just for fun. ^.^
Artemis is known for being the
perverted yet faithful guardian
of Minako. In the manga, he is
capable of taking on human form,
and helped guide the Senshi
through many difficult situations.
Sweet on the inside, this foul
mouthed cat loves family, and
has adored his child Diana
from the first time she mewed,
and often dreamed of romance.

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both have accepted Diana as
family.... Chibiusa loves her as
a friend/pet, but if she and
HUMAN Artemis ever hooked
up, Diana would be Chibiusa's
step-daughter. Ah that's weird.

* They share the same friends.

* In the 30th Century, they live together.

* Chibiusa already likes guys with
pale hair.

* Chibiusa also likes dating guys
whom aren't all human.

Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Okay seriously, she'd only date
him in an alternate universe in
a. He'd be HUMAN, all the time
b. They wouldn't know each other
the way that they do.
c. She'd be more tolerant of cats.

* They share the same family~ not
by blood, but by association.
(Usagi, Diana...ect.)

* Both have amazing and different
"Moon" powers.

The Amazon Trio also do NOT
count as potential lovers of the
moon sisters, but while I'm here,
since I've seen some strange websites
I'll adress them.
Originating as pets for the Amazoness
Quartet, Hawkeye, Fisheye and
Tigereye spent their brief time
in pursuit of fresh victims.
Hawkeye was a cross dresser in
the manga, addressing himself
as female, but in the anime, he
loved older women.
Fisheye was gay in the anime, often
posing as either a cute young boy
or a sweet hip girl, but in the
manga he was straight, eyeing Ami!
Tigereye was always straight, and
his taste for young ladies knew no
In the anime, what they really
craved most was to be human,
so Helios revived them, after their
demise, allotted them Dream Mirrors
and took them to live in safety in

Why it could work with Chibiusa:

* Both Chibiusa and the Trio have
fallen victim to the Dead Moon Circus.

* In the manga, Hawkeye and
Chibiusa both seem to enjoy
talking to Makoto about cooking.

* Hawkeye's coloring is only a
tad darker than Chibiusa's,
seemingly playing off of her
sugary side.

* Chibiusa and the Trio at one
point or another have been
allies with the Amazoness

* In the anime, they have all
visited Elysion. If Chibiusa
and Helios hooked up, the
Trio could be her neighbors.


Why it could work with Kousagi:

* Fisheye and Kousagi both hate

* Fisheye and Kousagi seem to
like similar seafood.

* Both have had to deal with
enemies of the bizarre. ^u^

* Their "transformed" clothes
border on... unusual.

* Fisheye and Kousagi seem
to like keeping up with trendy


Mamoru, better known in his royal
form as Endymion is the
antisocial "Man of the Hour"
for many an otaku. Pissy yet
tender, he has come to the aid of the
Senshi on numerous occasions.
His powers are still unexplored to
some point, but still somewhat
legendary, as he holds powers
from both the Sun and the Earth
and in the manga, he is holder of
the Golden Crystal.

Okay, seriously here
this would NEVER
work, since HE IS

Next you'd have me consider
Shingo as a
potential date.
And no, I won't count Shingo,
since he is their UNCLE!!
Can't you be happy that I added
Artemis? Seriously here, get yer
minds outta Jerry Springer land.
Quit with da ICKY SPEW!!!

Though it is pretty much set in stone that Chibiusa is destined to be with Helios, her younger sister's future still remains clouded in mystery. If the series ever resumed, there could even be more potential loves for Kousagi. A wayward prince filled with passion? Perhaps the one person you'd least expect? A bachelor from a different universe or timeline or even someone brand new. The possibilities are endless, as we mentally gaze upon the eternal sunset of mystery....